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This article is about the upcoming Peacock Miraculous holder. You may be looking for another Peacock.

Le Paon is an upcoming new Miraculous holder that will appear by the end of Season 2 and in Season 3 as Hawk Moth's "boss." They wield the Peacock Miraculous and their kwami is Duusu. Their civilian form is unknown.[1][2][3]


When transformed, Le Paon's eyes have pink irises and sclerae that are pink which fade into dark indigo, and there is black liner around their eyes. Their hair is dark blue, and part of it curls up underneath their left eye. They wear a peacock feather-like cocktail hat, being blue and tear-shaped with a light pink mark in the center. They wear a blue dress with a fuzzy black collar and sleeves that end in a point on the back of their hand. The dress appears to have a set hexagonal texture. The bottom of the dress has a side slit skirt, and the end of the skirt has rounded points with dark blue, light pink-centered spots, resembling a peacock's tail feathers. Underneath the dress, they have indigo leggings that are a darker indigo from the knees down and include high heels. They hold a blue hand fan, which is similar in design to the end of their skirt, and an object with a peacock feather tip.


Le Paon's abilities are unknown, but they appear to have a hand fan-like object and/or the object in their other hand as their weapon.[1]


  • Le Paon is French for "The Peacock".
  • Le Paon was revealed at the Miraculous panel at New York Comic Con 2016.[1]
    • Earlier, at a panel at San Diego Comic Con, Thomas Astruc pointed to an image of them in the sneak peak collage image, commenting that they will be a new recurring supervillain that will be Hawk Moth's ally.[4]
    • In a video interview held on August 25, Jeremy Zag mentioned that the new main villain will make Hawk Moth appear like "a baby" in comparison.[5]
  • Le Paon's civilian identity will be revealed by the end of Season 2.[3]



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