Inspiration 57

Released on January 26, 2017

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"Inspiration" is the second webisode of Miraculous: Tales from Paris.[1]


Marinette works on a design for a dress for the school dance with Tikki.


Marinette and Tikki talk in the park, looking for inspiration for a dress to design for the school dance. Marinette shows Tikki her designs that she drew on her sketch pad. Then the two wander around the park. While looking for some inspiration, Chloé holding a dress, rudely interrupts and startles Marinette. In addition, she insults her for making a dress and not being able to afford a designer dress like her. Chloé then leaves an infuriated Marinette alone. After that, Tikki pops up again and motivates Marinette to not give up. Eventually, Marinette decides to listen to Chloé and draws an actual paper dress which Chloé mentioned earlier. Marinette shows Tikki her prestigious design that she hopes that Adrien will like and Tikki is amused and compliments it. The two laugh, ending the webisode.



  • This episode was released under the title and with the synopsis for "Repetition".
  • This webisode was the second to be released in French on TFOU.[2]


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