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If you're going to come late, would you please do it discretely?

—Caline, "Lady Wifi"

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Miss Caline Bustier[1] is a teacher at Collège Françoise Dupont.[2] She teaches French literature, poetry and other languages.[3]


Physical appearance

Caline is tall and light-skinned. She has dark red hair, which she pulls back in a high bun. Her eyes are teal, she has thin pink lips and freckles.

Civilian attire

She wears a light blue jacket with a teal collared shirt and white undershirt beneath, she wears a pair of white earrings and she has a small golden necklace dangling from her neck. She also wears light blue pants and white dress shoes.


Caline is pleasant and instructive. She is kind to her students, but stern with them if they misbehave, and she will send them to Mr. Damocles' office if she thinks it's necessary. When André Bourgeois is upset at her when Chloé loses her bracelet in "Rogercop", she is indignant at the rebellion. However, if a villain or another threat appears, Caline gets nervous, as seen when Rogercop questions her, and will suggest to her students that they leave if it becomes potentially dangerous, as seen in "Lady Wifi".




  • While Caline looks like Lucille from A Monster in Paris, no one who designed Caline ever saw A Monster in Paris and their similarities are entirely coincidental.[4]


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