• HypedHypnos

    I think that Hawk Moth (or Mayura will kidnap Master Fu and demand he tell him how to get powers. A few episodes later, after a lot of detective work, Marinette will find something that has her find rock solid proof that Master Fu was kidnapped and Hawk Moth is Gabriel Agreste. Master Fu would probably say something about his time coming and that Marinette is now a Gaurdian of the Miraculous and Master Dupain-Cheng. Hawk Moth would probably have gotten a few for Gorilla (Adrien's bodyguard (not an official name))

    Marinette, will try to rescue him as Ladybug with Cat Noir, but will fail and will barely avoid capture (or Cat Noir will get captured and his Miraculous taken). Fresh from defeat, Marinette will give the other Miraculous to her c…

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  • FluffyMermaid78

    I think we all know that akumatized villains turn back to normal when Ladybug defeats them, right? And then they just live their lives normally after that. Well, I was watching one of my ten-year-old little brother’s superhero shows with him, and these superheroes find this secret lab where all the villains they ever defeated were being tortured and experimented on. That got me thinking about some of the Miraculous Ladybug villains. If someone in real life somehow suddenly got evil powers, the government would probably take them to be experimented on. Well, what if there is a lot more going on in Miraculous Ladybug than we think. Ya know how some akumatized villains’ civilian identities are never really seen in anymore episodes? Well, what…

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  • MiraculousLadyhorse

    Hi, everybody. I had a fabulous time here for as long as couple of months, taking part in discussion with different users around here, and getting the chance to contribute. I also had a lot of fun with watching my favorite cartoons such as My Little Pony, Voltron, Miraculous, Elena of Avalor, and many others.

    However, right now, things have been very stressful for me, and I have an inclination that I have to enjoy a rest from the internet. I might seem confident and interactive, but in reality, I'm a socially awkward, shy, sensitive introvert with anxiety, and I like to spend a lot of my time on the internet to abstain from interacting with people in real life. I can't do that forever though, as it isn't very healthy for me. I've been advis…

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  • Let the Flame of Miraculous Ladybug Burn

    As you have seen in Troublemaker Adrien invites Marinette to one of his photoshoots. I really hope we get to see that scene. I have made up a story of what may happen.

    Adrien goes to the photoshoot and Marinette is in his car. People take photos of them when they come out of the car. They call Marinette Adrien's girlfriend. Marinette is too surprised of being here that Adrien takes her hand and leads her to the photoshoot place while telling her that everything is alright that she is amazing. Adrien begins the photoshoot and the photographer says that they need Marinette. Both of them start modelling together.

    Suddenly it starts raining but the photographer doesn't mind he is determined to go on but Adrien and Marinette don't know this and …

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  • Furryball

    i am really excited about new episodes,but worried too. i am worried if dates change

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  • NegaCatgirl10


    June 22, 2018 by NegaCatgirl10

    Hi!  I am Catgirl10, from All About Cats wiki.  This is my first blog post.

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  • Miraculousladylove173
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  • FluffyMermaid78

    I’m new...

    June 21, 2018 by FluffyMermaid78

    I occasionally look at this wiki so I can find out about new leaks, but I have decided to maybe make this one of my main wikis. Technically I joined this wiki in April, but that was just to correct a typo in an article. I am new to this community though. So here are some things to know about me.

    -You can call me Fluffy.

    -I am a girl.

    -I love Pokémon. (Mew is my favorite.)

    -I live in the United States.

    -I love Miraculous Ladybug.

    So yeah, that’s really it.

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  • Miraculousladylove173


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  • Miraculor

    What we know

    June 17, 2018 by Miraculor

    we all know the miraculous season 1 and season 2 .zag ethier said that season two of miraculous was ethier going to come out in  2018. we still need to know what happend to the rest of season 2 . I guess zag and producers are way behind schelde (sorry if im spelling things wrong and some spoilers).the miraculous movie was going to come out next year instead it will come out 2 years from now.we also know that adrien knows marinette likes him . way to go adrien.And we also know the love story (ladrien,marichat,ladynoir,adrinette).and  master fu is totally hiding something isen't episode 18 of season 2 which hasen't come out yet is called queen (something ).we still don't know why hawkmoth want's the miraculous yes to be the most powerf…

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  • TheLadyBlog22

    On their way out, they met up with Alya. "Hey Girl!" Alya shouted towards Marinette. "Hi Alya. This is Abby, the new transfer student." Marinette said introducing Abby."Hey! Sick outfit!" Alya complemented her. "Thanks!" said Abby.

