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Released on January 22, 2016

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I created the Ladyblog so share all my exclusive videos of our favorite superheorine, Ladybug. Why? Because she's awesome!

Alya Césaire, "Ladyblog"

"Ladyblog" is the fourth webisode of Miraculous Secrets.[1]


Alya blogs about her favorite superhero, Ladybug. She is trying to uncover her identity![2]


Major characters

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  • This webisode was reuploaded to the official Miraculous Ladybug YouTube channel on October 13, 2016 under the title "Ladyblog".[3]
  • The webisode contains scenes from "The Bubbler", "Mr. Pigeon", "Timebreaker", "The Pharaoh", and "Lady Wifi".
  • Alya states that if she knew Ladybug's true identity, she could offer her help.
  • Alya concludes the video with the catchphrase "stay connected", which she also uses in "Lady Wifi".
  • At one point in the video, Alya theorizes that Ladybug was "stung by a radioactive ladybug while strolling at the Cité des Sciences", alluding to the origin story of the popular Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man.
    • Adding to the allusion is a parody of the scene from Spider-Man's first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, with Marinette in the place of Spider-Man's alter-ego Peter Parker as she is stung by the ladybug in question, drawn by Thomas Astruc in the style of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.


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