• Archangel999

    Why I Hate Chloe

    December 10, 2016 by Archangel999

    *sigh* Let Me answer your first question: I Don’t know, I don’t know why! Really , I just want someone any one to tell me how childish I am, because now my hate is other fictional characters *chough* Raven Branwen*chough* But, sure why not that’s what I cause I could care less if I am late to the party, because I want this out my chest, Why I like… well everyone else hates her, and groan every time she so much as so up on screen , but please to anyone who disagrees with Please just do it because I really want a reason to like her considering what going to happen in season 2  I really want to love her because she has done NOTHING! Urggh, let’s get this over with.

    Chloe:  Ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous!

    What can I possibly say about The Mayor’s Daug…

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  • Littlecharmersfan
    • ======Juleka Couffaine/Shadowette ======
    • Abilites - Shadowette is able to shoot rays from the jewel she has on her right wrist, which transform people into a shadow figure and lose their personality. And take their shadow form into her shadow sack.
    • ======/Arkana======
    •  Abilities - Arkana   
    • ===Tom Dupain/Feng Zu===
    • Abilities -
    • ======Caline Bustier/Teach Freak======
    • Abilites -
    • ======Nadja Chamack/
    • ======Chris/Changer======
    • Abilities -
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  • Tansyflower

    Family Tree Fun

    December 1, 2016 by Tansyflower

    Family trees are a lot of fun, so I made some for the characters in the show that have two or more seen family members showing up so far. I don't know if these will be used farther, like in articles, but I had a lot of fun making them. Enjoy!

    (Credit for the templates to make these goes to Warriors Wiki, who have made a lot of complex family trees.)

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  • Popgirlbella

    Hey guys!!!! I'm going to start this by saying, I'M SO SORRY that I haven't been active lately!!! I've been super busy with school and end of year stuff, and just didn't have time to post anything!!! But yeah I'm here now, so with out of the way, I'll get started.

    So recently (or not so recently) there's been WAYYYY more spoilers!!! (And for me, a spoiler lover, that's like a dream come true.) And so for all those who HATE spoilers, I'm going to go ahead and say DON'T READ THIS!!! Ok? (Not saying that you shouldn't read my stuff or anything, 'cause you definitely should, but yeah, if you want to be surprised when Season 2 comes out, and all the spoiler things actually happen, stop reading now.)

    I'll start with the A special Christmas stuff.…

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  • Archangel999


    November 30, 2016 by Archangel999

    Hello Miraculars The Archangel I'm new Here , And for impessions sake And my new found love for Zag I have a question for those who have a Netflex account .

    What do think of Zag's Popples Reboot or as Iike to call it Zag's answer to My little Pony:Firendship is Magic

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  • Princess of Harte

    Zak Storm

    November 21, 2016 by Princess of Harte

    Hello, everyone!

    Do you want to experiene more from ZAG Animation but don't have Netflix to watch Popples or the patience for May 2017? Never you fear! On December 2, 2016 at 2:29 French time, Zak Storm will air.

    Jeremy hasn't said anything about it for some weird reason probably Miraculous but it's happening!

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  • Unknow2000

    Identity revealed

    November 19, 2016 by Unknow2000

    The thing most people want to see is the identity revealed, which i think will happened in season 2(Based in facts from season 1).

    I have seen a lot of comics that show their identity revealed to each other, but I don't think It will be anything like that. I think "it's time to reveal for the better" not because they want it but to make it easy for each other(they think) and with they I mean Adrian and Marrinete.

    And if it is possible that Ayla finds out first and if so what happens to the "ladyblogg"? and between Ayla and Marrinate?

    Facts: Episode LadyWifi: Marrinate says to Tikki that she will reveal her identity(But we only know that Tikki begins to says "are you sure?" like Marrinate already said something to Tikki before the scene began)…

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  • Unknow2000

    For some time now I was thinking about Kwami's sense and other things they can do.

