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Recurring quotes

Ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous!

—Chloé's Catchphrase

Dont let the door hit you on the way out!
Pollen, buzz on!
Pollen, buzz off!
Pound it!

Season 1

The Bubbler

Wait! Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? Don't tell me it's Adrien's birthday!
It's for Adrien. His first slow dance!
Forget about [the party-goers]. Let's go dance, come on!

Mr. Pigeon

[Marinette]? Win the contest? As if. When Adrien sees my design, he’ll convince his father to award me the winner.
And ruin these nails? Of course not. Daddy'll pay someone to do [the work].
Um, hi Mr. Agreste. I'm Chloé Bourgeois. You know my father, André Bourgeois, the Mayor?
No fair! Marinette copied my design! It's scandalous; how could you do that?


Adrikins, whatcha got there? Some super-old case or something?
If it's Alix's [watch], it's probably worthless.
As if! I totally had nothing to do with this.

Lady Wifi

Hey there! Hi! You look totally fab! Uh, no, not you. Hey, it's still a month from Halloween, you know!
Uh... up too late DJ-ing, Nino? Obviously you didn't get your beauty sleep.
My locker is my secret garden! He who enters uninvited burglarizes my inner being and steals my life force!
Only my very soul [was stolen]!

The Evillustrator

Ooh! Look, Sabrina! It's [Nathaniel] as a superhero! And look who he's saving — it's Marinette! He is so totally crushing on you, Marinette!
Not only am I Sabrina's best friend, I'm her only friend; so she better do what I say, 'cause without me, she has nothing.
Yeesss! Ladybug just said I'm adorable! I totally need a picture of the two of us together!
Sit, kitty! Now, make it sound purr-fect for my presentation. See what I did? I made a cat joke! Ah! I can be funny.
"Boo-hoo-hoo! I'm so sorry, miss, but after what happened in the library, I simply couldn't work on my project! It would've been too... traumatic! Just look what it's done to my... my... hair!" ...Oh, please. Who's going to believe that?! Even a stupid hairdryer couldn't make me look bad.
Ah! My Chanel dresses! My Todelan heels! You're... you're a monster!
It's not true! Everyone adores me!


I wonder how many croissants your dad would have to sell to buy you one of these? What am I saying? He'd have to sell the whole store!
Good! Let's call Ladybug! I'm sure she'll actually do something!
Excuse me, Mr. Rogercop! I know that Marinette girl is the one who stole my bracelet. She must be arrested!
Go, Ladybug, go!

Dark Cupid

That's not what this [signing] is. This is a petition against cruelty to hamsters. Have you seen some of the ugly sweaters they're forced to wear? It's appalling.
Keep dreaming all you want, girls, but the boy is mine.
Uh, she's not crying enough!!
Wait 'til everyone gets a load of this!
No offense, Kim, but my heart's saved for someone more awesome than you.
Don't you just hate how harsh love can be???
Ugh! I never said 18-karat gold! Those gold tones will never match my 24-karat toilet! Idiots!
That's Adrien, a super-hot guy in my class. And rich, too! He's hot for me, of course.
My hair! There is nothing worse in this world than a bad hair day! First, Ladybug wrinkles my new jacket! Second, you totally ruined my hair! Just go ahead and just change me already! This day can't get any worse!!!


And the Oscar for best pathetic scaredy-cat, afraid of its own shadow, goes to... Mylène!
Always trying to save the day, aren't you, Marinette? Good luck finding the filthy hole that scaredy-cat's hiding in!
Oh, who cares who wrote what? We got to film this thing!
I'm not scared of that Horrificator thingy, Officer Whatever-Your-Name-Is. Now kiss me!!
Then let's just make Agent Smith a nurse instead! That'll fix everything.
How brilliant am I? Even that dimwit Marinette liked the idea.
Hey, wait a minute! Marinette never likes my ideas. I think you've all been duped!
Cut! I knew it! [...] Well played, Marinette! All that speech about working together, then you stab me right in the back!
We're way better off on our own than sticking with the others. Why would we stay with the group when we could just hide out on our own?
It's a good thing I come up with brilliant ideas like this. [...] We can just relax, and let Cat Noir and Ladybug do all the hard work.
Ladybug! It's me, Chloé Bourgeois!


I've watched how my daddy wins every election, and I'm going to follow in his footsteps. I know just how to win!
The secret to winning in politics is ruining your opponent's reputation!
Wow! You can actually accomplish something when you put my mind to it!
Remarkable. You actually sound like a class rep. Too bad you don't have a chance of winning.
I guess we'll find out [Marinette's secrets] as soon as I get my hands on a chainsaw.
If indeed you vote for me, I'll provide you with an answer. Tomorrow.

