• TotallyCrazyForMiraculousFanNumberOne

    This is a document about my fav fav FAV FAV tv show miraculous and I want in season three for Adrien to know that Mari is ladybug

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  • CureMay

    Alya Césaire theory

    April 21, 2018 by CureMay

    in my opinion, Alya Cesaire need Ladybug and Cat Noir for a friend. That's just my opinion

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  • Miraculouslover21

    WELCOME TO MIRACULOUS LADYBUG BLOG!If you are reading my blog right now, you might have already watched episodes 1-13 on Miraculous Ladybug S2. If not, you probally should, or you can stay here and read some spolers. Ok, lets get started! As you all know Luka FINALLY made his appearrence on Miraculous EP12, Captain Hardrock. I think that Luka likes marinette or he is just plain nice. Who knows? I also realized(hope i'm not the only one) that Marinette starts to fall in love with Luka. Which gives Adrien his first rival! EVER! Later on during the season, Marinette will gain a THIRD rival, Kagami! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! Anyway, I don't want all my blog to be long. Also, my next blog will be about Kagami and Adrien. Bye-Bye!

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  • PixieROXS MSP


    April 21, 2018 by PixieROXS MSP

    Hi, I just checked Disney channel and it says that the new powers episode Syren is going to be TOMORROW Sunday 22nd of April, UK time, 6:30 AM I REPEAT AM . Could just be an error, but EEEEEEEEEKK!

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  • IIIPizzaLoverIII

    Write the first paragraph of your page here.

    Syren is a new episode in Miraculous Ladybug and will air on May 4th in Australia.

    Write the first section of your page here.

    Talented swimmer Ondine has feelings for Kim and turns into an underwater kingdom for her prince. Since the whole city is underwater Ladybug and Catnoir will need new powers to defeat the villain. They get new underwater powers which allows them to fight the villain underwater.

    Write the second section of your page here.

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  • Miraclefan

    Superhero Nicknames

    April 18, 2018 by Miraclefan

    What would be your nicknames to give the Miraculous heroes, including the future ones.

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  • Chainsaw847


    April 15, 2018 by Chainsaw847

    The next episode, "Syrens" comes out on April 21 2018. In 6 days. the new episode is about an amazing swimmer, Ondine, gets akumatized inot the villian "Syren".  Ondine falls in love with Kim. Syren plans on turning all of Paris into an underwater kingdom for her and her prince.

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  • CrazyCamie456

    Hey wiki people, just going to say ahead of time that I'll probably have my activity drop over the next 30 days since I've got my first exam (human biology) in literally a month from now and I am nowhere near prepared. That said, I'll still try to drop by here every day at least once.

    Feel free still to message me anytime you want, I'll do my best to reply as soon as possible.

    If worst comes to worst I might need to take a few days or a week away to just study, I'll update if that becomes a thing I need to do.

    To all of you who also have exams in the near future, best of luck to you all.

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  • Yulia Agreste

    in my opinion, Gabriel Agreste need Ladybug and Cat Noir Miraculous for bring back his wife ..








    That's just my opinion

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  • Gracielee1947

    Akumatised Ladybug

    April 14, 2018 by Gracielee1947

    Right now this is just a theory many fans believe could happen,but the main question in this page is will this really happen?

    In Season 2 episode 13 Zombizou, Marinette gets angry after Chloe ruins her present to Miss Bustier, Hawk Moth goes for her, but gets Ms Bustier instead, as I said, at the moment it's just a theory, but the last time this happened was with Adrien's bodyguard, who later on got akumatised for real, this is one of the reasons at least I believe this will happen, please confirm this Thomas Abstruct!