    Like if Kwami's can sense each other then why would Plagg and Tikki not sense each other, I mean not in a way that Adrian and Marrinete would notice, or would we se it later on? What do you think?

    And do Kwami's have other small powers other then sense?

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  • Miraculous lovers32

    Hi ther did you guys know that in season 2 there will be: 

    1. Adriens mom will be appearing.

    2. the holder of the bee miraculous and peacok miraculous will be raveild.

    3. Adrien will have a realationship wuar.

    4. There will be tree 1 houer videos 1. a chrismes one 2. ladybug in japane 3. a halloween special.

    I hoppe every one gets too know me and plizz followe me for the latest miraculous uppdates and neaus see yaa bye

    = )​

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  • Annette224

    her new power

    November 9, 2016 by Annette224

    I know you may think I'm strange but, I hope's new powers could come with a new outfit, ya' know? new transformation could be totally cool!

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  • Zen shadow


    November 3, 2016 by Zen shadow

    do you think their is a dragon and phoenix Miraculouses-- 22:00, November 3, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Alexelsa

    Hi fandom

    November 3, 2016 by Alexelsa

    hi guys 

    i am new to this

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  • Stellaroo


    November 2, 2016 by Stellaroo

    Hi! I'm new in the series, and I'd like an advice of which episodes watch after I finnish with the first one (gonna try to avoid the filler episodes, I'm here for the beautiful action scenes I saw once) Could someone tell me? Thanks!

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  • Lilanette

    The Bee Miraculous

    October 31, 2016 by Lilanette

    This post will discuss multiple spoilers revealed at New York Comic-Con. Keep reading at your own risk. If you comment, please make sure to use the SpoilerButton and HideSpoiler templates in your comments.

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  • Miraculous girl 10

    Ok so we all know that these two have a thing for each other right so that's why i decided to write this article so we are all going nuts about when they find out who each other is . And when i say nuts i mean NUTS everybody has been begging for them to find out who each other are they even started making videos about them finding out who they really are and and falling in love and so on ..................... and then posting it on youtube for some time I decided to watch it but then i realized that the drawings were bad (no offence!!) and i hated the voices so I decided to continue watching season 1 but can you believe it I FINISHED THE WHOLE SEASON IN A DAY !!!!!!!!!!! and when i watched the very last part and when it suddenly finished a…

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  • Theoristshipper

    Hawkmoth theory!

    October 21, 2016 by Theoristshipper

    Okay so this is a theory I though up after looking at this fanart. (I'm sorry if this photo doesn't work, I'm new to this.) I don't really have any evidence but I thought it was interesting.

    So the theory goes that the Ladybug PV Felix and Marinette, are the previous generations Ladybug and Chat Noir. Felix was cold, and slightly cruel, while Marinette was happy and optimistic. (DUR) However during one of their battles, Marinette loses her memory, and adopts the name Sabrine Cheng. Felix was broken up after this, he was emotionally traumatized, he became even colder, he was heartless. Many years after she lost her memory, and they had gone their separate ways (Sabrine couldn't remember him.) Felix had changed his name To Gabriel Agreste and…

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  • Ladies of Miraculous

    New news

    October 14, 2016 by Ladies of Miraculous

    So there have been many theories but from the Miraculous ladybug NYCC panel the truth have come out oh and there are spoilers on this page Alya gets the fox Miraculous with it's kwami called Trix! Chloe certainly gets the bee miraculous and there is NO twin sister Amber that was just fan art.

    This season Hawk Moth will be replaced by 3 new villains. First we have Style Queen who people thought was an evil bee miraculous holder but no we were wrong, then we have the collector and guys I believe this is Gabriel Agrest because of the shape of his hair and also I don't believe Gabriel Agrest Hawk Moth like what. Anyway the 3rd villain will be Lapaoal she's the evil peacock miraculous holder. Also the peacock's kwami's name is doroo oh but wait…

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  • Buckmana

    I've been waiting months for Miraculous Ladybug to be released in my country's version of iTunes, but for some reason, the release has not been authorized.
    To explain, there is a rule in my country that the TV stations choose what shows are released to iTunes, if they don't authorize it, then that show is not made available for purchase.