Princess Fragrance

I thought someone packed a tuna fish sandwich, but it turns out that it's Rose's perfume.
What kind of stuffed animal is this? Who left this here? The Prince will never have seen one like this before, and when he lays eyes on me, Prince Ali will forget all about those sick kids.
[To Rose] You thought I was serious?! You think I wanna get anywhere near this fish funk?
"Here's a gift for the sick children, Prince. Oh, it's nothing, really! Stop flattering me, ahahahahahaha!" No, "Ahaha-hahaha!" There. That's better!
Pizza...? Eugh, don't get that peasant food anywhere near me!
Ahahahahaha, you're flattering me. It is so kind of me though, isn't it?
What?! That [smell]'s not me! [...] It—It is me! Ewww!
Prince Ali, you're safe! Aren't you glad I'm safe, too? So, shall we continue where we left off?

Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)

So why don't you just go and sit beside that new girl over there? Listen, Adrien's arriving today, and since that's going to be his seat, this is going to be my seat. Get it?
Can you believe [Marinette] doesn't know who Adrien is? What rock have you been living under?
What're you gonna do, super-newbie [Alya]? Shoot beams at me with your glasses?

Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)

Once a monster, always a monster!
Look out, [Alya]'s angry! She's going to split her underwear and turn into a huge muscly monster!
The brats that sat here yesterday need a little attitude adjustment. I'm just commanding a bit of respect, that's all.
You have no idea who you're dealing with. My daddy, the Mayor, will bring in the police, the army, the entire cavalry!
Ugh. All this lovey-dovey stuff is making me sick.
Help! I promise I'll be nice to everyone, say please and thank you all—I didn't promise.


Oh, look what the cat dragged in. Let me handle this, Adrien. Watch and learn. Excuse me... Excuse me!! You can't be a guest at this hotel! My father only allows the most important celebrities, like me.
Moi? Oh my, you're flattering me!! Keep going!
You mean we're stuck here? Just... just the two of us?
Ladybug! Remember me? Your biggest fan? Please, please get us out of here. It's terrible in here! I mean, it's only terrible when you're not around[, Adrien].
Scared, moi? As if! No way!

Guitar Villain

Hi, Adrikins! There you are! Amazing Chloé has got a surprise for you! She knows you're a fan of Jagged Stone!
Is Chloé the best, or is Chloé the best?

Kung Food

Oh look who it is! My favorite person, Marinette Dupain-Cheng. I mean, seriously? Does your mom's uncle really expect to win the contest with a soup!? It's not even a main dish! Please! Doesn't he know how to make sushi like everyone else?
Do you have to tie me up above this foul-smelling liquid? My designer clothes are going to stink of grease!
Seriously? Still making soup? I told you I hate soup! You think the jury is going to approve of this?


Look Sabrina, they're up front in the baby seats! Go on, rugrats! Don't forget to take your thumbs out of your mouths!!
Wait just one minute!! I'm supposed to be in the middle row, right next to Adrien. Preferably the center. Look, we're the same size!
Aha! Caught red-handed, Marinette Dupain-Cheng! The principal will love my video of you snooping around his office!
Ha! You can keep the phone! I'll just buy another one!
What in the — do you realize how much my outfit cost?!?
Like I'd want to be part of their stupid photo anyway!


Ugh, I haven't got a thing to wear! Those [shoes] are too pink, those were so last season, these didn't cost nearly enough, and those are never in season! Ugh, I hate all of these!
It wasn't [Mylène], it's—it's some invisible mystical thing, like a leprechaun or a unicorn without the horn.
Ladybug! I knew you'd come to save me! You know, considering what good friends we are!
I never have run-ins with anyone. Everybody absolutely loves me.
That's the problem! You never know anything! That crocodile has a larger brain than you! Get out; I never want to see you again!
I don't see anyone; [Sabrina] must be invisible! As far as I'm concerned, she doesn't even exist!
The akuma has to be in the designer pin I bought [Sabrina]. She's wearing it on her sweater, such an unfortunate, ugly sweater. It was a gift from me.
You're calling me a liar? How dare you?! I was your hugest fan, but not anymore! You don't deserve my devotion! Ugh!
You can count on me, Hawk Moth! There will only be one heroine in Paris. Me, Antibug!
Hahahahaha! What[, Ladybug]? You're going to defeat me with marbles? Child's play.
See? You're nothing without your Cat Noir!
I might reconsider. [...] I might just have to stay your most devoted fan after all!