    If Marinette gets akumatised, will Adrien get akumatised? Unlike Marinette, there is no proof at all that this will happen, but I'm not saying the answer is no, it's just less likely,

    • Marinette is quite a positive person and th…

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  • Chainsaw847


    April 14, 2018 by Chainsaw847

    There have been rumors about  Chloe getting the Queen Bee miraculous. well... those rumors are right! If you don't believe me, then you can find the information on this very website! People have been saying that episode 14 hasn't come out yet. They are both incorrect and correct. They haven't released the episode out on Netflix yet, but you can still see it on some of other peoples posts. I am not a huge fan of the 14th episode, but I guess it was a little suspenseful. I was a little shocked that Ladybug managed to save all of Paris by herself. But for people who have watched the whole show so far, wouldnt be THAT shocked. There has been some news that there will only be 2 seasons, there will be a total of 5 seasons. There will be more sea…

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  • Chainsaw847


    April 14, 2018 by Chainsaw847

    So, right now there is a total of 13 episodes in the 2nd season, if anyone knows  when or where I can find the 14th episode, that would be truly AMAZING! On this page, i will be discussing what i think about what happened in other episodes adn stuff like that. 

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  • KitsuneWhisppers

    Female Attire

    April 12, 2018 by KitsuneWhisppers

    Has anyone ever noticed that most of the females in the show wear pants. Not that it's a big deal, but it's rare you see a female character, old or young, wearing a dress. Even the older chracters; parents, teachers, background all wear dress pants, casual pants, or business dress suits. Aside from Chloes mom in the flashback and Aurora, there are no dresses. Maybe Juleka and Rose might be an acception, but they look more like long shirt-style clothing with leggeings. I would love to see some dress fashions in the show. Like a dance or even sun dresses. 

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  • Miraclefan

    Which shipping do you like best? 1. Marichat 2. Ladynoir 3. Ladrien 4. Adrienette

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  • KitsuneWhisppers

    Okay I need to say this. It seems like every other episode Chat Noir is either getting captured or falling under a super villians control. In Puppeteer, Refleckta, Princess Fragrence, Anti-Bug, Dark Cupid, and from what I've I've just seen in the new preiews for Zombisu, Chat get's it again. And when I saw what he was doing with Chloe I wanted to throw up a bit. I hoped it was photoshopped. Either way, Chat Noit keeps getting the short end of the yarnball. He's a hero too. Give him his due. I just want one episode where Chat Noir is used as a comiedic sacrifice and put to a second class hero. 

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  • Slimerzdabz

    MY BDAY?

    April 10, 2018 by Slimerzdabz

    okay gusy we have some amazing news....


    BYE LOVES!!!!

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  • TheClydesdalePegasus149

    Big news to anyone who're fans of the other ZAG Heroez shows. This morning while checking the Discovery Family press release website to read the highlights for the upcoming episodes of my other favorite shows, the May 2018 highlights announce that Season 1 of Zak Storm: Super Pirate is finally returning to the USA next month on Discovery Family. And to anyone who isn't aware, yes Zak Storm also airs in the USA on Discovery Family, the same channel that also airs My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own, and among other Hasbro-owned shows. Though, the rerun episodes are only available on weekends.

    "ZAK STORM follows the adventures of Zak Storm – a headstrong and adventurous kid swept into the Bermuda Triangle whil…

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  • RenaRouge07

         Some of you already know that a new villain will come out in the end of season 2. She is Hawk Moth's boss, which will make him look weak compared to her. (I know RIGHT! Hawk Moth AFRAID of someone!) His boss owns the peacock miraculous, calling herself...

    Le Paon 

    So in this blog, I will be talking about some possible weapons that Le Paon might use.

    One possible weapon that Le Paon might use are dart. I've seen people saying that since the end of the feather is pointy, she can use it as a dart, just like Hawk Moth has a sword in his cane. She is seen holding a feather dart in the picture above in one of her hands. Also, in her other hand, she is seen holding a fan. But I don't think that it is a fan, but more like Le Paon's holding a bun…

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  • Slimerzdabz

    Ladyblog tree

    April 9, 2018 by Slimerzdabz

    Hey guys!

    So season 2 episode 13 is coming out on April 13 2018!

