Jared Wolfson is the Executive Producer, President, Franchise Development, Content Distribution & Marketing at ZAG Studios. He was also the Head of Production, Development and Acquisitions at ZAG.


Jared met Jeremy Zag in 2013 while developing the Nickelodeon franchise of Monsuno.


  • "What you guys (the fandom) have done is truly phenomenal. And we're appreciative of every piece [of fanart] that we see no matter whether it's a sketch on a napkin or it's a beautiful full-color piece of art. But the support has been amazing. It's beautiful to see."[1]


  • According to Jeremy, the original story for Miraculous was "focused on this beautiful love affair between two characters that really shouldn't be able to be together because they have another obligation." This was compounded on with a sitcom-lifestyle built into the show.[2]
  • He has met all of the English voice acting cast.

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