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Gold ladybug

With my magic yo-yo, I can conjure up an item that'll help me. I just have to say Lucky Charm! Each time, something weird appears and I have to understand how to use it.

Marinette, "Marinette's Double Life"

Lucky Charm is a special superpower granted by the Ladybug Miraculous to its holder.


Lucky Charm

Ladybug utilizing Lucky Charm from "Dark Cupid".

Ladybug flings her yo-yo high into the air, as energy shoots out from it. It spins around until it forms an object that is red with black polka dots. Ladybug observes the area around her, and she makes a plan for how to use this object to achieve what she desires, like defeating a villain.

SW Miraculous Ladybug

The Miraculous Ladybug in "Stormy Weather".

After the akuma is removed from the villain's akumatized object and captured by Ladybug, she is able to utilize the Miraculous Ladybug.[1] She throws the object that she summoned into the air, where it reverts into energy and a swarm of ladybugs spread out to fix the damages done since the villain's creation.

While Lucky Charm is a very helpful superpower, Ladybug must use it at an appropriate time, as she can only use it once before reverting back into her civilian form five minutes later.

Lucky Charm objects

For a complete list of the Lucky Charm objects, see the List of Lucky Charm objects.

Lucky Charm objects are usually everyday objects, but sometimes the way to use them can be very confusing. Often, Ladybug is left puzzled about how to use an object until she views her surroundings and figures out an idea. The object itself doesn't usually fix the problem, so Ladybug needs to find other objects and landmarks that she can use with it.



  • To use the Miraculous Ladybug, Ladybug must throw the object summoned by her Lucky Charm into the air. If she cannot retrieve the Lucky Charm object from wherever it is, it will appear in her hand. This happens with the following objects:
  • Though it may seem like Ladybug has lucky vision that shows her how she should use her Lucky Charm objects, this is simply a visual representation of her own thought process, and she is not aided in this by her powers.[2]
TK Wondering LBs

Two Ladybugs summoning Lucky Charm in "Timebreaker"

  • In the Russian version, Lucky Charm is called "Super Chance."
  • Ladybug uses Lucky Charm twice in "The Bubbler", "Timebreaker", and "Antibug".
    • "Timebreaker" is the only episode she summons both objects simultaneously.
  • Antibug is able to use a similar ability, called Anti-Charm. This ability has only been used once, in "Antibug", and instead of creating an everyday object, it creates a giant sword.


DC S01EP10 (867)
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