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Season 1

Lady Wifi

I'm very pleased with how you all did on your last assignment. Some of you have really stepped up, and I do appreciate it. Now it's time to move on to our next assignment.
Marinette, if you're going to come late, would you please do it discretely?
Everyone, for your own safety, go directly home right now! And don't forget to read chapters four and five!


Please, gentlemen! This is a school here! Think of the children!

Dark Cupid

In most fairy tales, the prince breaks the spell by kissing the princess.
Now, everyone, don't forget to finish Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault tonight, and happy Valentine's day, students!


Chloé is running for the class representative position and Sabrina will be her deputy. Do we have any other candidates?
Wonderful! You'll need to develop your campaign and have a speech ready by tomorrow. We'll have the vote then.
By majority vote, Marinette is the new class representative, and Alya will be her deputy.

Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)

Nino, Why don't you have a seat in the front row this year?
For those of you who don't yet know me, I'm Miss Bustier. I'll be your teacher this year.
Those of you who have P.E., Mr. D'Argencourt is expecting you at the stadium. The rest of you can head over to the library.


Ms. Bourgeois, behave yourself!
Miraculous holders

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/LadybugAdrien Agreste/Cat NoirMaster Fu



Main villains

Hawk Moth

Other characters

Alix KubdelAlya CésaireAurore BeauréalChloé BourgeoisIvan BruelJuleka CouffaineLê Chiến Kim
Lila RossiManon ChamackMax KantéMylène HaprèleNathaniel KurtzbergNino LahiffeRose LavillantSabrina Raincomprix


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