Why did Jagged Stone write a song about Lila when he could've written it about me?!

Season 2

The Collector

This is a terrible tragedy!
Adrien's never coming back to school. Ever!

Despair Bear

Do they seriously think I'm going to get my hands dirty, cooking like some maid?
I'm not sure my father will react kindly to me being punished without any proof.
Can't you see I'm trying to relax here? Go sweep somewhere else, Cinderella.
They all seemed to enjoy getting dirty making cookies. How's it any different than getting dirty cleaning floors? They should be thanking me, if anything.
Adrien says I have to be nice to everyone or he won't be my friend anymore. How can he do this to me, Jean-Michel?
You really expect me to let their cheeks touch mine?
I'm not your servant.
Let go, you evil dork! You're messing up my hair!
Hey, I was really nice just then. Did you see? No? You're all so lame.
Without me, Ladybug and Cat Noir would never have succeeded. I'm even better than you superheroes.
I'm suddenly feeling very generous. I think that thing of yours about being nice might actually make some sense.
Unhh! Too disgusting for comment.


Thank you all for coming. You can go home now.
Your "Ladybug" has arrived!
I know. I'm breathtaking.
What?! You want me to be a mere...extra?! Ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous!
I'm going to call Mom and tell her how all my dreams have been crushed!
No more dancing, no more singing today; the nightingale can spread her wings, and fly away! Oh! Did you hear that? I made a rhyme! How talented am I?
Dancing and making rhymes? And why not play the trumpet too, while you're at it?


All that stuff about compliments and love? Ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous!
Of course I have a heart! Daddy will even buy me a second one, if I want.
Is it my fault if I'm better than all of you?
People need to stop invading my personal space!
I forgot your birthday, once again. And when I saw everyone had prepared a gift for you, I totally lost it. Because I, too, would've liked to offer you something. I'm sorry, Miss Bustier.


Of course I've got a project: a unique masterpiece that will revolutionize the art world. Nothing you commoners would have come up with.
What?! No! That's ridiculous! Utterly... Ridiculous! You don't deserve my art anyway.

Style Queen (Queen's Battle - Part 1)

Oh Mom, if you only knew what a great team we made. We fired a bunch of incompetents; it was awesome! We should really spend more time together.

Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2)

From now on I'll be your new superhero, Queen Bee!
Uggh! There's nothing exciting going on in this city; no one to save!
If you want it done right... you have to do it yourself!
Come ASAP; I'm about to rescue the passengers of a Métro that's in peril. You've got to film this!
Passengers, have no fear. Watch Queen Bee in action; you can thank me later.
Oh, Ladybug, you're too kind. This was teamwork. Oh, how amazing is this?! We're a team now!
Who cares [if I endangered them]? We saved them, didn't we?
You can count on me, Hawk Moth. I'll teach them to respect me!
Your reign is over, Ladybug and Cat Noir!
A ladybug doesn't stand a chance against the queen of wasps!
Ladybug? Cat Noir?... I'm sorry.
Why don't you love me, Mom?
I don't have one single friend in school except for Sabrina, but she doesn't realize that I'm just using her. My favorite hobby is giving Jean-Eudes a hard time.


Ugh, you're all a bunch of losers!... Except you, Adrikins.
You will pay for your insulting remarks, Dupain-Cheng!
[Marinette] got the whole class to gang up on me. They all have to pay!
What’s the use of this stupid sash you're wearing if you can’t actually use power?
What kind of daddy are you if you can’t even give me what I want?
Hey there, losers! I'm headed to New York with my mom. I'm leaving you all behind in your pathetic little school and your pathetic little city. Adieu!
Ugh! How would Ladybug get out of this ridiculous situation?
It— it was me. I hurt my daddy's feelings.
I have no reason to be here: nobody likes me; I have no friends. I'm… useless.
It's easy for you to say [nobody is useless]. You're Ladybug, a superhero. You serve a purpose.
Oh! I'm so embarrassed. [My] film's ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. I realize that now.
I won't disappoint you this time, Ladybug.
Don't worry[, Ladybug]. I've been practicing since forever.
Here I am, Daddy! I'm sorry I hurt your feelings the way I did.
Being a superhero isn't only about fixing messes.


A Christmas Special

Merry Christmas, Marinette! But I hate your guts, don't you forget.

Miraculous: Tales from Paris


Of course, you couldn't afford to buy a designer dress like me. I'd show it to you, but I don't want you to drool all over it with envy.

Miraculous Adventures

Issue 2

Help! I've been swallowed by a too fresh piece of sushi!
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