    SO HYPED DUDE!!!!! O.o

    Okay guys BE PREPARED AND KEEP YOUR EYE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay im like so shook right now, but now we have to talk about the question of the day!!!!!!

    Question OF THE DAY: how many seasons of miraculous will there be?

    Answer: There will be 5! Maybe more, but 3 MORE seasons will come out AND a move! Thank is a lot of effort and I think that the makers of Miaculous will end Miraculous at 5 seasons sadly I really want more than 5 seasons but that is not for me to decide :( 

    Anyway please comment any questions you have thanks! Thanks for reading the LADYBLOG

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  • Slimerzdabz

    As, alwyas I did some research. I was on netflix watching Miraculous as always :P

    I thought I finishes season 2 but NO!

    I saw only 14 episodes on there and i was thinking there is more. I searched it up and season 2 isn't done! Episode 15 of season 2 will be released on April, 15 2018! HOPE TO SEE IT!

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  • Slimerzdabz


    April 7, 2018 by Slimerzdabz

    Do you think, Lady bug and Cat Noir will ever reveal their indentities! I REALLY WANT THEM TO!!!!!!!!!! AHHH ME WANST TO KNOW :P

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  • Slimerzdabz

    Starting a BLOG

    April 7, 2018 by Slimerzdabz


    I am starting a Maraculous blog!!

    So, my blogs will have the drama in Maraculous, and Q and A of Maraculous! And so much more!

    So, this is my first blog!!!

    Q and A/ Question of the day! Also and answer!

    Question: What is you're thoughts of the Maraculous movie?

    So here is my answer, from what I have seen, the trailers of, it doesn't seem the best, Maraculous is a cartoon animation and making a movie soundED great, but with real people? No animation, it will be so weird!!!!! I mean no animation!? With real actors I, or in my opinion I think it will be.......... IDK kind of.......... dumb. Sorry, i LOVE MARACULOUS, but maybe for the movie, they should have had it all animated, or like they reveal there indentity ( P.S IT SHOULD BE CARTOON VE…

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  • Cassieetihw

    How are you guys???  I justtt wanted to touch up on SEASON TWO OH MY GOSH I KNOW It seems like a literaL DrEAm. Sorry I have not at all been active, I have been really busy with school. Since I had a cheer break, I could actually focus on my grades. And myself mentally and physically for a little while.

    And now cheer started up again!



    One day I was a depressed burlap bag sitting on my couch and

    BAMMM sad cass >>>> happy cass!



    DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVENT SEEN (at your own cost if you want to ruin this experience for you)


    okkok episode one I can´t really remember so yeahhh but, my favorite part in the whole thirteen episodes was the Glaciator episode. It was sad but so …

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  • Beaucharb

    In almost every episode of Miraculous Ladybug, a song that sounds like the theme song plays before the credits. I don't know how to describe it and I would like to know the name of the song and where I could find it on youtube, spotify, ect.

    Thanks for your help! :)

    Beaucharb the Miraculous Lover

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  • RYCBAndRemember

    Noir Chat

    April 6, 2018 by RYCBAndRemember

    I find it interesting that while Alya has the LadyBlog, there seems to be no one in the show making a similar Chat Noir-based blog ("Noir Chat"?). Perhaps at some point that could happen? I don't think it should be run by Nino, but maybe at some point Chat Noir can get a devoted male fan who wants to get the prime scoop on Chat's life?

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  • RenaRouge07

         So you might have seen Alya Césaire, Marinette's bestie around, well, basically all the time! You might have also seen that she has a blog all about Ladybug called The Ladyblog. So now you have a hunch about who my favorite character is. But don't leave just yet! I still have to tell you why she's my favorite character. 

            As Marinette's best friend, Alya always tells her to be confident when around Adrien. Also, Alya is brave as seen in The Pharoah, when she is caught by him but keeps on recording for her blog, always making videos about Ladybug and her heroism. She is always strong-willed and strong-minded, telling Marinette to stop listening to Chloe Bourgeois and keep doing what she is doing.

