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I used to think that maybe [Ladybug] was a scientist who got stung by a radioactive ladybug while strolling at the Cité des Sciences. But the more I think about it, the more I believe it's actually the earrings that help Ladybug to transform, so the whole bug-bite theory kind of went out the window.

Alya, "Ladyblog"

The Ladybug Miraculous are earrings that, whenever Tikki inhabits them, transform the wearer into a ladybug-themed superhero, who possesses the powers of good luck and creation. The earrings are currently owned by Marinette, who uses them to turn into the heroine Ladybug.


In general, the earrings are circular with a smooth surface and a silver lining. When Marinette isn't Ladybug, the earrings are black. However, when Tikki goes into the earrings while Marinette is transformed, they become red with five black spots in a quincunx pattern. As Marinette starts running out of power, the earrings make a beeping sound and the dots start disappearing one at a time as an indication of how much time she has left.


Marinette tranforming

The Ladybug Miraculous grants its wielder incredible powers of speed, endurance, and strength. Its special weapon is an unbreakable yo-yo, which can be utilized as both a weapon and a communicator. Its special superpower is called the Lucky Charm, giving the user the ability to summon a useful object in order to obtain their goal, like defeating a villain. As long as the superpower isn't used, the wielder can remain transformed indefinitely. However, as soon as the superpower is used, the wielder loses power and the transformation usually wears off in five minutes.[1]

Legend has it that if the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous are used together, the holder will achieve absolute power.

  • The NYCC sneak peak of the upcoming Miraculous powers.
  • A closer image of the powers.

The Ladybug Miraculous also seems to have other magical abilities. These abilities seem to be related to objects known as the Stone of the Sun, the Stone of the Moon, the Pearl of the Sea, the Pearl of the Heart, and the Pearl of the Mysteries.[2]

  • Stone of the Sun - Flying power
  • Pearl of the Mysteries - Infinite Lucky Charms
  • Pearl of the Heart - Cure the akumatized
  • Pearl of the Sea - Breathe and swim underwater
  • Stone of the Moon - Fly and breathe in space

List of owners


The Ladybug Miraculous holder displayed in the Miraculous book.
An OmuHimba girl from northern Namibia.
An Egyptian woman who lived 5,000 years ago.
An Amazonian queen; known from Greek mythology.
A French warrior, who lived approximately 600 years ago.
A French teenage girl and the current Ladybug Miraculous holder. Given to her by Master Fu, Marinette is working to stop Hawk Moth and his supervillains.


The Great Guardian. He was storing the Ladybug Miraculous in his chest before giving it to Marinette.



  • In the theme song, the Ladybug Miraculous are in the raised center of Master Fu's chest with the Cat Miraculous, both of their sections creating a yin-yang symbol inside the box.
    • The Ladybug Miraculous is in the yin section. Some of the things that yin represents is coldness, darkness, passiveness, and intuition.
  • Ladybugs are known to be symbols of good luck, protection, and love.
  • Ladybug's legacy is over 5,000 years old, as revealed in "The Pharaoh".
    Property 699830 LadyBug

    The Ladybug Miraculous' design in the early CGI animation.

  • The user needs to be wearing both earrings for the transformation to work.[3]
  • The design of the earrings were different in the Ladybug PV and early CGI animation. In them, the earrings had gold outlines around the edges of the earring and the black spots.
    • In "The Pharaoh", Ladybug gives Pharaoh a fake pair of earrings that more closely resemble the earlier design.
  • Thomas Astruc might include previous Ladybugs into the show if he finds a good story for them.[4]




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