• Princess of Harte

    Anything with a strikethrough means that I have completed it.

    Anything that is bold means that it is important for readers to take note.

    Anything that is italicized is important for me to complete first.

    • Create Nino's history page
    • Finish all of my WIP history pages
      • Consider: making Nino's history page one of my WIPs
      • Catch Gabriel's history page up to the other history pages before bulk editing.
      • Consider: making Gabriel's history page and adding it to my WIPs
    • Finish updating all the episode plots for grammar, links, and general episodic correctness
      • Put the characters in appearance order
      • Put the errors/trivia in chronological order
      • Update the plot to my preferences
    • Update the order of the Relationships sections on every character page
      • Determine whether or …
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  • Kittynoir2004


    June 12, 2017 by Kittynoir2004

    In my opinion, everyone puts the "perfect" sides of ladybug and Adrien on pedestals. They show the flaws of marinette and chat noir as perfections, which is why marichat is the ship most people fall in love with. i am one of those people. i love marichat. is there anyone else?

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  • Combatking0

    Paper Cat Nior

    June 12, 2017 by Combatking0

    Oh dear. Sophie (my daughter) has been binge watching Season 1 and has started work on a cat Nior costume. Made from paper. She's even colouring in the white paper with a black pencil crayon.

    So far she's made the tail and ears. And she wants me to make a Ladybug costume. For me to wear. I don't think she understands gender yet.

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  • Princess of Harte

    This will be updated periodically.

    • Angie Nasca
      • Longtime fan of the show. Drew fanart. Became one of the character designers for Zag Studios.
    • Tori G
      • Longtime fan of the show. Drew fanart. Created one of the first fanart t-shirts to be legally sold by the show.
      • Stopped drawing ML because someone stole an animatic she was working on and claimed credit for it.
    • Vivica
      • Won a competition to become an akumatized villain.
        • This character will most likely be in Season 4 or Season 5.
    • Lindalee Rose
      • Runs a Youtube channel where she interviews the ML crew.
      • Will become a character later in the show, but it is uncertain where.
    • Megupic
      • Longtime fan of the show. Drew fanart. Created background concept art for Season 2.
    • Ferisae
      • Longtime fan of the show. Drew fanart and wro…
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  • Combatking0

    I've been watching this show with my daughter and I've noticed some interesting parallels between the TV series and my own book series.

    Before I proceed, I want to point out that I'm not accusing anyone of plagerism. We simply had the same ideas around the same time. My first books came out in 2015 and 2016, so there's no way I had watched the TV series to copy ideas. Similarly, my books are so obscure that it's highly unlikely that the creative team has read them, or even knows of their existence.

    So, just for fun, let's look at the similarities.

    • 1 - the main characters. Marinette's biological parents are from France and China. June, my main character, has parents from the UK and Japan. Different countries, yes, but very close together and f…
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  • WilliamBillAmes

    Manon Chamack

    June 6, 2017 by WilliamBillAmes

    How long before she becomes a mane character?

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  • MemeMaster123

    OMG! Look! I Found Season 2 Theme Song!

    Here's Proof!

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  • WilliamBillAmes

    We need some fan fiction showing the scene where Marinette and Adrien are having a lengthy discussion. A teamed class assignment to write a report on what the class thinks of Ladybug and Chat Noir. Marinette is telling Adrien what she does not appreciate about Chat Noir and Adrien is speaking of what he appreciates in Ladybug. Both are saying things they would never say to Chat or Ladybug in person, however they are. Each is at times defending their alternate personalities, attempting to explain, perhaps, the Heroes behavior. Because this is a class assignment they willingly go into the discussion without any reservations. What do you think? (I will add thoughts as they come to mind...)

    We may have a situation where Marinette is jealous of …

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  • WilliamBillAmes

    I read "...Crushes are not only the stuff that dreams are made of; they signify a lot about the dreamer..." Add to this her responsibilities as Ladybug, her denying the attention of Chat Noir. She is perilously close to the edge. Yes, this is a story, romantic comedy and intended to be fun, but fans can see it as a reflection, a mirror to their own lives. Perhaps this is why we will get more heroes to help her? Anyone?