    Miraculous Ladybug is the latest in a moderately long list of these shows.

    I think the reasoning behind this is they want viewers and if you are getting the show on iTunes, you aren't watching their channel, impacting their ratings.

    Ironically, I watched Miraculous on their web streaming service via my browser, so that premise fell apart very quick.
    But as the episodes are only hosted for a limited time with t…

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  • Melizabeth shiper

    Marichat 4 LIfe

    October 11, 2016 by Melizabeth shiper

    Clearly my fav ship is Marichat, what is yours? So since Marichat is "let's say the most "unworkable" ship' (Totally not my opinion) how do you think that it can become cannon? Will they be rejected by each other in their "purfect" forms (as Adrien and Ladybug) and then fall in love with each others opposite identeties or what? I saw on twitter that a ML fan asked if the balcony scene is a serios thing or just another one of the 'Need to save Paris' missions and the guy who posted it (forgot his name) said it's serious *fangirl attack once more*!!!!!

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  • Lilanette

    The Fox Miraculous

    October 9, 2016 by Lilanette

    All right, my blog on Tumblr has gone spoiler-free, so this is where I'll be discussing the spoilers revealed at New York Comic-Con.

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  • Evil-Tree

    Something I haven't been able to get out of my head is the resemblance of the Miraculous box, particularly the five Miraculous to the sides, to the pattern of an old Chinese concept, the Wu Xing. The Wu Xing was developed to explain a wide variety of phenomenon from cosmic cycles to how the body works using the phases fire, water, earth, metal and wood. (See the diagram to the left for an image of the Wu Xing) Note that phases is the proper term rather than elements as the Wu Xing describes movement of these phases and sees them as ever-changing while the four elements we're used to are seen as fixed material substances. In short it's less what they are and more what they do.

    As you can see the phases form a pentagon like in the box and som…

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  • Garamchoi

    On August 30, the musical adaptation of Miraculous Ladybug is announced in South Korea. It is titled Ladybug (레이디버그).

    It will be performed from November 4 to November 27 in Woori Art Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul. It is co-produced by SAMG Animation, S.M. Art Company,

    This show is weird IMO.

    Disclaimer: English isn't my first language.

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  • Luckyladybug


    September 26, 2016 by Luckyladybug

    Ok so the owner of the bee miraculous it is Amber Chioe's sister !!!! It is so cool that Chioe has a twin , but how and why did she not talk about her.Do she know about her? Only time will tell

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  • Fandomgirl31

    I love how the fandom is like "how can ladybug and chat noir not know each other's secret identities?! it's so obvious!!!" and then the bee miraculous holder comes in and the whole fandom is "it's Chloe! no, it's her sister! no it's some girl with blonde hair and blue eyes!'

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  • Raindrops on Roses

    Before I tell you guys, I just wanted to say that I got this information from one of Valory Pierce's videos, so credit goes to her and to her source :)

    It has been confirmed that, Chloe is the Queen Bee Miraculous holder!

    Personally, I think it will be very interesting to watch Chloe grow into a *hopefully* super hero along with Ladybug and Cat Noir. As Valory Pierce said, people can change, and I think the same goes for Chloe. I think it would be really nice if the cliche' "mean girl" could repent of her past wrong doings and befriend the protagonist. 

    What do you guys think?

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  • Chatnoir4life

    So many people believe that Chloe could certainly be the bee miraculous holder but  when you search " bee miraculous" you get how she looks but in the text it says that she has blue eyes and blond hair but we now who has those features but doesn't rose also have those features but it might Chloe but I don't know because this is just a theory a miraculous theory

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  • Shattering Crystal


    September 17, 2016 by Shattering Crystal

    Did This To earn  a badge

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  • Glace Noir

    Like seriously, Chloe should get the bee miraculous. We could see a totally different side to Chloe. She'll be brilliant, saving lives and protecting Paris, not to mention she'll look awesome doing it! What convinces me the most is that the bee miraculous is a hair pin/comb. A HAIR PIN/COMB!!!!!!!!! IT'S TOO PERFECT! NOTHING FREAKS CHLOE OUT MORE THAN HER HAIR BEING RUINED!

