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[ Theme Song ]

Scene: Marinette's room. Marinette and Alya are having a meeting with Alix, Juleka, Mylène, and Rose.

Alya: Thanks for showing up, girls. So check this out. I've got the biggest scoop! But FYI, it's seriously hush-hush. I've got a secret classified information.
Alix: You know who Ladybug is? (Juleka, Mylène, and Rose all gasped)
Alya: No. But it's almost as hot. Marinette is—
Marinette: Wait, Alya. Do you really think this is such a good idea?
Alya: I think it is. I know it is. But remember, girls, your lips are seal. Got it?
Girls: Mm-hmm.
Alya: Well, Marinette is head-over-heel for somebody.
Alix: Yeah. Adrien.
(All the girls chuckled at Marinette)
Marinette: What? But how did you know?
Mylène: Well, it is pretty obvious.
Marinette: So, do you think...I mean...Adrien knows too?
Rose: No way. Boys can never understand things like that.
Girls: Mm-hmm.
(Marinette sighs in relief)
Alya: Right, now let's get down to business. Your mission — should you choose to accept it? — is to arrange a ridiculously romantic date between Marinette and Adrien.
Rose: Oh, that's so sweet!
Alix: Great!
Juleka: Big time!
Mylène: We know we can count on you, Marinette. So you can count on us too.
Marinette: Oh. Thanks, girls.
Alya: You're up, Marinette.
Marinette: Alya and I have come up with a plan. It's called "Operation: Secret Garden".
Mylène: Excuse me, but why do we have a plan? I mean, can't Marinette go get Adrien and ask him out.
(All the girls start chuckling)
Alya: Seriously, Mylène? This is Marinette we're talking about here. Now each one of you will have a codename based on a flower. Alix, you'll be "Violet". Mylène, you'll be "Sunflower". Juleka, you'll be "Rose". And Rose, you'll be "Tulip".
Rose: Um, why isn't my name "Rose"?
Alya: Because "Rose" is your real name.
Marinette: It won't be a codename we call you "Rose". (Rose thought for a moment) This afternoon, Buttercup has a photo shoot at the Trocadéro fountain.
Rose: Hmm...
Alix: (whispers to Rose) Adrien!
Rose: Oh!
Marinette: His security guard aka "Bananny" will be waiting for him in the car at the side of the escalons. In the chariot. He's supposed to take home "Buttercup" after the photo shoot except that's not going to happen. This is when you guys come in. (All the girls nod their heads) Step one: "Rose" will have a fake "no-parking" sign. She'll go over to—
Mylène: Um, who's "Rose" again?
Rose: Me, of course!
Alya: No, Rose. It's Juleka. You're "Tulip". (She points at the girl in order again) "Violet". "Sunflower". "Rose". And "Tulip". (She sighs when Rose still don't get it)
Marinette: So, step one: "Rose", you'll put the fake sign next to the nanny's chariot.
(In a fantasy scene, Juleka puts the fake sign next to the bodyguard's car)
Marinette: (narrating) Step two: "Sunflower", you'll go find the police officer and say to him. (imitating Mylène's voice) "Hello, Mr. Police-Officer. Oh, look! That car parks illegally". (imitating Roger's voice) "Well, you don't say. I shall enforce the law right this second! Thank you, young lady."
(Roger signals the bodyguard to move the car to a different location. The fantasy briefly stop)
Marinette: Step three: No more nanny. (All the girls nod their heads) Step four: "Tiger-Lily" will let us know if "Buttercup's" done with his photo shoot.
Alya: (points at herself) "Tiger-Lily".
(Back to the fantasy scene, Alya signals that Adrien's done with his photo shoot)
Marinette: (narrating) But instead of meeting up with the nanny, Adrien is going to find "Lotus".
(Fantasy briefly stops)
Rose: That's Marinette!
Alix: But when "Buttercup" sees that the "chariot's" gone, he'll just text his "nanny", will he?
Marinette: (chuckles) Impossible. "Buttercup" always leave his personal items in the car when he's at the photo shoot. Even his phone! So professional!
Alix: (whispers to Rose) She's know everything about Adrien! Creepy, you know?
Rose: Yes! So romantic!
Marinette: So then.
(Back to the fantasy scene, Adrien sees Marinette)
Marinette: (narrating while imitating Adrien's voice) "Hey, Marinette!" (They both walk closer to each other as numerous pigeons fly away) "What are you doing here? What an incredible crazy question." This is "Tulip" springs into action! You get the signal to the rickshaw to come and park the nanny's car spot and all I have to say to Adrien—
(Fantasy interrupts when Alix made a silly facial expression which causes all the girls to laugh at Marinette)
Alya: You're right, that's usually how it goes!
Marinette: This time I'm really ready! I've got you guys with me. I'm going to do it! I promise.
(The girls all cheered at Marinette)
Mylène: You can be great.
Alix: Wooo! Yeah!
(Back to the fantasy scene, Marinette is about to ask Adrien)
Marinette: (narrating) So I say to him, "Since your car's not here we might as well ride home together. Hey, look! What a coinky-dink! There's a rickshaw right here!" (imitating Adrien's voice) "Blossoming idea, Marinette! I always dream of going on a rickshaw with you!" (Both Marinette and Adrien rides on the rickshaw) We'll take a really romantic ride among the bank of the Seine and over the Pont des Arts bridge! Where we just happen to run into André, the sweetheart ice cream maker! (Marinette and Adrien both come out the rickshaw, holding hands. Andre presents them the ice cream) Then, "Violet" skates by and showers us with rose petals! (Marinette and Adrien both shares the ice cream) It's going to be perfect!
(Fantasy ends)
Rose: It's...It's... so beautiful!
Alya: Any questions?
Juleka: (She rises her hand while Alix did a facepalm) Which flower am I, again?
Rose: You're "Rose". That's right, right?
Marinette: Mm-hmm.
Rose: Yes!
Marinette: (All the girls put their hands together) "Operation: Secret Garden", here we come!
(The girls all cheer)