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  • ChespinLovesPlagg


    May 26, 2017 by ChespinLovesPlagg
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  • Kitten15

    Chat Noir

    May 25, 2017 by Kitten15

    Has anyone ever noticed how Adrien keeps letting his Chat Noir side slip into his normal life???? Like when he is talking to Marinette or something he does his Chat smirk or pose or something. And Adrien has a crush on Ladybug but Ladybug is Marinette and MArinette has a crush on Adrien which i Chat Noir. So technecally they have a crush on eachother whithout the other one knowing it. THEY ARE MADE FOR EACHOTHER!!!!!

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  • RubyRose123

    Season 2

    May 21, 2017 by RubyRose123

    I can't wait for season 2 of Miraculous! The new holders of miraculouses is sooo exciting. We will also find out the truth of who Hawk Moth really is. I also want to know what happened to Mrs. Agreste. Oooooh I Can't Wait!!! Someone pinch me. Well thanks for reading!

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  • Princess of Harte

    To preface this, I was not at the ML Meetup today in LA. I am watching a recording of what happened . There are likely things that were not recorded that I have no information about. I am putting everything in the proper pages, but there are some things I'm not sure where they go. (Please note partway through this, I gave up and just wrote down everything.)

    • The suits are impervious to everything except heat. (Seen in Miraculous Chibi Show .)
    • Jeremy makes noises to go along with the animatics whenever there's no sound.
    • The writing team locks themselves in "a very small room" for two days at a time and doesn't leave until the episode is finished.
    • "Writing Miraculous Ladybug is like the accomplishments of everything I did before because that's th…
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  • WilliamBillAmes

    I just had this realization and wondered how good it might be in this category. So I did some research on the web to see what makes a quality romantic comedy. Here are some of the attributes I found:

    (1) It is not a chick flick, has boys.

    (2) Set it in a specific world, I think a school in Paris meets that test.

    (3) You don’t limit relationships just by sexual chemistry.

    (4) It can be ridiculous and don’t wink at the camera. Then most anything is acceptable.

    (5) You cannot fake chemistry between the stars, it must be believable.

    (6) The guys don’t want to be the stars.

    (7) Don’t dumb it down, our audience is brilliant I believe.

    (8) Make it real with real relationships.

    (9) The ladies like a good fantasy and they are very smart.

    (10) Make things hap…

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  • Miraculous baby
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  • WilliamBillAmes

    WilliamBillAmes (talk) 13:54, May 13, 2017 (UTC)

    This is how it appears to go...
    Steps for Ladybug Notes and Comments (more forthcoming)
    Acquire Miraculous Left small box with Miraculous earrings in her room at her home by Master Fu
    Meet Kwami When she opens the box to see what is inside.
    Wear Miraculous

    Kwami is fed & rested

    Villain Appears Akuma has possessed object held by target person.
    Begin Transform

    Kwami Into Miraculous

    Transform Complete

    Yo-yo in hand

    Do battle

    Invoke Lucky Charm Throw Yo-yo straight and say "Lucky Charm"
    Receive object Need to figure out what to do with it.
    Start timer Apparently 5 minutes.
    Use object to win Find and break object villain is holding, this releases Akuma
    Restore Akuma Captura and purify and release Akuma
    Use object …

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  • WilliamBillAmes

    WilliamBillAmes (talk) 12:09, May 13, 2017 (UTC)

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  • WilliamBillAmes

    WilliamBillAmes (talk) 10:14, May 13, 2017 (UTC)

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  • WilliamBillAmes

    WilliamBillAmes (talk) 21:59, May 12, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Mal Chat Noir

    Editing Update

    May 5, 2017 by Mal Chat Noir

    Hi guys! Latley I have not been on a lot, and so there are still some articles that need a good touch of Mal in the appearance section. I hope that I will be able to take care of a huge/all amount of these appearances. If you know of any pages that need a better appearance, please let me know!

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  • Mal Chat Noir

    Plagg Support!

    April 29, 2017 by Mal Chat Noir

    Hey guys! Random thought. We should so some support for Plagg! Try some Camembert maybe? Yesterday was the anniversary! :3

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  • Mal Chat Noir

    Play Support!

    April 29, 2017 by Mal Chat Noir

    Hey guys! Just a random thought. Plagg is an awesome character, so show your support for him! :3

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  • Mal Chat Noir


    April 28, 2017 by Mal Chat Noir

    Today is a historic day. A day, that only me and Plagg loved, until today's Google Doodle! That's right! Today is the anniversary of Marie Harel, credited with first making camembert(!) in 1791. Show your support for this awesome cheese in the comments!  If you haven't had Camembert before, I urge you to try it. It is an acquired taste, and the really good stuff is somewhat pricey, but hey! You never know! You just may like it!

