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Laura Marano is an upcoming character who will be akumatized in the second season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[1][2] She is played by and based off the eponymous singer who performed the Miraculous music video.[3]

In "Rossignoble", she is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Rossignoble, a supervillain.


Physical appearance

Laura has long wavy brown hair, fair skin, and brown eyes.

Civilian attire

She wears a short-sleeved white skirt and miniskirt, both having a pattern of yellow, magenta, cyan, and green triangles, and underneath the shirt is a black short-sleeved shirt. On her right wrist, she has a yellow puffy bracelet, a black bead bracelet, and a large, wide magenta bracelet with cyan horizontal stripes. Additionally, she has black leggings that fade into dark blue at the bottom, and she wears black spool shoes.

As Rossignoble

Rossignoble has straight blonde hair tied back into two high ponytails with dark gray, star-shaped hair bands. The tips of her hair on her left ponytail and right side bang are red, and the tips on her right ponytail and left side bang are green. Her face is white, and she wears multicolored shades with star-like side edges. She wears a dark gray suit that has a light blue pointed tip over each shoulder. A cyan star with a black outline is printed on her chest, her upper back includes an upward shooting star design, and the rest of her suit is decorated with cyan, yellow, and magenta shapes. At her feet, she has pink platform soles and cyan high heels. She also holds a wand with a dark blue swirled handle, a rounded pink bottom tip, a black star at the top, and a white-edged pink circle between the star and the handle.




  • Her villain form was first revealed in concept art shown during a Nolife interview.[4]
  • Her civilian outfit is an homage to the technopop unit Perfume.[5]
    • Perfume is one of the creators' favorite bands.
  • "Rossignoble", her villain name, sounds a lot like the French word "rossignol", which means "nightingale".
    • This is probably a reference to Marano's singing career.
  • In "Dark Owl", she can be seen in a TV commercial from Marinette's computer.


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