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Jagged Stone's guitar is an electric guitar owned by Jagged Stone. In "Guitar Villain", it gets infected by an akuma, turning Jagged into a villain. It then serves as his weapon.

Appearanc e

The guitar is a metallic lavender color, while the neck and head of the guitar are a darker shade, with a brass-colored pick guard. The top of the head is shaped into a drop. The nut, pickups, and bridge are copper coloured, and the volume and tone controls are white. A brass-colored design of his face is below the bridge.

As a weapon, it is a shiny dark purple color with rounded edges and two black roundly-pointed tips at the bottom end of the soundboard. The pickup is round and silver, the nut and bridge are silver, and on each side of the head, there are dark purple rounded points.



  • The design of Jagged Stone's face on the guitar is also used on the scent sticker that is on the cover of Rock Giant.

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