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  • Kaira00

    season 2

    April 26, 2017 by Kaira00

    i can't wait for season 2 of MLB i just can't wait and i 

    love mlb and cn so yeah (i did it) i love u guys whoa (sorry if its short)

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  • Kaira00


    April 26, 2017 by Kaira00

    season 2 of miraculous ladybug is coming out in may and theres an episode that ladybug and cat noir  show each other their identities so don't miss this oh and i'm new

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  • Miraculousallthetime1

    I want season 2 so bad!! I know lots of you agree. I have to see more ship moments between Ladybug and Cat Noir! There are, like, so many things I want to know. For example; Who is hawkmoth? How on earth is Chloe supposed to be a good guy if she's a boyfriend stealing jerkface?! Fox Miraculous? Peacock miraculous being hawkmoth's BOSS ( Season 3 )? When will those two lovebirds finally figure it out? Master Fu and the miraculous book? Alya and Nino? Also, I heard about Marinette and Adrien stuck in a CAGE? ToGeThEr????????????????????????????? I'm dying here!!!! I need to know! May is so close!! WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

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  • Amanda Balqis

    Who Is Hawk Moth?

    April 21, 2017 by Amanda Balqis

    Who is Hawk Moth?

    Everyone's been wondering who Hawk Moth is, some say maybe it's Gabriel Agreste, some say not him. Well, here's my theory...

    My First Theory

    I think Hawk Moth IS NOT Gabriel Agreste. Hawk Moth have Mrs Agreste photo, but that doesn't mean he's Gabriel. Maybe they both fell in love with the same woman and when Gab get to marry Mrs. Agreste, he went so mad, and something must have happen, and Mrs Agreste disappeared into some kind of realm, maybe, idk. Now, he wants to take revenge. He want LB and CN Miraculous so that he could bring Mrs. Agreste back. Just like in TMNT. When Hamato Yoshi (Master Splinter) and Orukku Saki (Shredder) fell in love Tang Shen, and Hamato Yoshi get to marry Tang Shen, well, ya'll know what happened…

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  • Nabilo161

    Here is a quick summary of the reasons why Gabriel Egreste is not Hawkmoth. My first reason is that upon close inspection, their skin tones are different. This could be because of Hawkmoth's location but Gabriel's skin is a lot tanner. Gabriel's hair I doubt is so easily smoothed out to fit underneath that hat as a part of Hawkmoth's disguise. Hawkmoth is also a lot shorter than Gabriel. Adrien's mum seems to have been a past holder of the peacock miraculous and having had three miraculous in one family seems a bit much. And final reason, in the Simon Says episode, Gabriel was controlled by Simon Says. This would effectively mean that Hawkmoth was controlling himself and between him fluttering around like a butterfly and saying that Simon …

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  • Famouslogos9098


    April 14, 2017 by Famouslogos9098

    This a test for some sandbox I will have.

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  • Dreyasparkle

    Well....for people who think he is ehhhhhh close enough but it looks like they are siblings.First, just because the voice actors are same doesn't mean they are the same.Second,there skin color isn't the same and don't say "it's because the light in Hawk's lair is too bright.Not to say you are wrong or right.But who nose get it.Ah it's a pyrimad joke.But,i agree with both.Look mrs.agreste is she la paon.Pleas note:if you wish to read this is a spoiler:LA PAON a.k.a.MRS.AGRESTE IS HAWK'S BOSS.But how could hawk moth be gabriel if in simon sayz he was captured.huh huh.welp i think Gab and Hawk are siblings hawk is gab's evil twin bro.

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  • Alyasladyblogonwiki

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  • GabbiBear

    Hurt Fandom

    April 7, 2017 by GabbiBear

    Je ne regarde pas le spectacle en raison du fait qu'il m'énerve parce que vous pouvez dire qu'ils sont eux. En raison du fait que vous pouvez les reconnaître par les cheveux, les yeux, la forme du corps et la voix. Ne me méprenez pas, j'aime l'art du fan et toutes les autres choses, mais le spectacle me fait mal à mon âme.

