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"It's Ladybug" is the opening theme song of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. A shortened version of the song plays at the beginning of each episode and a longer instrumental version plays during the end credits.



In order of appearance:


  • The English version of the theme song has an alternate version with different lyrics.
  • One version (with "It's Ladybug") of the song is performed by Wendy Child and Cash Callaway.[1] The other English version (With "Miraculous") is performed by Brittnee Belt and Cash Callaway.[2]
    Miraculous Ladybug OP Animatic00:30

    Miraculous Ladybug OP Animatic

  • Thomas Astruc uploaded a storyboard version of a version of the theme song that was later changed into the final version.
    • At Dokomi 2017, he revealed the finished unused version of the opening.[3]
  • In the original releases of the song, Wendy Child speaks Marinette's opening narration, but in later releases of the song, Cristina Vee's version of the narration, from the show's opening theme, is used instead.
  • The French version is performed by Marily and Noam Kaniel.[4][5]
  • The Korean version is performed by K-pop group FIESTAR. They also made a music video[6] for the song and performed it live[7] at SAMG Animation's Miraculous conference on July 22 2015.[8]
  • Tumblr user jep2k3, who worked on the show, posted three gifs of rough ideas in animatic form for the theme song.
  • Near the end of the theme song, Nooroo and Wayzz fly with Tikki and Plagg into a chest with seven different sections, each section holding a Miraculous.
  • In front of the school, Marinette runs to the school with a croissant in her mouth. This is a common trope of a character running to school with a piece of toast or another kind of food, typically breakfast-related, held in his or her mouth to indicate that the character is in a hurry and/or late, which is often seen in manga and anime.
  • Marinette stumbles when she avoids a small black cat in her path.
  • In "The Puppeteer", Ladybug briefly whistles the theme to herself while walking up to grab Puppeteer's wand.


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