    After that the three started walking towards the school. As they approached the enterance, Marinette stopped right in her tracks."Oh Abby, I totally forgot to tell you.... There's this mean girl, Chloe, in our class who always picks on "the newbies" in school. So if she says anything horrible about you don't take it personal, okay." Marinette explained. But before Abby could respond to Marinette,

    "Marinette, what are you taking about? Calling her a mean girl is an understatement. She's a demon in pink lip gloss!" …

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  • TheLadyBlog22

    "Marinette, what time is it?" Tikki asked. Marinette took out her phone to show Tikki. "Seven o'clock. Why?" she answered, with a question.

    "Well, your kinda... late for school." her kwami said.

    On her way out of the bakery, Marinette saw someone very familiar. "Strange." she whispered under her breath.

    "Oh, hey!" the person cheerfully greeted her.

    "I heard that you're the class representative at my new school." she continued. "Marinette, right? I'm a transfer student of Collège Françoise-Dupont. Today's my first day! I'm Abigail but you can call me Abby, if you want." she finished, putting her hand out for Marinette to shake.

    "Hi umm, Abby, what classes are you in?"

    "Miss Bustier I think, but I'm not really sure about my science teacher" Abby r…

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  • TheLadyBlog22

    "Oh, sorry." she said sheepishly while backing away.

    "My name's Abby. I don't really live in France, well not yet." she admitted.

    "I'm from California. I came here to visit Paris 'cause I'm a huge fan of y-" 

    "Wait! Did you just say California? As in The States!" Ladybug cheered excitedly. She had never been to The States before, although she had heard of all the amazing things that went on in "the other side of the world" as the Parisians called it, she had never gotten even a chance to go. Unfortunately, Marinette's thoughts were all interrupted by Cat Noir.

    "Umm, M'lady? You okay?" said Cat Noir cautiously waving his in front of Ladybug eyes."Uh yeah, I'm fine." she said trying to reassure her partner.

    "Well anyways, why was that akuma chasi…

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  • TheLadyBlog22

    All of a sudden, there was a large commotion.

    Crash! Bang! Crack!

    The sound seemed to be coming from around the block.

    "Help! Please! Somebody help me! Please!" called the voice of a young woman. "Quick Cat Noir, let's go!" Ladybug yelled, signaling for Cat Noir to follow behind her. When they finally had arrived at where the yelling was taking place they couldn't believe their eyes. Everyone had already evacuated the area in order to avoid being akumatized!

    A certain dark butterfly was flying towards a young girl who they had heard screaming earlier. She had long beautiful blonde hair which she wore in a long braid secured with a pink ribbon and her eyes were a blend of red and blue. She wore a pink dress with a sparkly silver belt, followed …

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  • TheLadyBlog22

    "Marinette, are you sure this is going to work?" her kwami questioned with a nervous look in her eye.

    "I'm sure Tikki. It'll be just fine!" Marinette said, confidence showing in her voice. Then just all of a sudden, Marinette's phone started ringing. She quickly ran over to the phone to see who was calling her.

    "Hey girl!" Alya said with a sparkle in her eyes."Hi Alya" Marinette said while Tikki found a decent hiding spot.

    "So....What's your plan for getting me an exclusive on Cat Noir?" Alya beamed."Uh, it's complicated. But I'll call you back when I'm ready! Okay?" Marinette said. "Okay M. See you at school tomorrow." said Alya. "See ya, bye!" Marinette said and hung up the phone.

    Marinette glanced at the time on her phone. "Oh no Tikki, we'…

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  • TheLadyBlog22

    The next day, Marinette was rummaging frantically through her room.

    "Tikki." Marinette said getting the attention of her kwami, who at the time was feasting on a cookie."Do you know where my backpack is?" she asked. "One your back" the kwami answered with a mouthful of cookie.

    Marinette smiled lightly and motioned for Tikki to fly into her purse. She went downstairs said good morning and good bye to her parents and headed straight for school.

