Oh, that's not Camembert... But it is very shiny. I like shiny, hmm!

Plagg, "Rogercop"

Chloé's bracelet is an expensive bracelet owned by Chloé Bourgeois.


The bracelet is golden with blue jewels and a swirly pattern engraved into it.




  • RC S01EP09 (185)

    A sketch of the bracelet by Nathaniel.

    In "Rogercop", Plagg plays with the bracelet in Chloé's school bag, and the bracelet gets stuck on his head. Not knowing what actually happened, Chloé accuses Marinette of stealing her bracelet.
  • Chloé brags to Marinette that the value of the bracelet would be around the entire value of Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie.
  • Nathaniel draws the bracelet in "Rogercop". A larger version of the drawing briefly appears in "Dark Cupid" on a display board that Nathaniel has.


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