• Miraculoussimplydabest

    Hi there peeps! its me again. anyway thanks for letting me share that with you all! , anyways let's gety back to the topic here this is why i love miraculous , I love it because it sparks adtventure into kids all around the world and increases kids imagination to have hope or to dream of being a hero of the world and the people in it . Another reson why i like miraculous is because the character's are so charming and funny the actually have a sence of humor , And the last reson that i love miraculous is because the creator of miraculous aka thomas austruc  actually  started miraculous when he drew comics and then he  became a part of ZAG animations he is also the writer and director of miraculous!  Thanks for letting me share  resons why i…

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    Write the first paragraph of your page here.

    Mari aka LB has been a loving character throughout the show , during season 1 she fights almost all her freinds and or classmates. as seen in this video ------------------------->

    Helping freinds and kwamis! : Mari has  been helpin alot of people / classmates/ akumatized villans troughout season 1 , she has worked with jaged stone , and lila or aka " Volpina "  as seen in the 2nd photo down below >>>>>> hope you guys like my blog byee!

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    When adrein 1st met plagg , aderin 1st met plagg when he was given the miracuilos , master fu liked how adrein help him because he thought that he was a good boy. Adrein is a depressed boy with family secrets and problems , depending on how crule and cold gabreil is to his own son , thats pretty harsh. You can easyliy see that aderins father is hawkmoth because the both have the cold depressing voice! ok well that's all i have for today peps!  Read more >
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    Hello peps! , today we will be talking about the fox miraculous , in episode 10 of season 2 , ladybug gives her friend Aly the fox miraculous, during the episode she calls herself " Rena Rouge " , chat is surprised that their is another super heroine in Paris to help him and LB , but during the last part of the episode Aly gives LB back the fox miraculous! , can you believe that?! , Aly was sooo close to becoming a super heroine to stay and help the team but I guess not :( Anyways , Rena Rouge aka Aly will be a staying character but not until like episode 24 or something that was from the miraculous official instagram page! also if you want to follow me on instagram my username is __authenticbubbles__ ok that's all for now peps! bye! :)

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  • Miraculoussimplydabest

    Ship number 1: marichat ,  the 2nd most wanted to happen ship in the show , while in seson 1 one  the episode " evilastrator", chat has an interfernce with mariette. Everyone in the fandom thinks that chat and mari would be a great ship/or couple , because in season 2  episode " the glaciator " . ladybug proves that she loves someone else otherwise known as adrein. Then later in the episode the "glactator " , chat sets up a date with LB but she dosen't come :( , then chat sees mari in her apartment staring at the stars , daydreaming, then chat goes to her and talks with her , she offers to spend the date with chat and  chat is happy :) , That's all for today peps ,  more facts and ships coming next week! Btw: next weeks topic will be , fac…

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  • ThatsSomeKitten
    1. (SPOILER ALERT!) Hello, i am here to just talk about my opinions on the Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episodes, this will frequently get updated, if i hadn't updated, it means i haven't watched the episode yet, you can also state your opinions in the comment section, now, you can look at my opinions.

    EP 1. Collector: Tbh i didn't really fangirl or overreact just because Gabriel was Hawkmoth, i already sensed it a long time ago. But this episode was super good! I was just annoyed that Ladybug and Cat Noir didn't find out Gabriel was Hawkmoth, but hey, the drama doesn't start at episode 1 right?

    EP 2. Despair Bear: I liked this episode too, but wait, you know what? I like all of the Miraculous Ladybug episodes! When i saw Despair Bear, i felt li…

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  • ImAWierdoForMiraculous

    Sooooo I was thinking, if Ladybugs eyes and hair doesn't change but Cat Noir's does, why did Alya show marinette a picture of Adrien with scribbled Cat Noir clothes and that on but everyone has zero idea of who ladybug is? Confusing right?

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  • Alexiel Lucifen

    After receiving new information, mainly Nooroo's duty and representation it got me wondering what the others represents. My first thought is that the highest seven of what I would like to call the Quantic Pantheon are like Harmonic Kwamis, the keep balance in the would. The evidence I have for this is the yin and yang symbolize in the middle of what looks like a flower on the top layer. Being the their are five other Miraculouses that main two I'm guessing that that represent the five elements in the Chinese elements. I have given much though are what they may be.