    Marinette met up with Alya at the entrance.

    "Hey Alya!" Marinette yelled and waved to her best friend just as she was about to walk in.

    "Hey girl! What's up?"Alya said.

    "Nothing much. How 'bout you? Marinette said smiling.

    "I'm still aiming for that exclusive on Cat Noir." Alya said biting her lip. "Cat Noir…

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  • TheLadyBlog22

    It was a Friday night, and Marinette didn't have a clue who to write about for her school project about inspiration.

    "Tikki, what do I do? The project's due by next Wednesday and I can't think of anyone!" Usually what inspired her most was the amazing land marks or architecture of the buildings Paris is famous for. For example, the Eiffel Tower, or even the grand Louvre Museum. But the project was about a person who inspired her, not a building.

    She could have just wrote about her parents. Her parents inspired her the most, or at least she thought. But she figured that all the kids were going to write about their parents. Marinette wanted her report to be extra special, none like anyone had ever seen!

    "Oh Marinette, it's simple. Who inspires …

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  • The mouse24

    Hi there. I just want say that is Pretty annoying that i often see comments like ”when does the other part of season 2 comes out on Netflix” and before season 2 was on Netflix i readed a lot of comments like ” WHY DID NETFLIX DELAY SEASON 2” and ”when does season 2 comes out in the US”.

    I have had these thougths for a white now and I just want write them.

    I dont mean anything mean by it and I’m sure that not everyone does this but I just wanted to say that foreingers may thinks that that is annoying that you write so much about season 2 on Netflix

    You can continue if you want :D Sorry for my bad english

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  • TeddyXoXo

    Does anyone suspect adrien knows marionette ladybug? In episode 17 season 2 last clip adrien looks at marinette by the side i think he looked at her earrings but it's just my open mind lol well what do u thin?k

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  • Jeanne68

    Salutations! I finally got around to finishing my crossover with RWBY! (Well, half of it at least....)

    If you haven't seen the anime RWBY, you should definitely watch it! It's all available on Youtube, and although the animation is bad at first, it gets better, purr-omise!

    So, without further ado..

    I present to you.. Miraculous RubyBug!

    I have to admit one thing though.. I didn't draw all of it. I did everything except the eyes, which I copy-pasted from a picture of Ruby. Because I've spent literally an hour, just drawing and redrawing her eyes... and eventually I gave up. So yeah. Please don't get mad at me XD

    Apart from that, constructive critism is welcomed! I love getting feedback on my art :)

    I'm planning to draw Jaune as Chat Noir next.. …

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  • Friend6095

    I don't have much to say on this episode so I'll keep it short.

    • Fill My Shoes looks pretty cool. It was funny to see Jagged Stone as a baker
    • Jagged Stone is awesome as always. Honestly, I'd buy one of his albums. Too bad he's a cartoon character
    • Adrien's face when he saw all the pictures of him in Marinette's bedroom was hilarious, yet he still couldn't put all the pieces together
    • Oh well. At least Adrien no longer sees Marinette as a friend but a fan instead, so I'd say that's progress. Can't wait to see them as a couple though.
    • It was really funny to see Marinette's mom get all angry and start doing karate moves with a baking utensil. To be honest, it kind of makes me want to know what Marinette's parents are like as akumatized villains.

    • I lov…

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  • SuperStarIris

    Fill My Shoes

    June 16, 2018 by SuperStarIris

    ''''' is a live-recorded television show on KIDZ+.The show revolves around a person taking the place of another person and doing their job.

    • Alec Cataldi

    • Jagged Stone as a baker
    • Nono Ruru as a princess

    • Tom Dupain
    • Marinette Dupain-Cheng
    • Hana Amour
    • Aizaki Rosette
    • Lulu Cheng
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  • Jazz1010

    Kwami Powers

    June 16, 2018 by Jazz1010

    In Season 2 epesoide 14  (Syren) Master Fu had to find the underwater power so Ladybug and Cat noir could stop her. After some help from Marinette he made all the potions and gave them to Marrinette and Adrian to keep until needed. Marrinette made her potions into Macrons and Master Fu made them into cheese for Plagg.

