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The cane is the tool of the Moth Miraculous.
The current user of it is Gabriel Agreste, who uses it as the villain Hawk Moth.


The cane is dark indigo and smooth. There is a round stone with black lines within a cylinder on top.
The sword inside the cane is silver, with the round stone and cylinder being its handle's tip.



The original akuma, after duplicating, entering the top sphere of the cane.

The stone on the cane can hold an akuma if its object is destroyed but the akuma isn't purified, as Hawk Moth does with the akuma used for Ivan in "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)". Once the original victim is vulnerable again, as seen with Ivan in the next episode, Hawk Moth releases the akuma.
In "Robustus", the cane is revealed to contain a hidden blade, making it a swordstick.



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  • Canne de combat, translated from French to cane fighting, is a martial arts style created in France. Hawk Moth has displayed a few the techniques involved when he spins his cane before slamming it on the ground.


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