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I'm a genuine rock 'n' roller, not some pop star in diapers. I'm a real artist. Real talent! Even my hair is real. And that's what people love about me. Isn't that right, Fang?

—Jagged, "Guitar Villain"

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Jagged Stone is a rock star. In "Guitar Villain", after he is insulted by XY, he is infected with an akuma by Hawk Moth and becomes Guitar Villain, a guitar-playing supervillain.


Physical appearance

Jagged Stone is tall with pale green eyes. He has black hair with dyed purple tips, a black beard, and a mustache which connects with his beard. His eyebrows are black and split in two at the sides.

Civilian attire

He wears heavy, dark eye shadow and eyeliner. His outfit includes a sparkly black jacket with yellow accents and yellow epaulets. His pants are yellow with black vertical stripes, similar to a bee. He wears lacy, black fingerless gloves on both hands. His shoes are black heeled boots with a design on the soles. Around his neck is a necklace comprised of two golden wings with a pendant of a skull in between the wings.

As Guitar Villain

Guitar Villain's hair is in long dreadlocks and is light pink with a darker shade of pink at the tips. On his face, he has black shiny face paint around his eyes, and his eyes are blue. He wears a dark gray sleeved top with pointed edges over the shoulders, a turtleneck collar, and a vertical yellow leaf shape on each side of the front. His sleeves underneath the top are purple with a black fishnet pattern. He has a dark gray belt with purple spikes, and his pants are dark gray with yellow flame designs from his upper legs to his knees. His gloves and boots are dark gray with two purple spikes attached to each one, the backs of his hands and the front of his feet. His guitar is shiny and purple with two black pointed tips on the soundboard.


Jagged Stone is wild, proud, and expressive. When he isn't on-screen or performing, he is relaxed and natural. But he prefers exciting things, like owning a crocodile for a pet, and he likes getting lots of attention, especially from his fans, as long as they give him enough space. He gets bored if nothing interesting is going on, and he doesn't like losing attention. However, while he likes being noticed, he believes that the most important thing about music is expressing himself, not the fame and fortune that comes with it. He is usually kind toward others, even being quite patient with the people he truly likes, but if he feels like he is being wronged by someone, he stands up for his beliefs and isn't afraid to get into heated disagreements with them.

As Guitar Villain, he is even wilder and crazier, and will express rage towards people he dislikes. He wants to make XY pay for insulting him, and he enjoys using his powers to make people rock out to his music, or in some cases to make them suffer.


As a civilian

Jagged Stone is an accomplished singer and guitar player. As seen in "Pixelator", he is also skilled at playing the piano.

As Guitar Villain

Guitar Villain uses his guitar, which is the akumatized object, as his weapon. He is able to shoot energy waves of weaponized sound from his guitar, which have different powers according to the chord he plays:

  • The purple wave, which he calls the "Rock and Rip, Baby!", causes those it hits to begin to dance uncontrollably and shout like they're at a rock and roll concert. This wave even works on animals and non-living things, such as cars.
  • The orange wave, which he calls the "Awesome Solo," is a concussive blast, able to destroy things and injure people, and is powerful enough to crack solid stone.
  • The green wave, which he calls the "Ultimate Solo," can cause tremendous earthquakes.

He also uses it as a melee weapon when fighting with Cat Noir.


Chloé Bourgeois

In "Darkblade", Jagged Stone gets hired by André Bourgeois to give signed CDs to Chloé's friends in order to help Chloé become class president at Collège Françoise Dupont. He appeared very bored with the event. When he hears screaming outside of the event, he leaves the building, thinking it is his adoring fans outside.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Jagged Stone is impressed with Marinette's artistic abilities. He loves the glasses that she made for him in "Pixelator", and he requests for her to make the cover for his new album with faith that she'll create it to reflect his personality and style. When Marinette turns up with a cover based off of Bob Roth's demands, he isn't upset at her, and he gives her another chance to make it. With Marinette's final product, he is very pleased, grateful for her work.

In the butler's flashback in "Antibug", Jagged Stone is pleasantly surprised when he sees Chloé dressed as Ladybug and mistakes her for the superheroine. Immediately afterwards, he also notices the difference between Ladybug and Chloé's hair. He also doesn't like Ladybug enough to appreciate her taking attention away from him during his interview.

Penny Rolling

Jagged Stone has trust in Penny's judgement. When complicated circumstances arise, they can quickly agree on how to make the best of the situation at hand. Penny always makes sure that Jagged is satisfied and not bothered, and takes care of things for him when he is either busy or unavailable by any means.

Bob Roth

Jagged Stone is annoyed with Bob's bossy and opinionated attitude, and dislikes his ideas of a duet with XY and an album cover based off of XY's style. If Bob does something Jagged doesn't agree with, he confidently fights back, by using Fang to threaten him or by reminding him that any other record company would be happy to publish him.


Jagged Stone has a deep dislike of XY and his music. He doesn't consider him a real musician, and is deeply offended when XY calls him "uncool" and a "dinosaur."



  • Jagged Stone is the favorite rock star of both Marinette and Adrien.[3]
  • In the French dub, Jagged Stone has an American accent.
  • His name is a pun on the music genre "hard rock."[5]
  • His villain name is a pun on 'Guitar Hero', a title that in France is given to expert guitar players.
  • He likes the smell of leather and sweat.
  • As seen on Vincent Aza's shirt, Jagged Stone has toured in London, Paris, Oslo, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Porto, Bern, Rome, Berlin, Oslo, Helsinki, Seoul, and Tokyo.


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