    Plus it"ll be a new twist to everything!

    There is a link to read more ideas on Chloe being the Bee Miraculous holder. Just check the description.G. Noir 21:12, September 14, 2016 (UTC)Glace Noir

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  • KyokoCat

    I like to see Nathaniel with the fox kwami!!!! Everytime I look at the fan art it always Nathaniel being the new hero!!! I love to see it in the next season!!

    Here the image I see all the time of Nathaniel being the new hero!!!

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  • Evil-Tree

    I've been enjoying the humorous, ranting, thoughtful and explanation giving captions put in the episodes galleries that I wanted to join in and turn this site into another have some fun. I don't know if my humour is shared here too so I'm posting them here and if people think they belong in the galleries proper I'll put them there. Stay tuned for future updates.

    EDIT: Looks like the comment section has been locked due to inactivity, only just noticed this. Don't know how to sort this whether I can alter this blog or make a new one from scratch so until then if you have only comments on these captions leave them on my message wall.

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  • Annabeth4136

    So I found out when season 2 will be released, an di really don't know if I can wait that long.  It should come out on May 2017, that a LONG time!!!!! So I don't think I can wait that long.


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  • Dragon Kwami16


    September 5, 2016 by Dragon Kwami16

    hey, I know this is unrelated, but does anyone have or have access to list of all the wikis out there? I just made a wiki and then had to close because I found a wiki of the same subject. I already looked on the community central but couldn't find anything. please help! (^~^)

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    TELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • JulianaC11

    Hi, I'm Juliana. So, I'm sorta new to this. I got facts that detect that Mr. Agreste isn't Hawkmoth. Here's why. On the Episode "Simon Say's" the akumatized villian got akumatized because Mr.Agreste refused to see his "Silly" act. So as you guys all know he got akumatized. So lets 
    asume that Mr.Agreste was REALLY Hawkmoth, would he really give powers to a person who wanted to destroy him? And to make things more interesting, Mr.Agreste himself was in that episode underattack. So you're telling me, that it was all an act and that he just didnt want to blow his cover? 
              Reply on the comments, cause I myself need answers too!
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  • Dragon Kwami16

    Miraculous holders

    August 31, 2016 by Dragon Kwami16

    hi! I, for one am interested in who the current/future miraculous holders are. I have a few theories, but they are the same as the general public, so I won't share them. I am very interested in who you might think thy are though. please have fun discussing this.

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  • LoveMarinette

    1 year anniversary

    August 28, 2016 by LoveMarinette

    Hey miraculers!On September 1st we will celebrate 1 year of Miraculous:Tales of Ladybug and Cat noir!So we will paint Ladybug's earrings on our right hand and Cat Noir's ring on our left!We will post on Twitter with a hashtag #1YearOfMiraculous so I was wondering who will post and celebrate 1 year of such a beautiful show;)

    Best Miraculous wishes, LoveMarinette

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  • LoveMarinette

    Hey,guys!So,while thinking of season 2 I was wondering what do you think about the new miraculouses holders are?Honestly?!I don't want Chloe or Alya to be one of them!Because: 1.Chloe is to mean she is thinking just for herself and the proof is right here-

    2.Alya is Marinette's best friend and we all know that all superheroes have a best friend who is a normal person-

    If you like my blog continue reading and if I have any wrongs or you just want to say something to me,leave a comment!You can also tell me in comments what do you want to read in my next blog post or leave a suggestion!