    Harmonic Kwamis
    God Animal Representation Domain Elemental Representation Transformation Phrase Other Notes
    Tikki Ladybug Quantic Goddess of Creation Light "Tikki, Spots on!" W…

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  • Crryrsurr Rrr432236


    January 12, 2018 by Crryrsurr Rrr432236

    Hi guys today I’m going to talk about tiki and plagg .well as you know tiki is a Little ladybug and plagg is a cat. You know plagg and tiki are not real

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  • Littlejonnyjoe

    I still have crippling depression because I have to wait for Miraculous season 2. People don't know how hard this is. I want to know what happens with Ladybug and Chat Nior!! Do they ever know why each others real identity? Or will Adrien/Chat Nior find out that his father is Hawkmoth?!! THE WORLD MWY NEVER KNOW!!! I really hope these few months go by fast so it doesn't feel like forever until I get to see this season. Bacon will be back for another talk. Bye bye.

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  • Gi.desk21

    Hello! So, I have heard something that Marinette is supposed to destribute some of the new miraculouses. We know if you are following the spoilers that Alya gets the fox, Chloe gets the bee, and nino will get the turtle. I do not know if this is true but I believe Marinette will be handing out the new miraculouses. She probably gives the fox one the Alya, but she may give the turtle one to Adrien to get closer to him. Adrien, already having a miraculous, will hand it off to Nino. I do not know how Chloe will get the bee miraculous, but from one of the script spoilers, she does reveal who she is to the public as soon as she gets the miraculous. 


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  • Strawberry.jewels

    Le Paon = ?

    December 31, 2017 by Strawberry.jewels

    Okay so here's my "theory" on who Le Paon is going to be:

    I searched it up and one website says that peacock feathers are considered "unlucky," and the peacock is "a symbol of vanity and beauty." Apparently, if you see a peacock in your dream, it symbolizes "birth, resurrection, and new life."

    To be honest I think Mrs. Agreste would get it because when Hawk Moth said he had to fulfill that one wish and I think that one wish is to revive Mrs. Agreste? So if Mrs. Agreste is actually dead, then she could be resurrected and possibly, like Master Fu said, her new life would change something about her. 

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  • Rhavkin

    New Heroes vs. New Villains

    December 31, 2017 by Rhavkin

    We may not have names or appearances, but judging by the (shadowed) Akumatized Villains, when do you think each new hero will debut? Spoilers.

    • I think that "The Queens' Fight" is a high probability. I think Malediktor is André Bourgeois and it will be Chloé's chance to stand out from being "the mayor daughter".
    • Sapotis when Alya's sister are akumatized it might gives her a clear "I need to do more" vibe.
    • When Chris (Lahiffe) will appear is a possibility, but I have a feeling something like the mermaid villains because of a water theme (bubbles, turtle).
    • Captain Hardrock, to me, look a little like Anansi's. Something about the physical fighter against the pirate seem interesting.

    What do you think?

    Post Sapotis update:

    I'm changing\adding a topic.…

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  • Elliorosio23


    December 29, 2017 by Elliorosio23

    Hi Guys, sorry if I hadn't posted in wiki in a while.. This is my new blog

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  • CandleRei

    The Queen's Fight

    December 28, 2017 by CandleRei

    Hey, after reading through 'The Queens Fight' article on the wiki, it got me thinking.

    Will Chloe get her miraclous before or after Queen Wasp....because if its before, that means Pollen could get akumatised.

    Or it could be like Antibug and she becomes Queen Wasp because of Style Queens influence (since she is gonna more that a one-hit villan).

    Anybody else got any theories on whats gonna happen in this three part battle or another clue in whats happing with Chloe in this?

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  • Carystheravenclaw


    December 27, 2017 by Carystheravenclaw

    Hello I'm Carys the ravenclaw and I like Harry Potter and Miraculous ladybug. I'm really happy to be anyones internet bestfriend and I'm gonna join heaps of discussions. Bye for now :)

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  • Puppy081

    this for fans! blog 1

    December 25, 2017 by Puppy081

    hello, fans!

