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A kwagatama is a symbol of friendship magically created by kwamis and is given to their holders as a present on special occasions.


The kwagatama is shaped like the light swirl from the Yin and Yang symbol, being red and having a circular hole in the center of its round side.

With her kwagatama, Marinette attaches a small silver loop and puts a black string through it to wear the kwagatama as a pendant on a necklace.




  • The word "kwagatama" is derived from the Japanese word "magatama" (勾玉), meaning jewel.
    • Similarly, the magatama were beads made in prehistoric Japan.
  • Tikki tells Marinette in "Befana" that she gave kwagatama to all of the past Ladybug Miraculous holders.
  • The model of Marinette's kwagatama and the necklace is recycled from the model Mylène Haprèle's necklace, although Mylène's necklace is not a kwagatama.[1]


  1. Confirmation from staff member Feri González:

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