Episode list

Season 1: May 2016

N° US French Title Episode Airdate Aired on
1 3 "Climatika" "Stormy Weather" May, 2016 RTS
2 5 "L'Imposteur"
(The Imposter)
"Copycat" May, 2016 RTS
3 4 "Chronogirl" "Timebreaker" May, 2016 RTS
4 7 "Lady Wifi" "Lady Wifi" May, 2016 RTS
5 18 "Jackady"
(Jack Says)
"Simon Says" May, 2016 RTS
6 2 "M. Pigeon" "Mr. Pigeon" TBD RTS
7 21 "Numéric"
"Pixelator" TBD RTS
8 8 "Le Dessinateur"
(The Sketcher)
"The Evillustrator" TBD RTS
9 9 "Rogercop" "Rogercop" TBD RTS
20 20 "Guitar Vilain" "Guitar Villain" TBD RTS

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