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  • Monkeydogm

    guess what, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    nenos's kwami will be called wayezz. I do not know if I am spelling that right.

    I think bracelets come off to easy!!!

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  • Monkeydogm

    I love miraculous!!!

    June 16, 2018 by Monkeydogm

    Why did alya not get to keep trix her kwami???!!!

    alya was a natrual!!! she is an amazing super hero.

    alya will be a very good super hero just like how chloe will be a good queen bee.

    sorry my page was short, im new.

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  • Adriennette4life


    There might actualyy be spelling mistakes so please read at own accord 

    Also guys pls comment should I keep it as an Mathaniel fanfic or an Adriennette fanfic 

    Also thank you so much for those supportive comments I hoped someone would read it on wattpad but then I deleted the story so i might rewrite it on wattpad and fan fiction I'm still sorting out my my wattpad account even though I've had it for almost 2 as well as I have an account (actually I've actually had it for 1-2 months) but I need to set it up properly but rest assured as soon as I get it in order I'll notify all of you .:D ^_~


    Marinette and Adrien have finally decided how they are going to forward theri relationships with the people they love.Marinette w…

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  • WonderKittyPokemon


    June 13, 2018 by WonderKittyPokemon

    It is to be noted that Bridgette is the original concept of Marinette, and only appeared in the PV.

    Bridgette is the holder of the Ladybug Miraculous in the Miraculous Ladybug PV, is ditsy, much like Marinette, and is also infatuated with the holder of the Black Cat Miraculous, although she is very obvious in how she feels about him. She is similar to Marinette in many ways, such as how she thwarts Félix's affections when he is Cat Noir but flips the tables when out of costume.

    Gender: Female

    Full name: Bridgette (Last Name Unknown)

    Superhero Identity: Ladybug

    Species: Human

    Age: 14

    Occupation: Student, Supehero

    Affiliations: Miraculous Holder

    Friends: Tikki

    Love Interests: Félix Agreste

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  • Monkeydogm

    all people should be heros. that means you.

    how adrien gets his miraculas.

    he helps master fu when he falls. that was nice of him!

    how marrinette gets her miraculas

    when master fu is crossing the street she helps him not get ran over by a car.

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  • Jallybug

    I am now watching the episode 16 I am excited about the announcement but I noticed something  Adrien photos

    The first picture This picture was taken when Adrien was talking to Ladybug In one of the episodes that forgot her name 

    The second pictures are in the episode that Adrien got on the blue scarf 

    The pictures row when Adrien wanted to switch to cat noir

    The question here comes how Marinette brought the pictures

    I have a theory I think Marinette has set up surveillance cameras or something like that Frankly I do not know Tell me your opinion And tell me if you have a theory see you soon I love you so much guys 💗💗💖

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  • DeeyaB


            I think that Gabriel Agreste’s (Hawk Moth) passion to obtain the miraculous of LB (Ladybug) and CN (Cat/Chat Noir) is for the wish they’ll provide. I believe his witch will be to revive/ bring back his wife (Emilie), who died recently. She died a few months to a year before the time that Gabriel and Adrien moved to Paris. The part about a few months to a year is important because as you all know, Adrien’s house is FULL of the butterfly symbol, and even has a special window and basement with similar “butterfly/moth” windows. This means that the house was likely built around 3 months to a year BE…

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  • Jallybug

    Read the rules

    June 8, 2018 by Jallybug

    Today I want to tell new users There are some new users who have not read the rules They ask many questions about when to become an employee and many things I just want to tell if I have any new user questions I just want to say do not hesitate to ask the question if the questions related to rules and you did not read the rules are better to read the rules Thank you :) This talk to new users 

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  • Miraculous2
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  • MarmitaMorangona


    June 6, 2018 by MarmitaMorangona

    I’m new in this wiki

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  • Benjie50
    This article will cover which person caused who to be akumatized.