Scene: The Trocadéro. Adrien is still having his photo shoot.

Vincent: I want more happy! A smile like you smile a delicious lunch in the kitchen! Ah! No, no! We need a... (notices a lollipop stand) A lollipop!
(Vincent zooms away to get to the stand. A mother is walking by with her baby, August. Adrien waves at August which made him chuckles. Vincent returns with a lollipop.)
August: (chuckles) Lollipop! Lollipop!
Vincent: Now we have a good taste! Mm-hmm.
August: Lollipop! Lollipop!
August's mother: No, August. Lollipops are not for babies. You're snack is a delicious bottle of milk. (She feeds her baby)
(Above them, Alya is spying on Adrien)
Alya: Are all the flowers planted?
(Near the Agreste car, Juleka is holding the fake "No Parking" sign.)
Juleka: "Rose" planted.
(Mylène is hiding behind a tree from officer Roger)
Mylène: "Sunflower" planted.
(Rose is near Théo and his rickshaw)
Rose: "Tulip" planted!
(Back at the Trocadéro, Marinette is with Alya)
Marinette: Perfect! Go "Rose"!
Rose: Um, me?
Alya: No, the other "Rose"!
(Rose thought for a moment as Juleka chuckles in amusement. She pushes the cart with the fake sign toward the Agreste car. But the wheel from the cart is stuck on a manhole cover.)
Juleka: Um, you guys I have a problem.
Marinette: "Rose"?
Rose: Yeah, what?
Juleka: There's a problem that stuck in a grave.
Marinette: Who's hurt?
Rose: Yeah, what?!
(At the Trocadéro, both Marinette and Alya shushes Rose for being so loud. Back with Juleka, she tries to carry the fake sign herself, but it's too heavy to lift.)
Mylène: Uh oh! (She helps Juleka with the sign) What's this thing even made of?
Marinette: Metal. Like you know the type road signs are made of.
Mylène: Why? Couldn't you made it out of cardboard or something? (She notices Roger walks away) (to Juleka) Go and get the police officer. (Juleka walks away to get Roger while Mylène continues to carry the sign)
Marinette: Caution! The photo shoot of "Buttercup" will be over soon!

Scene: Pont des Arts. Alix is standing around and waiting for her cue.

Alix: (groans) Seriously! Enough with the chitchat!

Scene: Parisian streets. Juleka finds officer Roger.

