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We have to get to the Eiffel Tower for dress rehearsal. If you wait any longer, you'll be jeopardizing the entire production.

—Chris, "The Mime"

Chris is a pantomime performer who performs alongside Fred Haprèle.


Physical appearance

Chris is tall with red orange hair and pale blue eyes.

Civilian attire

He wears a black derby hat, a dark bluish gray dress jacket over a pale green shirt, dark blue jeans, and black dress shoes.


Chris is envious of not having the lead role, and he willingly uses underhanded tricks to take it for himself, lying to lead actor Fred and manager Sarah in the process. As soon as the Mime comes after him in revenge, Chris becomes cowardly and regretful. While he was conniving, Chris realizes his mistake, he admits it to everyone, and he works to make amends with the people he wronged.


Chris is talented at pantomiming.



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