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Akuma BustierClassIcon
You're no match for me. My neck is bigger than your thigh.

—Kim, "Timebreaker"

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Lê Chiến Kim[1] (Kim Chiến Lê in Western order) is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont.[2] In "Dark Cupid", after being rejected and humiliated by his crush Chloé, he is infected by Hawk Moth with an akuma and becomes Dark Cupid, a hate-spreading supervillain.[3]


Physical appearance

Kim is muscular and taller than the average student at school; he has olive skin and dark brown eyes. He styles his hair, which is black with the ends dyed gold, into a sharp quiff.

Civilian attire

He wears a red, short-sleeved hoodie jacket with big front pocket and hoodie and some white outlines at certain places. On the front of the jacket, there is a white logo, which is a downward-pointing pentagon outline outside of a smaller, filled-in pentagon with a red corner and a star. He pairs his top with navy blue track sweatpants, and red, white, and black sport shoes.

As Dark Cupid

Dark Cupid wears a black and red suit, along with large black wings attached to his back, each feather-like end of each tipped with two red stripes. On the sides of his neck, there are black lighting bolts. He wears a black head cover, the areas covering the top of his hair and around his eyes being red. The top of his suit is red, with a large white broken heart on his chest. To the waist down, the suit is black. From the elbow down to the hand is black, and from the knee down is red with a few strands of cloth sticking out above the back of each ankle. On his back is a black, red, and white striped quiver, which carries red arrows. On the quiver strap across his chest, the brooch, which is now red and black, is attached to it. His archery bow is based off a breaking heart. The handle is white with red heart halves at the ends, and on each side of the bow, there are two large gray and white spikes.



Kim bragging about being faster than a panther.

Kim is the king of competitions.[2] He enjoys making dares, much to the frustration of his classmates, and he is also very confident in himself and his athletic abilities, thus most of his dares involve using the person's body. Over-confident and proud, Kim sometimes boasts about his abilities and doesn't always take facts into consideration, believing he can beat a panther in a race in "Animan". He isn't afraid to tease others, either, as he gives Ivan a note telling him that he isn't brave enough to act on his romantic feelings. Behind his bravado are a few insecurities, like his fear of being humiliated and rejected. While hot-headed and rude sometimes, Kim is generally kind, appreciating Marinette's encouragement to confess his love to his crush in "Dark Cupid" — although Marinette isn't aware that his crush is Chloé.

As Dark Cupid, Kim is bitter at love, and plans to avenge his broken heart by transforming everyone into hate-filled jerks. He is still very prideful, but he has no issues teaming up with one of his victims, Cat Noir, to succeed.


As a civilian

Kim is a very fast runner, being able to keep up with Alix, who is wearing roller skates, in a race for most of the time.

As Dark Cupid

  • Dark Cupid's brooch, his akumatized object.
  • Dark Cupid flying and shooting an arrow.
  • Alya insulting Marinette while under the effect of the arrows.
  • Ladybug breaking Cat Noir's curse with a kiss.

Dark Cupid can fly with his wings. Using his bow and rose-shaped black arrows, he shoots people, turning their feelings of love and friendship into hate.

The effect of the arrows varies from person to person; for example, Alya becomes mean spirited to Marinette, while Cat Noir gets filled by the desire to destroy Ladybug. The lips of people affected by his arrows turn black.

Similarly to fairy tales with curses, the effect of the arrows can be reverted by a kiss.


Max Kanté

DC S01EP10 (121)

Max helping Kim to ask Chloé out.

Kim and Max are friends. Kim seems to trust Max a lot, as seen when he followed his friend's advice to ask Chloé out in "Dark Cupid" or when he was sure of Max's qualification for the video game tournament in "Gamer".

Chloé Bourgeois

DC S01EP10 (309)

Kim asking Chloé to be his Valentine.

Kim often hangs around Chloé and sometimes does her bidding. He has a crush on Chloé, but after the events of "Dark Cupid", it is unknown if he still does after she rejected his gift to her and humiliated him. During his time as Dark Cupid, he goes for revenge against her, but he decides not to, believing that she is already heartless and shouldn't bother wasting an arrow on her. Despite his unknown feelings, he is aware of how awful she is, like when he prefers not to run for class president in "Darkblade" because she threatens to tell everyone about his fear of spiders.

Alix Kubdel

TK Will they kiss

Kim and Alix being competitive.

Kim often competes with Alix as he challenges her to several of his dares. His most recent dare involved a race around the school to see if he is faster than her roller skates. When facing off, both in fun like to insult each other and brag about their own abilities.

Ivan Bruel


Kim annoyed Ivan

Kim usually seems to get along okay with Ivan, but he isn't afraid to get on Ivan's bad side. In "Ladybug & Cat Noir", Kim, aware of Ivan's crush on Mylène, gives him a note saying that he isn't brave enough to ask her out. Ivan attempts to punch him, which doesn't faze him as he looks on in amusement. However, he is terrified when Ivan as Stoneheart attacks him, and the next day in "Stoneheart", he comments that Ivan was seriously out to harm him.



  • He is of Vietnamese descent.[4]
  • His name follows Vietnamese naming conventions.
    • "Lê" is his family name, "Chiến" is his middle name, and "Kim" is his first name.
  • In the French dubbed version, Kim's villain name is Dislocoeur.
    • Dislocoeur is intended to be a pun in French, "-cœur" meaning "heart" and "dis-" alluding to "disloquer" potentially meaning "Heart breaker".
  • While it is unknown what sports Kim plays specifically, Kim has made references to playing soccer in the French version, which is called football outside of the US.[5] In "Darkblade", he is holding a basketball.
    • Kim also makes a baseball metaphor in the English version of "Dark Cupid".
  • Kim secretly notices Marinette slip Adrien's phone back into his bag in "Copycat".


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