             As a villain, Alya's iden…

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  • RejectedAnimeXP

    I acidentally posted this onthe wrong part of wiki XD so im reposting it here

    So I know almost everyone has seen this episode. its amazing!!! I was expecting Luka to be this jerk or something, but he turned out to be this really cute guy whom I know at least half of the fandom want to marry(in our imaginations of course since he isn't real DX). I was however mad at the son and father moments Adrien had. This is due to the fact of knowing that his father is his enemy. It triggers me they don't know, because he puts his son's life in danger almost EVERY SINGLE DAY! Like, what the actual heck! And Luka's guitar playing man! I was so entranced by it! I wish guys at my school could play like that! Also, Adrien was playing that Piano pretty well …

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  • Dancape

    New Heroes

    April 4, 2018 by Dancape
    • Civillian identity: Nino Lahiffe.
    • If Nino gets the Miraculous,it could mean Master Fu will not use it any more.
    • He will become another Miraculous Holder who was a previous akumatized victim. 
    • It is most likely for Nino to give his Miraculous back to Master Fu.

    • Civillian identity: Chloé Bourgeois.
    • She will become another Miraculous Holder who was a previous akumatized victim. 
    • It is most likely for Chloé to give her Miraculous back to Master Fu.
    • She may be a changed person after she gets her Miraculous.

    • Civillian identity: Currently Unknown!
    • She will become another Miraculous Holder who uses her powers for evil.
    • Le Paon is french for the peacock.
    • She is Hawk Moth's boss.
    • Her Miraculous kept inside a safe behind a painting of Emilie Agreste in the Agreste…

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  • TheLadyBlog22


    April 3, 2018 by TheLadyBlog22

    Ladybug and Cat Noir had just finished fighting yet another one of Hawk Moth's akumatized victims. And Cat Noir was hurt...badly. Just as Ladybug turned the akuma back into a normal butterfly she rushed to Cat Noir to see if he was okay. But he wasn't okay...he was injured.
    "Ladybu-"Cat Noir was interrupted by Ladybug
    "You..."Ladybug said with a smile on her face"you dumb cat"
    "I thought I had lost you"Ladybug said with a soft voice and a gentle smile putting both hands on his cheeks. The two stood there for a while. She started to cry,but lightly. Then Cat Noir kissed Ladybug on the cheek. She stopped crying. Then that very moment she finally realized that she had someone to share her love with.

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  • Netherninja

    Someone found this from what presumably looks like Thomas Astruc’s twitter. It looks like a new character. However I’m not sure if this is canon because I found this on someone’s YouTube video.

    Here’s the link:

    P.s I had asked the YouTuber but they haven’t responded yet.

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  • Dianecat98

    So here is a just for fun question I have. What cartoon characters from other cartoon shows would you like to see get akumatized to a villain by Hawk Moth? Put your comment on the bottom so that you can share your opinion! :)

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  • Jules24

    Not even that important but in front of the bus you see "August", the baby from Gigantitan, and his/her (can't tell if the baby's a boy or girl lol) parents. But... a few seconds later you literally see ladybug and cat noir help August's mom out of the bus. IT'S A PARADOX!

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  • PixieROXS MSP

    Zombizou= KISS?!

    April 1, 2018 by PixieROXS MSP

    Zombizou is the 13th episode of season 2.

    Bizou= Kiss and the first part is zombie? Is this episode gonna have a kiss scene between two characters? I can't wait!

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  • Selektra

    Scena 1-Dom Marinett!

    Marinett! Wstawaj bo sie spóźnisz do szkoły pierwszego dnia i zrobisz złe wrażenie. Mówi Mama Marinett.

    -Już wstaje. Odpowiada zza sufitu. (Marinett mieszka za taką klapą w suficie).

