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Akuma BustierClassIcon
Don't listen to those bozos. Easy to judge when they're not in front of the camera. You're doing awesome. Come back! I promise I'll roar more quietly.

—Ivan, "Horrificator"

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Ivan Bruel is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. In "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)", after Kim teases him for not having the guts to ask Mylène out, he gets infected with an akuma by Hawk Moth and becomes Stoneheart, a rock golem supervillain. Because Ladybug doesn't purify the akuma after defeating him the first time, he gets akumatized once again in "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)" when Mylène runs away from him because of his loud serenade.


Physical appearance

Ivan is large and bulky with gray eyes. His hair is short and black, except for a tuft of long, dyed blond hair above his forehead.

Civilian attire

He wears a black t-shirt with a white design of two crossing bones printed on the chest. He also wears black slacks with large belt loops and large pockets, along with white socks and khaki-colored work boots.

As Stoneheart

Stoneheart is a huge, muscular gray rock golem with glowing yellow-green eyes.


HF S01EP11 (38)

Ivan guaranteeing to Mylène that the mask isn't something to be scared of.

Ivan is a tough guy with a tender heart.[1] He often appears grouchy and stubborn, particularly around situations he isn't interested in, like while being held captive at the Bubbler's party in "The Bubbler", but he also can sometimes be openly enthusiastic and expressive, cheering for Alix to beat Kim in "Timebreaker". The only person so far that he has shown a lot of warmth towards is Mylène, but he is willing to help others in bad situations. He gets angry when he or close ones are unfairly treated or teased, sometimes standing up towards the culprit — even occasionally willing to physically fight back — and other times quietly moping about it. On the other hand, when people are kind and patient with him, he is able to open up about his inner feelings and listen to their advice.

As Stoneheart, he is extremely aggressive and furious, his enemies, including Kim and Chloé, being the ones he is the most furious at. He still loves Mylène, but his reasoning has been clouded when it comes to her and he believes that Hawk Moth will bring the two to be together forever.


As a civilian

Ivan is able to write down and create song lyrics, but his singing is loud and terrifying.

As Stoneheart

  • Stoneheart lifting a police van to throw at Roger.
  • Stoneheart growing in size after being hit by Cat Noir's staff.
  • Stoneheart breaking through the wall of the school.
  • Stoneheart sending his copies after Cat Noir.
  • Chloé being thrown a far distance by Stoneheart.

Stoneheart is a golem endowed with supernatural strength. He has a strong grip with his hands, being able to securely hold human victims or the wad of paper that is the akumatized object. Although not very fast as running, he is still fast enough to grab things in mid-air, and he can throw things, like a human or vehicle, with a lot of power. Additionally, when he gets hit with an attack, he grows in size.

Due to Ladybug not purifying the akuma, the akuma multiplies and transforms civilians into frozen versions of Stoneheart. When Ivan becomes Stoneheart again, the copies of Stoneheart begin to move, and they are under the original Stoneheart's control.


Mylène Haprèle

OR-2 (910)

Mylène hugging Ivan.

Ivan has romantic feelings for Mylène, caring about her deeply. He comforts her when she is scared or sad and he treats her very gently and considerately. His crush on Mylène is an indirect cause of his akumatization in "Ladybug & Cat Noir", and in "Stoneheart" he gets akumatized again because Mylène runs off after being scared by his loud serenade. Once he transforms the second time, he kidnaps Mylène so they can always be together. Ladybug also uses his crush to her advantage: by making Stoneheart accidentally kiss Mylène by tying them with her yo-yo, she makes him drop his akumatized object. After Mylène gets to read his song and explains she couldn't understand it while he was shouting, Ivan apologizes and vows to sing softer. In response, she hugs him, to his surprise, causing him to blush.

HF S01EP11 (958)

Ivan and Mylène kissing.

When she is upset for being easily scared in "Horrificator", Ivan tries to cheer her up and gives her a pin. They also share a kiss after Myléne is no longer akumatized. In "Darkblade", he continues to be compassionate with her, hugging her to comfort her when Darkblade and his knights are closing in outside the Hôtel de Ville.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

OR-2 (212)

Marinette giving encouraging advice to Ivan.

Ivan is friends with Marinette, and according to Marinette in "My Birthday Party", he always treats her nicely. They both agree that Chloé is terrible, and Ivan can be seen grinning at Marinette after stands up against Chloé at the end of "Stoneheart". He also listens to her suggestions, deciding to write a song for Mylène and try to remain positive about his situation with her.

When it comes to Ladybug, Ivan is glad that there is a hero watching over Paris. He is able to reveal his romantic feelings for Mylène thanks to Ladybug's help in "Stoneheart".

Alix Kubdel

Ivan and Alix appear to be good friends. In "Mr. Pigeon", they're seen talking to each other, he cheers for her at the race with Kim in "Timebreaker", and in "Pixelator", the two have a pillow fight while getting work experience in Le Grand Paris.

Lê Chiến Kim


Ivan about to punch Kim for his note.

In "Ladybug & Cat Noir", when Kim sends him a teasing note in class about him not having the courage to ask Mylène out, he gets angry and tries to beat him. Later, once he is akumatized, Stoneheart goes after Kim in revenge, but after being de-evilized, he apologizes to Kim the next day in "Stoneheart", noting he wasn't himself.

Chloé Bourgeois

OR-2 (970)

Ivan pleased about Marinette putting Chloé in her place.

Ivan despises Chloé and the way she treats others. In "Stoneheart", Chloé calls him a monster because of his akumatization the previous day. It almost makes him angry enough to be akumatized again, but Marinette manages to calm him down. When he does get akumatized again, though, he kidnaps Chloé, along with Mylène, and eventually throws her from the Eiffel Tower, where she gets saved by Ladybug. Ivan is also infuriated by Chloé when she hurts Mylène's feelings in "Horrificator", informing her she is lame in response to her calling Mylène lame.



  • Ivan is chronologically the first person to have been akumatized.
    • He's also the only person to have been akumatized twice in the same timeline, although it was with the same akuma both times.
  • Ivan has a desk to himself in his classes, while desks are usually shared by two students.
  • He is the tallest student in his class.


HF S01EP11 (92)
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