Roger: Huh? Oh, I know you! You're in the same class as my daughter!
Juleka: Hello, sir. (She suddenly starts stammering due to her shyness)
Roger: Huh? Tell me about it. Those pigeons are such a nuisance.
Juleka: Huh?
(At the Trocadéro, Marinette and Alya are waiting for her)
Marinette: Come on, "Rose"! Do it now!
Rose: Okay! (She signals Théo to start driving)
Alya: Not you, "Tulip"! The other "Rose"!
Rose: (gasps) No, wait! (She starts to chase after Théo)
(Back to Mylène, she just finish holding up the sign)
Mylène: Come on, "Rose". You can do it.
(Meanwhile, Juleka begin to have confident)
Juleka: Illegally park car!
Roger: Hmm?
Marinette: Yes!
(Juleka angrily points at the Agreste car)
Roger: Oh!
(Mylène immediately act casual when she realizes that Juleka is pointing at the fake sign)
Roger: Why thank you, young lady.
Juleka: Huh? (Roger walks to the car)

Scene: The Trocadéro.

Marinette: Great job,"Rose"!
(Below, August's mother is trying to push the carriage up the stairways. Adrien notices them.)
Vincent: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Look at me! Give me your best smile!
(August notices Adrien is holding the lollipop again)
August: Lollipop! Lollipop!
August's mother: No, August. Mommy told you already. You're too young for lollipops.
(August starts crying. Marinette notices him and his mother from above)
Marinette: That poor lady. She can really use a hand.
Alya: If you do that, Adrien will see you!
(Below, August's mother finally made it to the top)
August's mother: Oh, here you go, honey. (She feeds her baby again which calms him down)

Scene: Parisian streets.

Roger: Sir, move this vehicle right away. This is a no-parking zone!
(Mylène smiles nervously as Adrien's bodyguard groans in annoyance)
Roger: Move it! Move it! Move it!
(The bodyguard is about to drive away, but he immediately stops when he almost run into Théo and his rickshaw)
Théo: Hey, watch it!
Roger: He's right! Be careful!
(The bodyguard continues to lose his patience as Rose finally catches up with Théo. She sits at the passenger seat.)
Rose: He's right. You drive please.
(Théo drives the rickshaw back to where he started. The bodyguard then drives away to find another parking spot)
Roger: Mm-hmm.
(As Roger walks away, Mylène falls down in exhaustion)

Scene: The Trocadéro.

Marinette: Bravo, girls! Step two: commence!
(While the bodyguard has trouble finding another parking space, Marinette and Alya continues to spy on Adrien)
Vincent: That's it! Perfect! All right there!
(Marinette notices that August's mother is still having trouble lifting her carriage up the stairways. Her phone suddenly drops from her purse)
August's mother: Oh!
(Marinette immediately rushes to help her)
Alya: "Lotus"! I mean, Marinette! Stay here!
(Marinette picks up the mother's phone and gives it to her)
Marinette: Hello, ma'am. (She walks to the front of the carriage) Hello, little baby! (She starts to help the mother carry the carriage)
August's mother: Thank you so much!
(Alya notices that Adrien's photo shoot is over)
Alya: Look out, "Buttercup's" on the move!
(August suddenly drops his bottle to the bottom of the stairs. Adrien is also about to walk up there. August starts to cry again)
Marinette: Sorry! (She grabs the bottle before Adrien can see her. She hands the mother the bottle) Here you go!
August's mother: Thank you, young lady.
Marinette: You're welcome! Bye!
(While August's mother tries to calm down her son, Marinette runs off back to her hiding spot. On her way, she gasps when she sees that the car have come back to its original location)
Marinette: "Rose"! "Nanny"'s back!
(The girls all gasped. Juleka finds Roger again)
Juleka: Um?
Roger: Yes? (Both Rose and Mylène puts the fake sign back up when Juleka points at the car again) Hey, you mister! Over there! You ask for it! I'm slamming you a fine for parking violation for not complying my orders, and for furiating a usually chipper police officer!
(The bodyguard growls as he walk away to find Adrien)

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair.

Hawk Moth: A man who takes his work very seriously. Who's blood is boil for the slightest shortfall. That's what I call an easy target for my dear akumas. (turns a butterfly into an akuma) Fly away, my little akuma. And evilize him!

Scene: The Trocadéro. While Adrien's bodyguard is still looking for him, he crosses paths with August and his mother.

