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Everyone has a past they can learn from.

Tikki, "The Pharaoh"

The Louvre, also called the Louvre Museum, is a historic monument in Paris, France. It is housed in the Louvre Palace.

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  • The Egyptian papyrus with hieroglyphs telling how the Ladybug of ancient Egypt stopped a pharaoh from sacrificing an innocent woman is featured in the Egyptian exhibit of the museum.
  • Mr. Kubdel appears to work at the Louvre or visit it, as he studies Egyptology.
    • His son Jalil shares the same interest, having theories on some of the artifacts there like the papyrus.
  • The Louvre has been part of multiple akumatized villain attacks.
    • In "Copycat", Copycat steals the Mona Lisa in order to frame Cat Noir.
    • In "The Pharaoh", the Pharaoh makes the Louvre his battleground and sacrificial site.
    • In "The Puppeteer", Nathaniel Kurtzberg is transformed into the Evillustrator for a second time, caused by the Puppeteer, while at the Louvre.



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