"Brand New Day" is a song in "A Christmas Special" that Cat Noir sings about his sadness on Christmas. At the end of the song, after he turns back to normal, he is joined by Plagg.


Cat Noir:
I'm cold and alone, I don't want to be in pain
All that anger was all in vain
I need to go back home to try and find a way
Tomorrow will be a brand new day

Cat Noir (speaking):
Let's go home now. Plagg, claws out.
Plagg? Plagg!?

I wish that I can help you, to assist with your transformation
But I can't Adrien, don't you see?
I'm tired and distress, I got nothing to digest
I'm weak and I'm running out empty

Cat Noir:
Être seul dans ce froid ne me fait aucun bien
Ruminer ma colère ça n'a servi à rien
J'aimerais m'en aller retrouver mon foyer
Ça y ira mieux demain, je le sais

Cat Noir (speaking):
Rentrons à la maison. Plagg, détransforme-moi
Plagg? Plagg!?

J'aimerais pouvoir t'aider oui t'aider à te transformer
Mais regarde-moi bien, je n'y peux rien
Je suis fatigué mon ventre est affamé
Je suis épuisé, je n'peux plus avancer

Cat Noir:
Being alone in this cold doesn't do me any good
Dwelling on my anger is useless
I would like to go away, to return to my home
Everything will be better tomorrow, I know

Cat Noir (speaking):
Let's go back home. Plagg, claws out.
Plagg? Plagg!?

I would like to be able to help you, yes, help you transform
But look at me, I can't
I'm exhausted, my stomach is hungry
I'm tired, I can't go on anymore

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