August's mother: You're being quite stubborn today, August. (She tries to calm down her son who's still crying)
(Both Marinette and Adrien gasp when they see the akuma is circling above the bodyguard. But when he sees that Adrien is still okay, he calms down and the akuma flies away from him)
Hawk Moth:' (from his lair) What happened? His emotions just vanished!
August: (while crying) Lollipop! Lollipop! Lollipop! (The akuma flies into his bracelet)
Hawk Moth: This isn't what I have in mind. Why not after all, what could be more emotionally powerful than a baby throwing a giant temper tantrum! Gigantitan, I am Hawk Moth.
August: Hawk...Moo?
Hawk Moth: No, not "Hawk Moo". Just Hawk Moth. Well, you're going to be...big, strong, and you're going do...whatever you want. But in return, you must bring me Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous.
August: Lollipop?
Hawk Moth: Not lollipop! Miraculous!!
(August transforms into Gigantitan)
August's mother: My little baby!
Gigantitan: Lollipop! (Everybody around him starts to run away) Lollipop!
(Marinette jumps in to save his mother from being stomp)
Marinette: Kids these days. They grow up so fast! Am I right? Right?
Civilian: Look, it's a baby!
(Mylène, Rose, and Juleka are all about to run)
Alya: (recording another post for the Ladyblog) Don't blink now!
Mylène: (pulls Alya away) Come on!
Gigantitan: Lollipop! (He sucks on a statue) Bleugh! (He drops the statue and starts to cry) Lollipop! Ooh? (He picks up Adrien's bodyguard and start to sucks on him) Bleugh! (He throws the bodyguard away. The bodyguard lands on a tree and is covered in saliva)
August's mother: August!
Marinette: Stay out of danger, ma'am. Ladybug and Cat Noir will be here any moment now and save your little August.
(She gets the mother to safety. Meanwhile, Adrien hides behind the wall of the Trocadéro)
Plagg: Aww. i was just about to take a cheese break!
Adrien: Oh, don't be such a baby, Plagg!

[ Transformation Sequence ]
Adrien: Plagg, claws out! (Adrien transforms into Cat Noir)

(Alya, Juleka, Mylène, and Rose all gather in a group hug)
Rose: Girls, where is "Lotus"? (Alya, Juleka, and Mylène all stare at her in confusion) Marinette, where is she?! (The girls all run to find Marinette) Hey look!
(Gigantitan notices that the girls and he's about to grab one of them but they all run)
Gigantitan: Lollipop! (He's about to follow the girls when he suddenly hears the sound of a bell)
Cat Noir: Well, you're the biggest rugrat I've ever seen.
(He leaps up when Gigantitan is about to grab him)
Gigantitan: Kitty!
Cat Noir: Let's go splish-splash, mega baby. (jumps down to the ground) You can't catch me! (Gigantitan starts to follow him) Let get our feet nice and wet. So you can't squish anyone, okay?
(Behind a pillar, Marinette notices Cat Noir is luring Gigantitan away)
Marinette: Bring him to the river where there's nothing to destroy. Nice move, Cat Noir!
Tikki: Looks like that romantic outing with Adrien is on hold.
Marinette: We'll be pausing with an epic battle with Cat Noir instead.

[ Transformation Sequence ]
Marinette: Tikki, spots on! Ha! (Marinette transforms into Ladybug)