    I so like Lady-Bag, and that's why I write it's now.
    I have so many theorys, and I go to write about them in my blog.

    Let's started!

    In this picture we can see tow dragons save on the miraculous, remember that's.

    In this picture, we see the dragons fight on miraculous, remember that's.

    We kmow about the special movie, when lady-bag in china. We see in the picture dragon, maybe the dragon save on important thing from people, Like miracukous, cuse that's very important and dangers, Like the dragons on the box.
    Maybe lady bag need to fight the dragon, like in the picture 2, There we see her power fight the dragons. More proof, its this pictures, there we see old lady-bags fight the dragon.

    More proof:
    We can see pi…

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  • CleffaGirl

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    December 25, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    Well, what it says in the title.

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  • Marichatshipper1

    There has been lots of hype about the balcony scene and i would like to contribute.

    Marichat is the most popular ship but so far it hasnt had any moments in season 2. Rumor has it that it will be in episode 9 Glaciator but we have yet to learn if its true or not. There is many leaked photos and videos of it in its early and most recent stages but nobody really knows what is going to happen. Many miraculers posted the script and noted chat saying something along the lines of: tonight its only me and you,If that doesnt make you scream inside then i dont know what will but lets just say we are all excited. 

    This blog is for those who wanted to learn a little bit about the balcony scene since many might not have access to recources regarding the…

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  • Marichatshipper1

    disclaimer: Im not new to miraculous ladybug since I've watched it from when they started releasing season 1 episodes but this is my very first article so please keep this in mind and most of this is my opinion. Whether u agree or not please do not judge this. Thank you

    New miraculous holder: Queen bee

    we all know that chloe is going to become Queen bee but how? Marinette and Adrien were given their miraculous after doing an act of kindness and heroism. But i don't believe Chloe has the heart to do anything like this. I also think its highly unlikely that she will steal one even though her character is mean enough. so here comes the theory- she becomes kind....

    Chloe becomes a kind character

    Right now it is quite hard to believe since she is i…

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  • Renapace Bee

    As some people may have noticed, lately I've been putting comments up on different Villain pages, with theories I make up on the spot about the identities.

    You can believe them if you want, you can take them apart if you want, I don't really care. But please remember that I'm making these up as I go along, and it's ALL JUST FOR FUN. Please don't make fun of any of them, because that can ruin it for others. 

    I also wanted to make this post as a list of who I've done. I'll be adding to it every time I write a new one, so feel free to check back regularly. You can find the full theories on the villains' pages.

    1. August's mother is Style Queen

    2. Sabrina's mother is Queen Wasp

    3. Kim's mother is Captain Hardrock

    4. Audrey Bourgeois is the Unnamed P…

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  • Coffee Blanket Chat Noir

    I'm sure there are multiple blogs on this fandom called the ladyblog, so i'm doing something different! hope you read every now and then!

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  • Coffee Blanket Chat Noir

    HI! I'm going to try to keep this short and simple, nothing more than a spot to come for everyday info when needed.

    if you are new to the miraculous fandom, welcome! and if you are simply reading this because you are bored, well you might learn something new, but the three points i am documenting in this is casual miraculous info that if you have been here for long you probably already know. but please, read anyway.

    number 1: many people have come to me and asked what gives Ladybug and Cat Noir their powers. now you might think: 'well duh! their miraculous!' and i did too, but its actually the Kwami. the miraculous is simply a container to hold the Kwami until it has a holder. the Kwami itself holds the superpowers that changes the human int…

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  • Pebble19

    Miraculous Movie

    December 10, 2017 by Pebble19

    I know you all think that having a live action Miraculous movie is a bad idea because it could be criticised for whitewashing. Infact I do to. Maybe instead of live action, how about a mix of the show and the promotional promo? Zag already has the character design. Just adjust everyone a little bit and give it the theatrical look of the promo. And make it about the origins, and give it exposition.

