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Ladybug, "Rogercop"

This is a list of Lucky Charm objects. These are objects that Ladybug gets whenever she uses Lucky Charm. They help her to achieve her desire, which is usually to stop a supervillain and break their object with the akuma inside.


Season 1

Object Appeared Description Image
Turntable Disc "The Bubbler" Ladybug uses this disc to interrupt the slow song that was playing at the party. This prevents Chloé from kissing Adrien. Luckycharmdisc
Wrench Ladybug uses this wrench to unscrew a pipe blasting air from the air vent to help her defeat the Bubbler by deflecting his bubbles. Luckycharmwrench
Coin "Mr. Pigeon" Ladybug uses this coin to get a bag of popcorn from a vending machine to distract the pigeons from helping Mr. Pigeon, and to distract Mr. Pigeon himself. Luckycharmcoin
Towel "Stormy Weather" Ladybug uses this towel to lift herself up with an air current to bring Stormy Weather down. Luckycharmtowel
Bicycle Lock "Timebreaker" Ladybug uses this bicycle lock to tie the legs of the two Timebreakers together. Luckycharmbike
Traffic Cone Ladybug uses this traffic cone and an ice cream sign to create a ramp to launch the two Timebreakers in the air. Luckycharmcone
Spoon "Copycat" Ladybug uses this spoon as a hook for a homemade fishing rod, pulling Copycat into the ceiling by his belt loops. Luckycharmspoon
Ladybug Costume "The Pharaoh" Ladybug uses the toy earrings that came with the Ladybug costume to make the Pharaoh believe she threw her real earrings away. Luckycharmcostume
Non-Microwaveable Frozen Meal "Lady Wifi" Ladybug places this frozen meal in a microwave near Lady Wifi's padlock icon that was keeping Cat Noir locked inside the freezer; this interrupted the connection making the icon disappear. Luckycharmmicrowave
Bouncy Ball "The Evillustrator" Ladybug uses this bouncy ball to break all the lamps in Chloé's room, because the Evillustrator can't draw in the dark. Luckycharmbouncyball
Oven Mitt "Rogercop" Ladybug uses this oven mitt, another one found in the mayor's office, a belt, and Chloé's bracelet to make homemade handcuffs that are able to stop Rogercop from firing his lasers. Luckycharmovenmitt
Candy Apple "Dark Cupid" Ladybug uses the candy apple to make Dark Cupid's hands sticky, thus making him unable to shoot more arrows. Luckycharmcandy
Guitar Strings "Horrificator" Ladybug uses the guitar strings to build a makeshift bass and sing "Smelly Wolf" to make the Horrificator smaller. Guitar Strings
Windup Toy "Darkblade" Ladybug charges up this toy and throws it inside Darkblade's armor, which has a hole near the armpit, to tickle him. Ladybug Windup Toy
Shoe Box "The Mime" Ladybug uses this box, Sarah's glasses, a flyer from Fred's mime show and a bus' headlights to project the image on the Eiffel Tower. This infuriates the Mime so much that he slashes down the tower, forcing him to hold it to keep it from falling on him. Projector
Balloon "Princess Fragrance" Ladybug puts the balloon through a tube to form a makeshift dart to cork Princess Fragrance's perfume gun, allowing her to use her yo-yo to grab the gun and break it to release the akuma. MLB Balloon
Wetsuit "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)" Ladybug plugs the water suit into a hose and charges at Stoneheart. Once captured she commands Alya to turn on the hose and frees herself in order to break the fallen Akumatized object. Balloon suit
Parachute "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)" Ladybug dives after Mylène and uses the parachute to break their fall once Ladybug catches her and captures the Akuma. Parachute
Car Jack "Animan" Ladybug uses the jack to open up Animan's mouth when she dives in while he's in his T-Rex form, allowing her to get close enough to grab the bracelet where his Akuma is. Car Jack
Yo-yo "Simon Says" Ladybug's yo-yo is disabled by one of Simon's cards, so she uses her Lucky Charm yo-yo to knock Simon's pack of cards out of his hand. Then, after using her "Miraculous Ladybug" ability, she restores her original yo-yo to capture the akuma. LCYoyo
Compact Mirror "Pixelator" Ladybug throws the opened compact mirror to Cat Noir who hits it with his staff to make it fly in front of Jagged Stone just as Pixelator is about to digitize Jagged Stone. Thus, his camera beam ricochets and digitizes Pixelator instead. Compactmirror
Extreme Fixing Gel "Guitar Villain" Ladybug uses the hairspray to stiffen Guitar Villain's hair in front of his face, in order to prevent him from being able to play his guitar. LB Hairspray
Payment Terminal "Kung Food" Ladybug soaks up the paper of this machine on Kung Food's soup and then traps him by wrapping it around him. KF (915)
Spray Paint Can "Gamer" Ladybug uses the spray paint to cover the eye of Gamer's mech. This causes him to poke his head outside in order to see and allows her to grab his glasses, which contain the Akuma. Paint Can
Camera "Reflekta" Ladybug uses the camera's flashes to temporarily blind Reflekta, in order to evade her blasts. LC Camera 2
Power Strip "The Puppeteer" Ladybug uses this power strip as a second yo-yo. Power strip
Glitter Container "Antibug" Ladybug uses the glitter to make the Vanisher visible. Glitterjar
Bag of Marbles Ladybug, with the help of Cat Noir, uses these marbles to make Antibug slip and let go of her sword. Marbles
Sword (Anti-Charm) Antibug gets this sword by using Anti-Charm, but it is thrown away by Cat Noir after she slips on Ladybug's marbles, and is stuck in the side of the Eiffel Tower. Anticharmsword
Chocolate Ice Cream "Volpina" Ladybug reflects light off the silver foil inside the wrapper to identify the real Volpina by making her cover her eyes, while Cat Noir uses Cataclysm to destroy to trap her. Icecream


Object Appeared Description Image
Box "A Christmas Special" Ladybug hides inside it and presents it as a gift to Santa Claws to surprise attack him.
Box Lucky Charm



Comics and books


  • Like the Ladyblog logo, the "Miraculous Ladybug" branding on the box of the Ladybug costume is similar to an old concept of the show's logo. However, unlike the Ladyblog, the branding is an exact copy.[1] In addition, the earrings that came with the costume appear to be based off of the PV design.


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