Gigantitan: Lolli! (He grabs Cat Noir and is about to suck on him)
Ladybug: Well, hey there kitty cat. I see that you're not a natural with kids, are you?
Cat Noir: Are you kidding? We're just playing a fun game of tag! (Using his staff, he escapes from Gigantitan's hands and lands next to Ladybug)
Ladybug: The akuma must be in his bracelet. (She throws her yo-yo to tie the string around Gigantitan's hands)
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) Gigantitan, watch out for the very naughty Ladybug!
(Gigantitan lift his hands up and throws Ladybug up to the top of the Trocadéro roof)
Cat Noir: Well! How about that? You're not a natural with kids either. Nice flying.
Ladybug: Ha-ha! For your information, I never babysat anything heavier than ten tons.
(Gigantitan is about to grab Ladybug, but Cat Noir pulls her away)
Gigantitan: Kitty!
(Ladybug notices the bracelet. She's about to grab it, but Gigantitan once again throws her off. She lands on the ground.)
Ladybug: Change of plans! To calm the baby down, just put him in a playpen.
Cat Noir: And exactly where are we going to found a playpen his size?
Ladybug: The Eiffel Tower! We'll pen him up in there with my yo-yo string. We'll sing him some lullabies. You know some, don't you? We can read him a bedtime story! Make cooing noises. (cooing) Then when he's getting sleepy...BAM! You'll be using your Cataclysm to destroy his bracelet!
Cat Noir: Interesting idea, my Lady. But how are we going to get him there? Don't you have a simpler plan? How about your Lucky Charm?
Ladybug: If this is too complicated, just copy what I do.
Cat Noir: Um?
(Ladybug and Cat Noir both leap out of the way before Gigantitan could grab them)
Ladybug: Yoohoo!
Cat Noir: Over here, little guy! (Gigantitan follows Ladybug and Cat Noir) Once we get him to his playpen, I'll sing him a lullaby.
Ladybug: Um, we want to calm the baby down. Not burst his eardrums.
Cat Noir: What? I have a great voice, you know? I'll meow you a serenade one of these days. (Ladybug chuckles at him)
Gigantitan: Lollipop! Lollipop! (He stops following the heroes when he notices the lollipop truck)
Ladybug: Hey!
Cat Noir: Over here!
Ladybug: Hey, over here! Big baby!
Cat Noir: This way!
Ladybug: We're losing him, Cat Noir!
(Cat Noir runs off to find something)
Gigantitan: Lollipop! (He accidentally crushes the lollipop truck with his bare hand. He's about to cry when he suddenly hears a car honking. He looks down to see Cat Noir honking the horn of the Agreste car.) Kitty! (Cat Noir comes out so that Gigantitan can play with the car) Vroom! (In his lair, Hawk Moth growls in annoyance for Gigantitan's constant distraction.) Vroom! Vroom!
Cat Noir: I like playing with cars when I was a kid too.
Gigantian: (pushes the car to the direction of the Eiffel Tower) Vroom! Vroom!
Ladybug: Look! He's going to the playpen all by himself! Good job, kitty!
(Cat Noir chuckles very nervously. But when he sees that Ladybug have left, he follows her)

Scene: Eiffel Tower.

Hawk Moth: (from his lair) No! Stop playing! Attack the kitty cat and Ladybug!
Gigantitan: Vroom!
Hawk Moth: Oh no!
(Ladybug and Cat Noir runs towards the Eiffel Tower)
Ladybug: Here we go! (She uses her yo-yo string to pen up Gigantitan. Cat Noir whistles in amazement when she actually manages to trap the villain. He claps at her when she comes back next to him. But Gigantitan pulls on the string and causes the Eiffel Tower to be cut by it) Hurry, Cat Noir! Use your Cataclysm!
Cat Noir: At your command, my Lady! Cataclysm!
(Cat Noir leaps to use his Cataclysm on the bracelet, but Gigantitan throws him out of the way before he can do it. And with Gigantitan's enormous strength, Ladybug's yo-yo string ended up slice the Eiffel Tower into pieces.)

Scene: Pont des Arts bridge. Alix is still waiting for her cue for Marinette's plan.

Alix: (groans) Did she take the rickshaw ride with Adrien or not? (She notices that André have already finish making the ice cream, which causes her to groan even more)
(Alix and André suddenly heard Cat Noir screaming. They look up to see him crash-land onto the ice cream stand. Cat Noir notices that André is still holding the ice cream in surprise)
Cat Noir: I hear your ice cream is the best in Paris, André. (He's about to eat the ice cream when his Cataclysm accidentally destroy it instead)
André: Um? Thank you, Cat Noir.
(Cat Noir uses his staff so he can go back to the Eiffel Tower)

Scene: Seine. Ladybug is being pulled by Gigantitan.