    Marinett wstała, ubrała się i zjadła śniadanie, oczywiście jak to Marinett nie mogło sie to wszystko obejść bez żadnego wypadku. Przy śniadaniu wylało jej sie mleko, przy ubieraniu założyła bluzkę na lewą stronę a przy wychodzeniu z łóżka potknęła sie o własne nogi. Dziewczyna ucałowała rodziców i wybiegła, ale sie cofneła bo zapomniała plecaka.

    Scena 2- Mistrz Fu!

    -Mistrzu! Mówi jego kwami. -Co zrobimy?

    -Coś mi sie zdaje że Paryż potrzebuje nowych super bohaterow, ja jestem za stary na takie rzeczy. Odpowiedział.

    -Mistrzu a co jak znowu sie Pa…

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  • Monpapillon

    Luka's School

    March 31, 2018 by Monpapillon

    So Luka's already out. We know that he's gonna be a new student in Collège Françoise Dupont. But where has he been studying before that? And he's Juleka's older bro so he can't be a freshman unless if he went back another grade. Was he homeschooled? Or maybe just went to another school? If so, then, why? Parents usually tend to have their kids study in the same school. So I'm just really curious about this little detail.

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  • Cool-cc


    March 30, 2018 by Cool-cc

    I just saw season one on Netflix and I fangirled so much on captain hard rock

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  • Grapefruit101

    Luka Is HERE

    March 26, 2018 by Grapefruit101

    Hello today the official apearence has been released the video to see it is above. People feel he will be more of a threat to the adrienette ship. It's already been made clear that Marinette is going to fal in love with him. I certainly have he is a cutie. Not many people like him  because of him being a new love interest.

    Many people have theories about 'Lukanette' or 'Lunette' affecting Adrien. Here's my theory. Adrien has a tiny crush on Marintette but he doesn't notice because his love for ladybug is stronger. There has been a lot of times where it seems he's acting or thinking of Marinette in a more than his famous line " she's just a friend way. Take Horrificator, Gamer, Despair Bear, and Befana in accoung to understand. I also think …

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  • Klondipedia


    March 26, 2018 by Klondipedia

    Just ordered my Cat Noir ring off Etsy!

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  • Ladybug et chat noir1


    March 24, 2018 by Ladybug et chat noir1

    Excuse mee, but I wonder what happened to episode 12. I was looking for it and then it seems that there is NO one, I am kinda pissed cuz I was waiting for 2 season 2 years and now is not even finished 😞😭

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  • Ladybugsarah25

    Four Ships

    March 23, 2018 by Ladybugsarah25

    A discussion about the four ships: Ladynoir, Adrienette, Ladrien, and Maricat (Marichat). Every Miraculous Ladybug fan has an opinion about which ship they like better. The ships are Ladynoir (Ladybug and Cat Noir), Adrienette (Adrien and Marinette), Ladrien (Ladybug and Adrien), and Maricat (Marinette and Cat Noir). To be honest, I'm surprised no one on YouTube has made a video about the ships. We all know why the ships are important; they are the main center of the whole series.  [1] Some fans debate or even argue over which ship is better. In my opinion, I think every ship is equal. The reason why I say the four ships are equal is that each ship is a corner of a love rectangle. Without three, two, or even one of the corners, the rectang…

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  • Ladybugsarah25

    A discussion about the four ships: Ladynoir, Adrienette, Ladrien, and Maricat (Marichat). Every Miraculous Ladybug fan has an opinion about which ship they like better. The ships are Ladynoir (Ladybug and Cat Noir), Adrienette (Adrien and Marinette), Ladrien (Ladybug and Adrien), and Maricat (Marinette and Cat Noir). To be honest, I'm surprised no one on YouTube has made a video about the ships. We all know why the ships are important; they are the main center of the whole series.  Some fans debate or even argue over which ship is better. In my opinion, I think every ship is equal. The reason why I say the four ships are equal is that each ship is a corner of a love rectangle. Without three, two, or even one of the corners, the rectangle w…

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  • Chaton15

    Sorry, Guys. :(

    March 23, 2018 by Chaton15

    As some of you saw, I posted another thing saying that I was going to post some videos of some Miraculous piano songs I learned to play. Well, as it turns out, I actually can't. I tried uploading a video onto here, but it prevented me, saying the site doesn't allow vidoes or something like that. So . . . that idea has pretty much gone out the window, so here's an apology to those who were waiting for that . . . :( I also don't have a YouTube account, so I can't upload it there either. Whenever I do, I will, though. Thanks anyway!

