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We've got to get to his bubble sword, that's gotta be where the akuma is.

Ladybug, "The Bubbler"

This is a list of akumatized objects. These are objects that Hawk Moth's akumas have possessed in order to transform people into supervillains. Sometimes, an object will also end up being the akumatized villain's weapon. Ladybug has to break the object in order to release the akuma.


To see each villain, see Akumatized villains

Season 1

Object Appeared Description Normal Akumatized
Nino Lahiffe's bubble wand "The Bubbler" A container of bubbles with a bubble wand Nino plays with. TB S01EP01 TB Bubbler's mistake
Xavier Ramier's bird call whistle "Mr. Pigeon" A bird whistle that Xavier uses to attract pigeons. MP Bird Call Mp whistle fallen
Aurore Beauréal's parasol "Stormy Weather" A parasol Aurore carries around during the weather girl competition. Auroreci SW About to fire lightning at herself
Alix Kubdel's rollerblades "Timebreaker" Alix's blades that she races with. Alixci TK Skates charging up for Rose
Théo Barbot's picture of Ladybug "Copycat" A newspaper cut out of Ladybug's picture that inspired Théo. CC Theo's LB newspaper article CC S01EP05 (261)
Jalil Kubdel's necklace "The Pharaoh" An Egyptian necklace Jalil wears. Jalilci PH S01EP06 (613)
Alya Césaire's cellphone "Lady Wifi" A phone that Alya uses to communicate and record videos for the Ladyblog. LW S01EP07 (189) LW S01EP07 (381)
Nathaniel Kurtzberg's pencil "The Evillustrator" The pencil Nathaniel was using when he was drawing a comic on his sketchbook. EV S01EP08 (75) EV S01EP08 (25)
Roger Raincomprix's police whistle "Rogercop" The whistle Roger uses as a policeman. RC S01EP09 (140) RC S01EP09 (732)
Lê Chiến Kim's brooch for Chloé Bourgeois "Dark Cupid" A jewel Kim plans to give Chloé for Valentine's Day. DC S01EP10 (118) DC S01EP10 (475)
Mylène Haprèle's pin "Horrificator" A pin from the band Zombie Skull Crushers that Ivan gives Mylène. HF S01EP11 (237) HF S01EP11 (910)
Armand D'Argencourt's fencing sword "Darkblade" A fencing sword Armand uses while teaching his students. Dargencourtci Dargencourtcib
Fred Haprèle's photo of Mylène "The Mime" A picture of his daughter, Mylène that Fred keeps in a special pouch of his hat. Fredci Fredcib
Rose Lavillant's perfume bottle "Princess Fragrance" A bottle containing the perfume Rose sprays on the love letters she wrote for Prince Ali. PF Perfume Perfume gun
Ivan Bruel's note from Kim "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)" A note Kim wrote to Ivan calling him a coward for not confessing to Mylène about his feelings for her. Ivanpaper Ivanpaperaku
Ivan Bruel's song's lyrics "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)" The lyrics of Ivan's love song for Mylène, written on a piece of paper. Ivanletter Ivanletteraku
Otis Césaire's bracelet "Animan" A bracelet with an animal tooth attached to it worn by Otis. Otis Object Otis Object Broken
Simon Grimault's cards "Simon Says" Simon's deck of card he uses for his hypnotism tricks. Simoncards Simoncardsaku
Vincent Aza's camera "Pixelator" A camera that Vincent Aza uses to take photos. Vincentcamera Vincentcameraaku
Jagged Stone's guitar. "Guitar Villain" Jagged Stone's guitar which he plays during concerts and free time. Jagged Stone's Akumatized object Guitar Villain's object
Wang Cheng's chef hat "Kung Food" A chef hat Wang wears while preparing food. Chef Hat Hat 2
Max Kanté's glasses "Gamer" A pair of glasses that Max wears. Max Akuma Gamer Akuma
Juleka Couffaine's wrist mirror. "Reflekta" A wrist mirror that Juleka wears on her right hand. Juleka Mirror Reflekta Mirror
Manon Chamack's toy wand. "The Puppeteer" A toy wand that Manon owns. Manon's wand (HQ) The Puppeteer Wand (HQ)
Sabrina Raincomprix's brooch. "Antibug" A brooch Chloé gave to Sabrina as a proof of their friendship. Sabrina's Brooch Vanisher's Brooch (HQ)
Chloé Bourgeois' Ladybug earrings. Costume earrings that resemble the Ladybug Miraculous. Chloe's Akumatized object Antibug's akumatized object
Lila Rossi's necklace "Volpina" A necklace that Lila buys to trick Adrien into thinking she is a superhero. It is modeled after the Fox Miraculous.


Object Appeared Description Normal Akumatized
Santa Claus' hat "A Christmas Special" A Christmas hat that Marinette gives Adrien, which he gives to Santa Claus.
Adrien's Hat
Ladybug Christmas Special (419)

Object Appeared Description Normal Akumatized
Adam's wristwatch "Replay" TBA.
Adam's wristwatch
No Screenshot


  • Sometimes the akumatized object is replaced after the villain is defeated.
    • Alya buys a new cellphone in "Lady Wifi".
    • Chloé gives Sabrina a new brooch in "Antibug".
  • Reflekta's akumatized object is replicated onto people she turns into her own image, but hers is the only one to contain an akuma or to have the power to transform people. When trying to release Reflekta's akuma, Ladybug accidentally destroys the object in possession of André Bourgeois.
  • In order to release the akuma so that Ladybug can capture it, every akumatized object must be broken.
    • Both Alya and Chloé know about this.
    • So far, Ladybug has always been the person to break the objects, although sometimes she does this indirectly.
  • In "A Christmas Special", after the akumatized object, Santa's hat, is destroyed to release the akuma, it is never seen again, destroyed or fixed, afterwards.

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