    I do not watch the show because of the fact that it irritates me because you can tell they are them. Due to the fact that you can recognize them by hair, eyes, body shape and voice. Do not get me wrong, I love the art of the fan and all the other things, but the show hurts my soul.

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  • Dangaus Svente

    Kwami Holder
    Ladybug Miraculous Tikki Marinette Dupain-Cheng
    Cat Miraculous Plagg Adrien Agreste
    Fox Miraculous Trixx
    Volpina (?) Confirmed
    Bee Miraculous Unknown Chloé Bourgeois Unknown Confirmed
    Peacock Miraculous Duusu (suspected) Unknown

    Moth Miraculous Nooroo Hawk Moth Read more >
  • Abigail.rene

    Who is Hawkmoth?

    April 2, 2017 by Abigail.rene

    Ok here's the big question,who is Hawkmoth. Most people, I think, say that Hawkmoth is Mr. Agreste. But I have reasons to think otherwise. The big one for me is in the episode Simon Says. Hawkmoth incourages Simon Says into harming Gabe, which means he really doesn't care what happened to Gabe, which means that he can't possibly be Gabe because he would want harm to come to himself.

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  • Mariofan456

    In the episode "Dark Cupid" Adrian writes a letter to Ladybug and it says this

    Tikki knows good and well that Adrian knows.

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  • SweetUnicornLover

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  • HoneyCandiez

    Offical Infobox Image Voting

    An infobox is a template on the right of almost every page on the Wiki. Usually it has an image and vital information for the page. Since these sections are the most frequently used element on this site, only certain, community-approved images are used within them. If you feel you have a better image than the one currently in use, you can suggest it here.

    • HD pictures are preferred.
    • Screenshots are only allowed from the main television series only.
      • This means that renders, fanart, fan edits, and official artwork from derivatives of the official series (such as Tales from Paris and the comics) are disallowed.
    • An image may not have any subtitles or unofficial logos. If you're unsure if the logo is official, check here. …

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  • MidnightDazzle7777

    I believe I have found proof that Hawkmoth can't be Gabriel. This is the reason, I personally, think is enough evidence for any Miraculous Ladybug fan to agree on, but on of his akumitized victims, Simon Says, clearly states 'Gabriel Agreste turned down my challenge and he will pay for it, by midnight tonight he will entertain us in this very tv studio, Gabriel im coming to get you!' But then Hawkmoth replies with 'Its risky, but its given me an idea. Good luck Simon Says.' ,which implies he does not care about the well being of Gabriel, if he would of been Gabriel I believe he wouldn't of even akumatized Simon as he knew he would aid his vengeance on Gabriel. Then Simon Says uses hypnosis on Gabriel making him think he's a plane, and he r…

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  • Mariofan456

    Gabe is Hawkmoth

    March 21, 2017 by Mariofan456

    I wasjust scrolling through the wiki and I found a picture that confirms that Gabe is Hawkmoth

    TRY to disprove this. 

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  • Mariofan456

    Last time I talked about how I think she was kidnapped. After I went on her page again, I saw this.

    I have been obbsessed with conspirasy theroies for a LONG time and I know that nobody just dissapears without a trace unless a kidnapper tries to undo the mess they made or at least put everything where it is not too obvious.

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  • Shanu2017


    March 15, 2017 by Shanu2017
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  • Mariofan456

    Peacock miraculous.

    March 15, 2017 by Mariofan456

    I was watching the Volpina episode because I wanted to find more proof for a theroy and when I got to the scene, I will just show you                                      

    I know it iss kind of blurry but if you look into the actual episode and look there, it kind of looks like a person.

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  • Mariofan456

    I am going to go through the akumitized villans that appear in the animatidc version of the theme song. You might be thinking "there were no akumatized people in the theme song." In the animatic there is but idk why it was removed though and I am going to go through who was there.

    The evilstrator was in the theme son but you can oly see him if you are very lucky beause once the scene of the akumitized villans show up, you can barly see him.

    Pricess Fragrence appears unlike the evilstrator, you can see her just fine

    Lady Wifi is the most realistic villan ever

    lMr. Pigion. I. Don't. Like. Him

    The Pixlator. He looks a bit different form the actual 3D model but that couls just be me

    The bubbler. I think that Nino is the only person akumatized for tr…

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  • Mariofan456

    We know that she has been missing at least a year before the Christmas Special. In that episode Adrian says that he hates Christmas. Does this mean that she dissapeared on Chirstmas exactly a year before that Christmas. Why else would he hate Chirstmas and his mom dissapeared.

