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Major Spoiler Warning
This page contains major spoilers that have not yet appeared in any episodes anywhere worldwide.

Le Paon is an upcoming Miraculous holder that will appear in Season 3 as Hawk Moth's "boss." They wield the Peacock Miraculous and their kwami is Duusu. Their civilian form is unknown.[1][2]


When transformed, Le Paon has a blue mask, and they wear a peacock feather-like cocktail hat, being blue and tear-shaped with an orange mark in the center. They wear a blue dress with sleeves that end below their fingertips. The bottom of the dress has a side slit skirt, and the end of the skirt has rounded points with dark blue, orange-centered spots, resembling a peacock's tail feathers. Underneath the dress, they have dark indigo leggings that are black from the knees down. They hold a blue hand fan, which is similar in design to the end of their skirt, and an object with a peacock feather tip.


Le Paon's abilities are unknown, but they appear to have a hand fan-like object and/or the object in their other hand as their weapon.[1]


  • Le Paon was revealed at the Miraculous panel at New York Comic Con 2016.[1]
    • Earlier, at a panel at San Diego Comic Con, Thomas Astruc pointed to an image of them in the sneak peak collage image, commenting that they will be a new recurring supervillain that will be Hawk Moth's ally.[3]
  • Le Paon is French for "The Peacock."



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