    "Bubbler" - Gabriel Agreste

    "Mr Pigeon" - Roger Raincomprix

    "Stormy Weather" - General Public (Alec Cataldi)

    "Timebreaker" - Chloé Bourgeois and Marinette 

    "Copycat" - Cat Noir

    "The Pharoah" - Mr. Kubdel

    "Lady Wifi" - Chloé Bourgeois

    "Evillustrator" - Chloé Bourgeois

    "Rogercop"- Mayor Bourgeois

    "Dark Cupid" - Chloé Bourgeois

    "Horrificator" - Chloé Bourgeois (Ivan did it by accident)

    "Darkblade" - Mayor Bourgeois (General Public)

    "The Mime" - Chris

    "Princess Fragrance" - Chloé Bourgeois

    "Ladybug & Cat Noir: Origins Part 1" - Lê Chiên Kim

    "Ladybug & Cat Noir: Origins Part 2" - Mylène Haprèle (By accident)

    "Animan" - Lê Chiên Kim

    "Simon Says" - Gabriel Agreste

    "Pixelator" - Penny Rolling

    "Guitar V…

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  • Adriennette4life

    Things in Italics are thoughts

    Mathaniel-ship (Marinette +Nathaniel)

    Marinette pov

    (currently they are in Marinette’s room)

    “Tikki, u know what, tomorrow is the day I’m gonna tell Adrien how I feel about him or at least I want to know if he started to *l-i-i-i-k-e me yet like I *l-i-i-i-k-e him”, I said I was so excited about the idea that I’d come up with I could practically burst.

    Tikki looked at me clearly surprised by the sudden suggestion I had made”, I’m so proud of you Marinette you’ve finally decided to get this over and done with but what exactly are you planning on doing because knowing u you’re not gonna risk going in public and confessing to him there so what have you’ve got planned. “

    I looked at Tikki excited that I had her support …

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  • Jeanne68

    Secret Agent AU

    June 4, 2018 by Jeanne68

    So, my friend was playing around with an avatar creator and made this gem:

    And when I saw it, I had a thought.. Secret Agent AU.

    Any writers here feel free to take this prompt, just send me the link so I can read your fanfic!

    Setting: Present Day

    Master Fu has chosen Marinette and Adrien to be secret agents. They're fighting against a rogue agent, codenamed Hawkmoth. Lucky Charm analyses the situation and provides LB with the item she needs, Cataclysm destroyes a specific item using laser tech. Both are power draining, so they only have a short amout of time left before the CPU disguise wears out.

    Tikki and Plagg are AIs, or mentors, you choose.

    Anywho, I hope someone enjoys this.. I might write my own if no-one else does. 

    Bug out! -Jeanne 04:49…

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  • Feistyyy

    Jallybug and Ano (Anoara) are friends again EEEE!
    Go write on their message wall something supportive eeeeeee xoxo !!

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  • Adrians0bae0he0is0BAE


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  • TheLadyBlog22

    "What happened?"concern showed in Marinette's voice. Cat Noir looked away saying nothing. It was that very moment Marinette finally realized she was the cause of her partner's misery. It was her. Ladybug!!! Marinette had replayed that memory inside her head dozens of times but apparently she missed something. She was so caught up in the thought of Cat Noir that she forgot about herself. She kept trying to remember what she had said to him in her head until it hit her....
    "Y-yes"she had said to Cat Noir, but Marinette wasn't quite sure what she had "Y-yes" to.
    "And I uh, asked her if she thought that I would be disappointed if I knew who she wa-"Cat Noir stopped mid sentence at the sight of something truly astonishing. He had his eyes locked …

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  • TheLadyBlog22

    That night all Marinette could think about was Cat Noir.
    Were they a thing?Did he think they were a thing?Why the heck am I calling it a thing?Marinette could barely get any sleep. All she knew was that she had been comfortable. Her head on his shoulder. His arm around her. Oh no!!!Realization had finally struck her (it hit me in the face). She was falling for him...big time!She wanted to talk to Tikki about it but she was worried that Tikki would do her "I told you so dance" and bat her eyes and make kiss noises even though she knew that kiss noises weren't happening anytime soon.
    "What should I do?"she thought to herself in the middle of the night. Tikki woke up to Marinette thinking to herself out loud.
    "What are you doing Marinette?"Tikki…