    Best Miraculous Wishes, LoveMarinette

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  • Miraculousthetalesofladybugandcatnoir

    Did you notice that everyone was saying that Gabriel is hawkmoth, or hawkmoth probably is Gabriel. Well they could be right for when you colourise the photo of hawkmoth before transformed in The orgin episode part one, the person looks like Gabriel and has the same or similar clothes to Gabriel. But what if Gabriel has a twin he could be hawkmoth. Maybe they both loved Mrs Agreste and that is why she left and when hawkmoth found his miraculous he used it to try and get ladybug and cat noir's miraculous so he can bring back Mrs Agreste and make her love him. This is my theory

    My top suspect is now Mr Agreste after watching the Christmas special because hawk moth appeared and Natalie said that Mr Agreste coincidence I think not

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  • LoveMarinette

    Hawk Moth Theory

    August 23, 2016 by LoveMarinette

    Hey miraculers!I was wondering what do you think about my theory?

    Hawk Moth is Gabriel Agreste and he wants to bring Mrs. Agreste back with the absolut power of the two miraculous! I honestly can't wait to find out if my theory is true!

    If you don't think Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth,just watch these episodes and pay attention: -Simone Says -Origins

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  • IrisIsBestPrincess


    August 21, 2016 by IrisIsBestPrincess

    I will be leaving this wiki for good. I will unfollow every page I followed from this wiki, to stop getting emails. Admins, please block me. I will never return. Goodbye

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  • LoveMarinette

    Chat Noir/Adrien

    August 18, 2016 by LoveMarinette

    He is Adrien Agreste,he's probally 14-15 years old.He studies at College Francoise-Dupont.He's in Mrs. Bustier class,Like Marinette.His best friend is Nino Lahiffe.Okay,this is his daily life,because when it's an akumatized attack he must transform into C(h)at Noir and help LadyBug!

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  • Digimaster1


    August 17, 2016 by Digimaster1 I made this after watching the Marinette in Paris webisode.  Hope you all enjoy.

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  • RosiePou12

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  • RosiePou12


    August 7, 2016 by RosiePou12
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  • Digimaster1

    So when I was watching the Miraculous Secrets: Marinette in Paris episode, I died laughing when she said that the Eiffel Tower is indestructible.  I'm trying to remember how many times it's been destroyed.  I could have sworn it was at least 3, but I can't remember any besides when Mime sliced it in half.  Anyone wanna help a brother out? I'm making a funny video and I NEED to know which episodes it gets destroyed (or parts of it like in Volpina due to Cat Noir's Cataclysm) so I can used those scenes.  

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  • LoveMarinette


    August 5, 2016 by LoveMarinette

    She is Marinette Dupain-Cheng & she's probally 14-15 years old.She studies at the College Francoise-Dupont.She is in Mrs. Bustier's class.Her best friend is Alya Cesaire.Okay,so this is her daily life,because when Hawk Moth akumatized an angry,sad or a humiliated man,she becomes LadyBug!

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  • Marrienette

    lila rossi

    August 4, 2016 by Marrienette
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  • Luna525


    July 29, 2016 by Luna525

    Hey guys! Luna back on the web where she belongs (and being somewhat regular now too! ;))! Anyway, my theory for today was inspired by a little day dreaming when I was VERY bored. For a while now, I have been trying to come up with a good theory for Ladybug and Chat Noir's weapons. I couldn't figure out how the phones got there. There are only two possibilities from the way I see things. One, (this is VERY unlikely) the phones have been there for over 5,000 years and Alexander Grahm Bell was the first to some-what understand it so he tried to make a model of Ladybug and Chat Noir's phones. That one is very dumb and would have too much explaining for the editiors to handle. So the second one makes more sense to me and for the show. My idea …

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  • Pixiebug123

    season 2

    July 27, 2016 by Pixiebug123
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  • Thereselovesyou

    Your community's fantasy food made it to Round 2 of Wikia's Battle of the Fantasy Foods bracket tournament! Rally your fellow fans and vote for Love Apples to win. The top four fantasy foods will be made in real-life and served at New York Comic-Con!


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