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  • KitsuneWhisppers

    Okay so my opinion on the Volpina was a mix of emotion. Like many fans I was expecting to see another miraculous holder and a new character to the show. Not even six minutes into the episode, well more like when I first saw Lila, I had my suspicion this was going to take a complete left turn. Right off a cliff. 

    First off Adrien is one of the most oblivious cinnamonroll. Shouldn’t he be wondering why his dad has a book about miraculous in a safe behind the painting of his wife and Adriens mom. Also I’m pretty sure I saw the peacock miraculous next to her picture. Next a new girl comes to school and suddenly a bunch of rumors start going around about her. And everyone believes them right off the bat with no proof or evidence. If she’s new ho…

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  • Chaton15

    Hey, guys! As some of you know, I've started writing some miraculous fanfictions, but I've only posted one here which probably wasn't a good idea, since it has three parts so far (aka there'll be more coming). I started writing another one just yesterday. It will be a many-parter, though only the first is posted so far. It's like the show, pretty much, except it's my idea of how it might've been if it'd stayed in the PV version, the 2D version.

    There's the link. Hope you enjoy!!! ;D

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  • Chatnoir33

    Season 2 Ep 14-15

    March 18, 2018 by Chatnoir33


    Ep.14: Juleka'nın annesi gets akumazited into Captain Hardrock , steering an impregnable ship and armed with a pirate sword, she wants to blast her music across Paris.                   (Mar 30 Neftlix)

    Ep.15 Ladyb ug and Cat Noir face Miss               [ Turkish (Türkçe) ]                                                                                    Bustier, now Zombizou. (13 Nisan)

     Bölüm 14: Juleka'nın annesi  Kaptan Hardrock'a akumazited edilmiş,

    bir geminin korsan kılıcıyla donanmış müziğini Paris'te patlamak 


    Bölüm 15 : 

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  • IssaDweeb

    Emilie Agreste Theory

    March 18, 2018 by IssaDweeb

    I guessing we all watched the newly released episode "Gorizilla" Episode 11 of Season 2. And we all know that Hawkmoth/Gabriel Agreste was very close to finding out that Adrien Agreste is Chat/Cat Noir. But what would actually happen if he found out and did it happen to Emilie Agreste as well? 

    While watching the episode on the day it released I wondered, "Did Emilie Agreste have to move away after Gabriel found out she was the peacock miraculous holder?" My theory is that Emilie Agreste (as we know her name now) is gone, we have no idea where she is. All we know is her name, Miraculous, she disappeared, and that she was in a movie called "SOLITUDE". Wait. "SOLITUDE" of all names, that's the movie title? I think it was chosen on purpose, be…

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  • Marinette Dupeng-chang

    ''''This may be Choles mother 

    1)  (Style) Queen is full of style like chole

    2) chole is queen bee  and they look the similar

    3 they were the samme coluors

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  • Marinette Dupeng-chang
    1.  they has the same hair style(kinda)
    2. Gabriel Agrest may have given her the peacock miraclous
    Gabriel has the peacock miraclous bheind the painting of(SPOLIER)Agrest
    natilie knows thats Gabreil is hawkmoth

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  • Marinette Dupeng-chang
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  • Lalalalala6

    Emille agreste

    March 17, 2018 by Lalalalala6

    This is about Emilie agreste we see here in pictures and in the little movie clip in season 2 ep 11 I was shocked to see her alive in that movie clip (twice) ahhh!!!!

    I was happy we get to know here name I was happy it started it with a e

    I guessed and e anyway I got it right Read more >