• Pof203

    Fanfiction ideas

    February 9, 2016 by Pof203

    I know there's not much episodes yet and I could be bringing spoilers, but I just had to write these down. So yell at me later. I just hope they're good.

    After hearing rumors of Ladybug, Cat Noir, Hawk Moth, and the villains, Yu and Yosuke go to Paris to learn more. But when Yu get's Akumitized, can Ladybug and Cat Noir save him with Yosuke or will this be the end of this adventure? And will Ladybug discover a new power when she finds herself in a strange blue room?

    There's an alternate plot to this story, but I don't want to bore you with the details.

    Hawk Moth is in Norsville and decides to Akumitize its people. However, there someone else who's already turning the people into monsters. It's the ultimate battle between two villains.

    France n…

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  • Chi of Darkness

    Hello. So I was wondering what everyone' s opinion is on Marinette decision to enter the video game tournament in The Gamer episode. Do you think she was selfish or that she had every right and Max is just not on the same level as her and Adrien. Personally, I think she had the right to enter, but not for the reasons she entered. When you enter a tournament, you usually do it to try to win it. Here, nope! Gonna spend time with Adrien even if it's an important event for the school reputation and that the guy I'm trying to steal his place spent a year training for it and it was a big deal for him too but I don't care. Adrien is more important than the school's reputation and a little nerd's dream. That was kind of downright mean. She was rea…

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  • Amethystkitten

    Adrinette has consumed me, have a piece of a fanfiction that may just result in a series written by your truly. 

    Marinette gave a soft sigh as she opened her locker. She suddenly heard a slam and soon identified Adrien’s smirk hovering over her. Marinette stopped herself from shrieking as he continued to look at her. His smirk was large and bold as Marinette stood flustered against the lockers. Adrien rested one hand against her locker as he used the other to style his hair. It wasn’t a very Adrien move, much more of the kind of thing Cat Noir would do. “Oh my gosh is he looking at me.” she thought to herself, “Oh god my hair isn’t straight my outfit is plain and boring, Adrien can’t see me now.” Marinette shifted away from her locker slowl…

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  • Catnoir04

    Adrien Agreste

    January 31, 2016 by Catnoir04

    Hallo im catnoir04 i have a project and if you want you can read it.i write a review about Adrien Agreste 

    on the days he a little bit shy and never has time to himself. Justify a his father (Gabriel Agreste) uses him to show his clothes up. he has no mother or she is never mentioned.he lived with his father and his assistant Nathalie in abig house in paris. he does not see his father very often justify his father is busy with his job. Adrien go to school like most ohter teenagers. he sitting with his best friend (Nino). in school, there are two girls who are in love with Adrien. Chloe og Marinette. two girls branditie research personals. oh yeah there´s also the little things about Adrien. he has a white ring on his right hand. he also has…

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  • NintendoSoul

    Hey there! I'm NintendoSoul and, as some of you may have noticed, I'm slowly filling the galleries of the episodes aired in the US.

    Right now I'm having some doubts about how I should continue this work, so I'm asking for your opinion; after all, it's for you that I'm doing this.

    First of all I'm asking you: Where should I take my screenshots from? There are two options:

    This is the option I've been using until now, and probably some of you will be thinking: "Are you crazy?" Probably yes, but the results aren't bad at all: the pictures I take from there have the highest resolutions in the wiki.

    The process works like this: I take screensots from the episodes I bought on iTunes (Season Pass), I transfer them to my PC, I cut them, I rename them and…

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  • NintendoSoul

    Theme Song Storyboard

    January 18, 2016 by NintendoSoul

    Thomas Astruc published the Theme Song storyboard for his birthday and it's so full of spoilers I can't.

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  • AnnaRossa1

    LadyNoir fans

    January 16, 2016 by AnnaRossa1

    Okay all people are now having a ship of Ladybug and Cat Noir .

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  • AnnaRossa1

    I got the lucky edit ?

    January 16, 2016 by AnnaRossa1

    Wow , just wow i never seen that coming i mean i never have one so wow .

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  • Tansyflower

    Season 1 Spoiler Corner

    January 14, 2016 by Tansyflower

    Welcome! I've made this blog to keep track of spoilery info, images, etc. that we've gotten! If anything is seen in a episode, it'll be taken off, but anything here now has not appeared yet! Comment below for new discovered spoilers or to discuss what has been seen here!