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  • Princess of Harte

    Hi, everyone.

    December 8, 2017 by Princess of Harte

    Hi, everyone. I'm sorry for not being active. It's not that I don't mean to be; I got very sick both physically and mentally (mosly due to the physical sickness preventing me from succeeding academically, thus giving me quite a bit of anxiety). There was also a death in my family, one that I haven't mentioned on any social media accounts, so not even Tansy knew about it. I won't be active for the next week; I have finals coming up and I really need to focus on them as I have one class fewer than I did in the beginning of the year. All of my finals are essays, so I don't have much to worry about, but I still need to focus on them before I can focus here on the wiki. I should be back around Christmas. I hope you all understand. Thank you.


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  • Elliorosio23

    I AM MAD

    December 5, 2017 by Elliorosio23


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  • Ladybug345

    i think this is will be exciting/awesome because well, i think we get to see Marinette accidentally de-transforming in front of Cat Noir.

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  • Elliorosio23

    internet safety

    December 4, 2017 by Elliorosio23

    Never share personal info thar's real, only fake things, especially your address, that's really important, guys.

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  • CleffaGirl


    December 3, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    Since I don't want to blame the Miraculous crew.......

    I BLAME GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Ovidiu Ababei

    It's really?

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  • PuppyHeart1237

    The painting of Mrs.Agreste is what we know so far is that it has a safe behind it that it has stuff behind it to remember her by. We also know it has a secret code to go to Hawk Moth’ liar. Mrs.Agreste disappeared a little bit way before Adrien Agreste started school.

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  • QueenTiger


    November 28, 2017 by QueenTiger

    Hi i'm new I don't know much about this wiki but it seemed cool (And I do watch Miraculous Ladybug)

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  • Pebble19

    How would Ladybug get rid of all te damage?

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  • Pebble19

    She would cry and say sorry to Marinette for ever bullying her. Or, she would burst out laughing because she would think it’s ridiculous.

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  • Flame39

    Who Is Queen Bee?

    November 26, 2017 by Flame39

    Hello! I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, so please help me out. Who do you think Queen Bee is? I’ve looked for show clues, but nothing! Help meeee! My brain is gonna explode if I don’t know!

    Flame39 (talk) 03:57, November 26, 2017 (UTC)Flame39

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  • Dragonwisher56

    I'm new

    November 20, 2017 by Dragonwisher56

    Hi! i'm new to this wiki! I love it so far! anyway I just wanted to say hi

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  • TheCourageousDovahkiin


    November 17, 2017 by TheCourageousDovahkiin

    The last blog post went a bit wrong I was supposed to write that blog as Light, Dark And Harmony Risen To Unison, so please forgive me, my brain's gonna run out of IQ soon ( thats a joke its not actually).

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  • TheCourageousDovahkiin

    New account

    November 17, 2017 by TheCourageousDovahkiin

    I've decided to make a new account because my lazy sister wants mine so look out for me my name is TheCourageousDovahkiin.

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  • Pecky08

    Here you can browse at the new kwamis and costumes that I made. I hope you like them! Comment below your ideas and I might share them!

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  • Thearomalady

    I was fixing a typo on Adrien's page and something happened and now the layout is messed up what did I do. I literally just changed the word "swallow" to "swollen" because "swallow ankle" makes no sense.

    What did I do?!

    Is making a blog post even the best way to go about fixing it or should I just go straight to an admin?

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  • Dianecat98

    So since Season 2 was leaked to have a non human which is a small robot to get akumatized by Hawk Moth in an episode. Chances are should we get an episode where Hawk Moth akumatizes a animal? I really hope we do eventually get an episode where a animal gets mainly akumatized by Hawk Moth, the closest one we got for an animal getting akumatized was Fang when he got akumatized into a dragon in the Guitar Villain episode but he was only indirectly akumatized because he was close to Jagged when Jagged got akumatized and not actual akumatized. If we were to get an episode where Hawk Moth akumatizes an animal as a actual akumatized victim, what animal should it be to get akumatized to an animal villain?