(Ladybug holds onto a lamppost)
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) Turn around! Look at the mean Ladybug! Grab her!
Gigantitan: (turns around) Lollipop! (He picks up the lamppost)
Ladybug: Hey, silly baby! This is not a delicious lollipop! (She screams when she's about to be suck)
Alya: Woohoo! Super size!
(Gigantitan turns around to see Alya riding the rickshaw. Mylène, Juleka, and Rose are all sitting on the passenger seat and each hold onto the fake parking sign)
Rose: Hold on tight, Ladybug!
Ladybug: Thanks, girls!
(Gigantitan drops Ladybug so he could follow the girls)
Gigantitan: Lollipop!
(Ladybug dodges the falling lamppost)
Hawk Moth: No! Don't let the Ladybug get away! (He loses his temper)
(Cat Noir appears next to Ladybug)
Cat Noir: Quick! We don't have much time left! (Cat Noir's ring alarm sounds, alerting them that he only has one minute left)
Ladybug: Okay! Enough with complicated plans. Sometimes it's best to just get straight with the point. Lucky Charm! (A gift wrap appears) Gift wrap?
Cat Noir: Great! Now figure something out so we can wrap this up.
(Ladybug sees another lamppost, Cat Noir's bell, and the gift wrap)
Ladybug: Got it!
(Gigantitan is chasing the rickshaw around the Trocadéro)
Alya: (pants) Girls...I can't do it anymore! (The girls all jump out of the rickshaw) Run!
Gigantitan: Lollipop! (He sucks onto the fake sign. Disgusted, he throws it away and start to cry again. He suddenly hear Cat Noir's bell dinging.)
Cat Noir: Who wants a nice tasty lollipop?
(The wrapping paper is wrap around the lamppost to made it looks like a lollipop)
Gigantitan: Lollipop!
(He walks toward the "lollipop". He opens the wrapping to reveal Ladybug)
Ladybug: You heard of the Trojan Horse. Now make a Parisian lollipop! (She unhook the bracelet on Gigantitan's wrist. She breaks it to reveal the akuma) No more evil-doings for you, little akuma. Time to be de-evilize! (She captures the akuma and purifies it.) Gotcha! Bye bye, little butterfly. Miraculous Ladybug!
(The Miraculous light fixes all the damage caused, including André's ice cream and the Eiffel Tower. Gigantitan turns back into August, and Cat Noir catches him from falling.)
August: Kitty!
Ladybug: Okay, you are a natural with babies after all. (Cat Noir chuckles at her)
August's mother: August! (She runs to get her son)
August: Mama!
Ladybug: (gasps when her earrings ring) We better get going. Bye bye, little guy. (Ladybug and Cat Noir both leave to detransform)
August's mother: Thank you, Cat Noir! Thank you, Ladybug!
August: Thank you!

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair.

Hawk Moth: Ladybug and Cat Noir, Gigantitan may not be big enough for the job, but I promise that my next victim will be more than you can handle!

Scene: The Trocadéro. Marinette meet up with her friends again.

Marinette: Hey guys!
(Her friends all chuckle with happiness)
Rose: Marinette!
Juleka: That was weird.
Mylène: I was so worried about you!
Alya: Where were you!
Marinette: I was worried too. I look all over for you guys. I'm so glad everything's work out okay.
Alya: Aww, except your date with Adrien.
Mylène: Oh yeah. Where did he go?
Rose: Oh! There he is!
Alya: Maybe we can finish this job after all.
Juleka: Awesome.
Marinette: No. No more complicated plans. Sometimes it's best to just get straight with the point. (Adrien is about to walk to the car) Adrien!
Adrien: Marinette! What are you doing here?
(Alya, Juleka, Mylène, and Rose are all hiding behind a pillar)
Mylène: Is she going to do it?
Rose: It's just like a romantic movie!
Marinette: I came here to do some sketching! (holds out her sketch pad) I can't believe we run into each other here! Hey, would you like to—?(She and Adrien both hear his bodyguard is honking the car honk in annoyance) Hang pout? I mean, hang about? No, hag out? (The bodyguard groans again) Oh, forget it. (chuckles) Better not get your guard waiting.
Adrien: Um, okay? (Marinette sighs when she realizes she still can't ask Adrien out. Her friends are all annoyed at her as well) But we can take you home if you want it.
(Marinette's friends are all fill with glee again)
Rose: Whew...
Juleka: Alright!
Marinette: No, it's okay! I'll take a coleslaw home. Thanks!
(Marinette's friends are all annoyed at her again)
Adrien: Okay... enjoy your meal, then. See you at school tomorrow!
Marinette: (waves at Adrien) Why did I say "no"! I'm so lame! I could have ridden home with him in his car!
Alya: At least you manage to get a sentence out without losing your cool.
Rose: One sentence out of three! Not bad!
Mylène: You'll get there in the end.
Juleka: Sure will.
Marinette: Thanks girls. (Behind her, Alix throws the rose petals at her)
Alix: Don't tell me "Buttercup" left the flowerbed with the "nanny".
Alya: Yeah. But it's all good. (She signals Théo for a rickshaw ride) Come on, BFF, let's take ride on the "coleslaw"!
Marinette: Please tell me I didn't say that!
Mylène: Yeah!
(The girls all laugh in amusement)


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