Cat Noir! Follow us. Time is running out.

—Knightowl, Miraculous Adventures Issue 2

Knightowl is a superhero in the United States with her partner Sparrow.


Physical appearance

Outside of her superhero disguise, Knightowl is a tall woman with a large build. She has light brown eyes, long flowing brown hair, and small red lips.

As Knightowl

Knightowl wears a dark brown cowl with golden spikes akin to an owl's eyebrows over her eyes and a long cape. Underneath, she wears a bodysuit that covers her entire body, including her mouth and chin that aren't covered by the cowl. The suit's shoulders, upper chest, and legs are a darker shade of brown, and on the upper chest, there is a logo of an owl's face comprised of gold lines. Also, she wears brown gloves with gold talon-like claws on the fingers, and she wears a golden belt around her hips. With her mask on, she have dark green irises in her eyes.

For more of Knightowl's outfits and designs, see Knightowl/Designs.


Knightowl is serious, irritable, and straightforward. Saving others in danger is important to her, which makes her frustrated and stern towards anyone who doesn't take the task as seriously, jokes around, or disobeys orders. Preferring solid, perfect plans without a chance of failing, Knightowl doesn't like questionable or risky-resulted suggestions, having little faith in them if they're not based on strong evidence or reasoning. Sometimes, she is willing to put her stubbornness aside to try alternate options and work together with people she doesn't agree with.

Liking to take the lead and being good at commanding a team, while she can get impatient with others, Knightowl takes them seriously and gives them clear, strong orders to follow. With a negative disposition, she judges others harshly and bluntly tells her opinions on them without consideration. However, Knightowl is experienced, thus knowing the dangers on her job and calming more new fellow superheroes in difficult situations. She also has a softer side, laughing with Majestia and Sparrow about Ladybug and Cat Noir's budding romance.


Knightowl is physically fit, having enough stamina and skill to keep up with Ladybug and Cat Noir while they're running and to jump from edge to edge down a huge crack in in the ground. She throws boomerangs based off of her logo with great strength and precision. Additionally, Knightowl is a skilled strategist, devising the initial destructive plan to destroy the Trash Krakken and giving commands to Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Sparrow when they're about to battle him.



Knightowl treats Sparrow as a sidekick, seeing him in a similar but less judgemental fashion to Cat Noir. She trusts him enough to listen to him and his advice, like begrudgingly agreeing to stray away from her original plan for ten minutes when he persuades her to try Ladybug and Cat Noir's plan. Though close to him, Knightowl continues the mission after his apparent demise, thinking of it as a way of honoring his sacrifice.

Unnamed partner

Knightowl trust her butler/partner to a degree that her real life fan decided to created an artificial version of said partner, and was attached to it enough for it to became his akumatized object.

Ladybug and Cat Noir

Knightowl is aloof and critical of Ladybug and Cat Noir, displeased with them when they run off briefly so they can detransform and when they jump down a hole to confront the Trash Krakken instead of following Victory's direction. In particular, she finds Cat Noir annoying, thinking of her as a sidekick who mainly goofs off. However, she knows how important is Ladybug in the mission and relies in Cat Noir to calm her down after the apparent demise of Sparrow.

Despite her criticism of them, after they explain themselves in wanting to try taking Mr. Squid from Trash Krakken, Knightowl relents and works along them to execute it, though not without disagreements along the way.



Comics and books


  • Knightowl's design is similar to the design of famous comic book superhero Batman.
    • Knightowl's name and design are also similar to Nite Owl (specifically, the Daniel Dreiberg incarnation), a superhero from the Watchmen comics who is partially based on Batman.
  • In the fourth issue of Miraculous Adventures, it is revealed that Knightowl keeps her identity and true gender a secret from the other heroes.
  • As seen in "Dark Owl", Mr. Damocles is a fan of Knightowl, having a suit similar to hers and a small collection of her comics hidden inside his office.


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