    In the begining of the origins episode we clearly see a picture of Mrs. Agreste inside of the Hawk Miraculous. This means that Hawkmoth has something to to with Mrs. Agreste and Gabe.

    In one of the episodes(I forgot which one) we see a picture of Mrs. Agreste and we see a book that says TIBIT on it and we see what can possibly be the peacock miracoulous. This lead people to belive that she is the peacok miraculous and is in Tibit. Although I do belive she is or was the…

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  • Archangel999

    I really didn’t want to think this but Spiderman joke won the day spicily on villains mainly on Mysterio and Volpina.

    Two Illusionist, hate the hero etc.

    But there was one thing I heard that could happen in the coming months

    Ladybug is going to quit again, now why do I think this Well let go back to Origins

    Why did Mari Give up, because she made everything worse, and she was going to again after being called out on it

    Which leads us to Volpina we all Lila is still mad over the events so what’s illusionist and attention attic to do spread hate she could go on the Ladyblog tell everyone what she did People will lose faith in Ladybug in droves   

    In fact, it’s happening now

    Ever since the Volpina ep fans were quick to go on a tangent regarding Ladyb…

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  • Lilanette


    March 9, 2017 by Lilanette

    Hello all! I'm sorry for announcing it like this, but I've decided it's best for me to go inactive across all of Wikia for an extended interval, possibly permanently. I'll still be editing from time to time, and I might still be able to occasionally join the chat, but I'm at a point in my life where I can't offer regular commitment to editing. I hope to be able to start editing regularly again at some point in the future, but until then I can't promise to be on here regularly. (If this means I have to give up my rollback ability, then feel free to demote me.)

    But let me just say that this has been a wonderful experience for me—I've enjoyed working on the articles and templates, and I've adored being able to connect with all of the wonderful…

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  • Mariofan456

    Who is Hawkmoth

    March 8, 2017 by Mariofan456

    This theroy is going to be about who Hawkmoth is. Authough I do think that there is a strong possibility that Gabe is Hawkmoth, I will be going through a charecter breakdown

    We know that right off the bat that Marinette, Master Fu, and Adrian aren't Hawkmoth

    The akumatized people: Nino, Xavier, Aurore, Alix, Theo, Jalil, Alya, Nathaniel, Rodger, Kim, Mylene, Armand, Fred , Jean Duparc, Rose, Ivan, Otis, Simon, Vincint, Jagged Stone, Wang, Max, Juleka, Monon, Sabrina, Chloe, Lila, and Santa Claus can't be Hawkmoth.

    We know that Hawkmoth is a guy so we can take Marinette's mom, The science teacher, Caline and pretty much any other female

    The people left are: Tom, Gabe, Alec Cataldi, Andre, Bob, Chloe's butler, and Vinzent the camera guy.

    It is ob…

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  • Aartia 4 life

    Comic(made by me)

    March 7, 2017 by Aartia 4 life
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  • MariChatón218

    Okay, I can't believe that Characters will be available to get new clothes and accessories to wear in the upcoming seasons and expansions of their wardrobes! There are so many speed edits on Youtube which talented designers edit the characters to make them look more superior. We've already seen Juleka with white clothes in a few episodes rather than her usual Goth look Black/Purple clothes. Moreover, in The Christmas Special, the characters rocked their Christmas outfits! :-)

    How cool would it be if the characters looked slightly different, with not only their looks but different aspects such as personalities too! For example, I would like:

    1. Marinette with a new hair duo 

    2. Rose with longer hair

    3. Max looking more cool looking

    4. Nino witho…

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  • Fangirliest



    I think that the power for the fox miraculous would be true sight (mainly because it's the opposite of what Lila had), not illusion, but I do know it would be executed with a flute. I believe that when Volpina (super hero version) plays her/his flute and invokes the big power (s)he would remove curses, destroy illusions, and tell if someone was lying. I imagine the power would be very helpful when it came to akumatized victims as it may calm them down long enough to smash the akuma item.


    The power I think this miraculous would grant is the power to motivate and give strength. Turtles symbolize endurance and persi…

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