    • NEW! Selah Victor recorded her last lines for Season 1, which she showed with Periscope. It included her performing reactions for Chloé in a middle of a chase scene (one part where she runs into a pole), and Chloé having some funny moments interacting with Prince Ali. Some lines for the latter section included:
      • "Prince, I brought you a special stuffed toy for the sick children."
      • "You're flattering me! It is so kind of me, though, isn't it?"
      • "Here's a gift for the sick children,…

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  • Miraculous ladybug

    Ladybug episodes

    January 13, 2016 by Miraculous ladybug

    so I created a chat room where we can watch episodes and talk about it and all that fun stuff we can chat hear if we want to meet new people but only about ladybug, and no inapropraite contant or will be kicked out, I will be making a post when I see I new episode every week so I will keep you updated on my posts.bye for know my little lady bugs

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  • AnnaRossa1

    I was keep one thinking about them . And also the kwamis are very different personalities like Tikki and Plagg . I just wonder if Tikki knows Plagg ? We'll it's kinda more mystery to discover right ? Anyways what i was saying is where are they ? And the blue miraculous , yellow miraculous & ornage miraculous . In my second one was is there a guardian ?

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  • NintendoSoul

    Everybody knows that having an important information of a series you're following spoiled to you is one of the worst feelings. Tansyflower already faced the problem asking all the editors what they wanted to do once the unedit episodes aired in France, and apparently my suggestion of creating a template that would hide the whole page got through (btw thanks to everyone who supported it and to Tansyflower who did a really good job creating it). However, spoilers are always very insidious, so I'd like to ask your advice on how we should continue our war againist spoilers.

    Before I start, I'd like to say that you're free to express any judgement on my suggestions, even if you find them bad or unnecessary. After all, I wrote this blog page to m…

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  • Pokemontrainerbonnie

    A lot of people think that Gabriel Agreste might be Hawk Moth. It makes sense and I think maybe he's Hawk moth too, that would explain why he isn't around a lot. But, like I heard someone comment, just because they have the same voice actor doesn't mean they are the same guy. I personally think they are the same guy, I mean same head shape from what I've seen of Gabriel.

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  • Zultanite

    I was wondering if we could put up a new small section right below (or above) the 'Next Episode'  section. It would have the heading 'Most Recent Episode' or 'Latest Episode' that shows a screenshot of the most recently aired episode on TV (in America).

    Let me know if we should add this to the wikia or not! :D


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  • Cheesycharlie101


    December 24, 2015 by Cheesycharlie101


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  • AnnaRossa1

    It's kinda a mystery . Who will be the blue , green and yellow mircaulous , i just wonder if fu was the guy who make it ? We'll it's kinda more interesting about who will be the yellow , blue and green miraculous . I just hope that the director have the information who will be chosen of the miraculous .

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  • Princess of Harte

    Sabrina's Mom

    November 28, 2015 by Princess of Harte



    Now that that's out of the way, Sarah (or Sara, however it's spelled) is not Sabrina's mother, even though she looks like it. Thomas said, "No."


    I'm still freaking out. HE REPLIED TO ME TWICE!


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  • Princess of Harte

    So, before the official Miraculous Ladybug Facebook page went live, most people got their information from this page, and I told them about the wikia.

    They wanted to say thank you to everyone who's been putting it together!

    Link to the official Facebook:

    Link to the Facebook fanpage:


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  • Princess of Harte

    Fred Haprèle

    November 25, 2015 by Princess of Harte

    Hold on for a moment while I spaz out because Thomas Astruc replied to my tweet.

    ak;sdlhn vpadfku;avjbghlidshfhO;Sj;o;eirjg;alksdjf;OJOERJG;LKDFVOAUPUEGHT;RERPIOWEFHANVOH LGHADS;K Vkadvsjhzscfkndso aidjshgcalkfjsdcbasdjbcasdhbgiasvm

    Okay. I feel better now.

    The link to the tweet is here:

    Fred is not the school's janitor. He is an assistant educator (whatever that means in this sense. I don't entirely know). We now have that question answered.


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  • Princess of Harte

    ML Episode releases

    November 24, 2015 by Princess of Harte

    Has anyone noticed how we are not going to go a week without Miraculous Ladybug? I mean:

    • Korea airs their episodes once a week.
    • France marathons it, then goes to once a week.
    • France goes on hiatus.
    • France still airs reruns.
    • Korea aired a couple more episodes then went on hiatus.
    • Korea will air reruns.
    • America will air the episodes once a week.
    • France will return at the start of the new year.
    • America could go on hiatus in February if they show only 13 episodes.
    • Korea will return in March of 2016.
    • France will air a couple more episodes before another hiatus.
    • During that time, America would most likely return.
    • Korea goes on hiatus after May 29, 2016.

    The only thing I'm uncertain about is what's going to happen in June and July, because both France and Kore…

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