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The flute is the tool of the Fox Miraculous. The akumatized villain Volpina uses an identical flute as her weapon.


As depicted in the Miraculous spellbook, the flute is long enough to be used like a staff, and it appears to be made out of a reed. It is orange with white stripes, resembling a red fox's colors, with holes along one side.


Volpina's flute

Volpina LQ (502)

Volpina surrounded by illusions and playing her flute to create another illusion.

When Volpina plays the flute in the episode of the same name, it creates a glowing orange orb of energy at the end. Using the flute, she can throw the orb into the air or at a particular object to create an illusion that vanishes once it is touched.

Rena Rouge's flute

The real flute in "Sapotis" has the same abilities as Volpina's, but Rena Rouge's flute can only create one illusion opposed to Volpina's many illusions. After the flute has been used the Miraculous starts to time out but Volpina's didn't. Similar to Cat Noir's staff and Ladybug's yo-yo, she also uses her flute in hand to hand combat and when not in use she keeps her flute attached to her back.




  • This specific kind of flute is a reed-pipe or a "pipeau" in French.
    • The choice of naming could be a reference to the phrase "jouer du pipeau" (to play the reed-pipe), meaning "to lie."[1]
  • The version of the flute displayed with Rena Rouge at the 2017 New York Toy Fair is shorter than the reed flute displayed in the Miraculous spellbook.[2]



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