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  • Hawkmoth

    I honestly think that hawkmoth wants all the miraculous' to bring his wife back because in the episdoe 'Robostus' The robot who gets akumatized asks Hawkmoth why he wants the miraculous' and what they do and Hawkmoth replies "the grant you any wish" 

    idk just a thought

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  • CleffaGirl


    November 5, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    I'm the first person to earn the "Day is Saved" badge! Boo-yah!

    ...........................Am I popular now?

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  • GoldBloodType

    Hey guys! I can already find more than one ML episode on Youtube of fine quality. Yet I heard that they don't get released till December or in 2018.

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  • ElizabethVictoria00Catasthrophe

    Ok this is just my fanfic theory. So there's 6 miraculous hoders. A fox, peacock, moth, turtle, bee, cat and ladybug.

    First my theory is the one who is behind the mask.

    Ok first let's talk about the new volpina. So in the picture it doesn't look like Lila anymore. They made it in shadow so everybody will be thrilled to found out who they are.

    It looks like a some one in ponytail. It also looks like Alya - Marinette's best friend-. I think that Ladybug will be not sure to trust her because of Lila. She ask Volpina or Rena Rouge if she can trust her. Alya hug her and said that she can be trusted.

    Now the bee miraculous holder or Queen Bee. In this photo it looks like it's the same with Volpina. Someone in a ponytail. Many people said it's Chloe …

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  • ElizabethVictoria00Catasthrophe

    So when LadyBug or LB suspects Gabriel Agreste is Hawkmoth. Chat got nervous. It was seriously obvious that he is Adrien (which he is). He recognize all of the butterfly like designs all over his house. So Natalie is the only one (I think) that knows that Gabriel is Hawkmoth. So Yeah that's my MY theory. Bye

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  • RainbowUnicornSweetShake567

    All the characters info that we know

    Marinette- Marinette is a young designer who loves fashion, she wants to be a world famous fashion designer. She is always clumsy at times. She has a crush on Adrien Agreste son of Gabriel Agreste. Her best friend Alya helps her alot. Marinette has a secret she must keep from everyone!

    Adrien Agreste- Adrien Agreste is the son of Gabriel Agreste. Adrien is nice and shy person. He is a model who cares about his family,friends,and everyone. His mother disappeared before he started going to a real school, but no one knows where she is. Adrien has a crush in Ladybug. His best friend Nino always has his back. He has a secret he must keep from everyone!

    Chat Noir- Chat Noir is secretly Adrien Agreste who is gee…

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  • Jasmine nickolsmith

    happy to be her

    October 27, 2017 by Jasmine nickolsmith
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  • Princess of Harte

    Hello! This is a running timeline on all the currently known Miraculous holders. It will be in chronological order. Those whose time period is not known will be put in alphabetical order. Spoilers are hidden.

    Unknown ages include people with unknown time periods or speculated time periods.

    • Unnamed mage
      • Though not a weilder, he crafted the Miraculouses and therefore belongs on this list.

    Every other holder comes after these as they were the first.

    • Ancient Chinese Bee Miraculous holder
    • Ancient Chinese Cat Miraculous holder
    • Ancient Chinese Fox Miraculous holder
    • Ancient Chinese Ladybug Miraculous holder
    • Ancient Chinese Moth Miraculous holder
    • Ancient Chinese Peacock Miraculous holder
    • Ancient Chinese Turtle Miraculous holder
      • If this page doesn't exist, it …

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  • Archangel999

    I was wrong, I was completely wrong, There got that out of the way

    So we all know the news, So I have the confession to make to be honest the main reason I hated the Idea of Gabriel being Hawkmoth was that Hawkmoth … is a moron, We expected to believe that this is our main villain A Guy who can easily get his hand on the stones he wants so desperately for some reason and yet he does nothing, But now I taking a step back a rethinking that a bit. Which leads to the question, Is some kind of psychological warfare?

    See there are things That Hawkmoth did that just seemed stupid to me:

    He tells Lady Wifi to remove the mask and not the earrings (And We know, that he know how the stones work, so why?)

    He has A Miraculous RIGHT THERE He can easily use. …

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