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  • TheLadyBlog22

    Ladybug was swinging across the rooftops of Paris to find a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower and the full moon that was rising behind it. Finally, she found it. She sat down smiling, and admiring the beautiful city that she lived in.
    "Well, you seem to be in a good mood."Cat Noir said sitting down to join Ladybug.
    "Doesn't curiosity kill the cat?"said Ladybug with a smug smile on her face.
    "Okay, ha ha, very funny."said Cat Noir sarcastically
    "Okay well, if you really wonna's my birthday"Ladbug said still smiling.
    "Well in that case"Cat Noir said with a cheshire cat grin. He was reaching for something behind his back. Then Ladybug looked back again to admire the Eiffel Tower, until she heard a thump. She looked back at Cat Noir only t…

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  • Veroica25

    veronica25 14:33, June 1, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Let the Flame of Miraculous Ladybug Burn

    Hi everyone, I have got a theory why Cat Noir wasn't in the Season 3 poster.

    What if in the last episode Ladybug was captured by Gabriel Agreste while he was explaining the secret underground tunnel. Gabriel Agreste tells Ladybug about how he wanted to revive Emilie. Marinette felt sorry for Gabriel Agreste and agreed to let Gabriel Agreste use her miraculous. Adrien has already agreed because he wants his mother revived back to. But this is Gabriel Agreste we are talking about so he betrays Ladybug and Cat Noir and wants to keep their Miraculous. Adrien makes a deal with Gabriel that he has to let go Ladybug with her Miraculous in exchange for Adrien to work for Haawk Moth (this is where Hawk Moth gets a helper). Cat Noir makes this sacrif…

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  • SoraKyatto

    Hi everyone on my profile! I love miraculous ladybug as you can see! I make mistakes in edits sometimes but I hope you understand! I also like Violet Evergarden, Sword Art Online, Inuyasha, Your lie in Abril, and more! So I love to create theories of new episodes so ask me if you want an extra theory! Sorry for all of the '!' lol! Anyway, please tell me if there is any new news! Have a great day!

    Sora is out

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  • Feistyyy


    May 30, 2018 by Feistyyy

    Don't reply to ya self. That's just sad. #marichatforthewin

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  • LuckyMuddypawthewolf

    HI everyone!

    This blog is dedicated to easter eggs that you find in the show!

    Comment if you guys find any!

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  • Jallybug

    Game miraculous

    May 28, 2018 by Jallybug

    Hello I would like to ask today How much do you rate on the game Miraculous I'll give it eight out of ten

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  • Elliebell818

    Family Theory

    May 27, 2018 by Elliebell818

    So I have heard this theroy recently about the miraculous parents. Think about this

    • Ladybug and Chat Noir were Emilee and Gabriel
    • Marinette's parents each owned a miraculous
    • Chloe's parents each owned a miraculous

    Then one day master fu takes away all the miraculous(because he had to idk) and switches Gabriel's for the butterfly and Emile's for the peacock. That could explain why Gabriel and Andre have been good friends. It also explains why hawkmoth knew what the ladybug and cat noir miraculouses were in the first place. That my friends would be cool...........

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  • Kayley Ballinger

    peacock miraculous holder?

    i beileive the peacock miraculous holder will be natalie gabrials helper or something 

    well every kwami is ussaly different then the holder like tikki and marienette tikki is more confident and will do anything to make sure marinette doesint reavel her secret identity and then marienette is clumbsy and not confident she counts more on her bff alya then herself but she is very sweet

    i think duhuu is the name of the peacock kwami but anyways duhuu is emotinal very emotinal well on the other hand natalie is organised and responsisibal 

    but some people think its juleka but i dont know how she would get it like would gabrial loose it somehow and she finds it and does not understand what it is duhuu will tell her about th…

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  • Kayley Ballinger

    who to ship?

    there are so many miraculous ships i dont think anyobdy can choose who to ship with who! so here are my ships!

    Rose X Juleka why do i ship rose X juleka because HAVE YOU NOT SEEN HOW CUTE THEY ARE TOGETHER

    Adrien X Marienette why because its the number one ship

    Alya X Nino why because they are cute together and they got locked up in a cage together by ladybug and AAAWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEE IT WAS AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!


    Marienette X Cat noir/Chat noir why? because its the same this as Adrien X Marienette!

    those are all the ships i can think of right now thank you for reading this oh and Ladybug X Cat noir/Chat noir why? just watch dark cupid and find out

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