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Christelle Abgrall was a co-director on Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[1][2] She left the show on January 11, 2017.[3]


Christelle studied at Gobelins, graduating in 2005, specializing in animation, storyboarding, and character design.[4]

Prior to her work with Miraculous, Christelle staffed at Ankama on Wakfu (with Wilfried Pain). Other shows she has done jobs for are A.T.O.M, season 2 Blaise le Blasé (Fred's Head), Rekkit Rabbit and Lolirock.[4]


  • According to her Tumblr account, she is 35.[1]
  • Christelle lives in Paris.
  • She has been drawing since childhood.
    • When she was little, Christelle wrote a fanzine manga called Brebis or not Brebis (Sheep or not Sheep) with her friends.[4]
  • Christelle draws both digitally and traditionally.
    • She uses her iMac, Wacom Intuos 3 tablet, and Photoshop to draw digitally. For traditional work, she uses a sketchbook and watercolor.[4]

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