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Whoa, now that's a love poem.

Tikki to Marinette, "Dark Cupid"

The love letter is a poem written by Adrien Agreste for Ladybug as a means to confess his love. He dislikes the piece and throws it away, only for it to be retrieved by Marinette after class.

Marinette later responds to the letter in a card.


The poem is a creased sheet of white paper with black lettering, written in stanzas. Some words are crossed out.


"Your hair is black as night, your pretty bluebell eyes, I wonder who you are underneath that strong disguise. Every day we see each other and I hope that you'll be mine, together our love could be so true, please, will you be my Valentine?"



  • The topic of the webisode "Ladybug as seen by Adrien" is Adrien's process of writing the poem.
    • In the French dub of this webisode, Adrien writes that Ladybug's eyes have the color of the summer sky.


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