• Lilanette


    September 19, 2017 by Lilanette

    I'm sorry about this, but I'm afraid I have to go inactive on this wiki again—possibly until Season 2, and possibly permanently. I'm going to be having classes and other commitments and I just don't think I'll be able to help out much on here. I still hope to drop by from time to time, but I can't guarantee it. Thanks for everything—y'all are great and this wiki is wonderful.

    (If you'd like to get in touch with me at any point in the future, I'd recommend messaging me on Tumblr!)

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  • CleffaGirl


    September 19, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    Anyone else want to see Nooroo with a nicer holder? Cause I do! #SaveNooroo 

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  • Dianecat98

    Miraculous Ladybug getting four more Seasons have been announce and with that Season 2 has a bunch of huge new things comming like Alya, Chole, and Nino becoming Miraculous heros. So with these huge announcements of the future of the show, it might lead to possiblities that Miraculous Ladybug might go through cerebus syndrome. But if the show is going to might go through cerebus syndrome which Season do you think will start off cerebus syndrome for Miraculous Ladybug, Season 2 or Season 3? I'm thinking that maybe Season 2 should be the start of cerebus syndrome for the show.

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  • Dianecat98

    So since Miraculous Ladybug is coming back in December with a second Season. There might be possibilities of some of the characters who we first saw in Season 1 that did not get akumatized might get akumatized in Season 2. So in that case, they announced that Adrien's father and Penny Rolling will get akumatized in Season 2, but what other characters that did not get akumatized yet do you think might get akumatized in Season 2? Put your comment on the bottom so that you can share your opinion.

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  • CleffaGirl


    September 16, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    How is everyone today?

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  • TheClydesdalePegasus149

    Hey guys, so if you happened to be in the loop right now then you already aware that the next ZAG Heroez show will rolling out sometime near the end of 2017. If you don't then it's alright. This show is called "Zak Storm: Super Pirate". Many days ago I've post a forum to announce that the show will be finally airing in the United States on September 16, 2017, thanks to the September highlight from the channel's press release website that was post back in around August 16, 2017.

    After that I often checked the Discovery Family website and their social media every day to see if the show is confirm to air on that date. And it did. Kind of. So this a problem I'm trying to figure out:

    • On August 28, 2017, Discovery Family's Twitter have retweet thi…
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  • CleffaGirl


    September 13, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    How ya doin'?

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  • Archangel999

    Soooo I’ve been gone for a long time, Guess I was too busy working on other stuff, Well a new Season is Finally coming up and interesting things are coming our way And the One I want to talk about in this new post Mainly BEES or Wasps really As we were revealed with Yellow Jacket, I mean Yellow Jacket, I MEAN, Queen Wasp.

    So Antibug 2.0? Most Likely, Thought while I’m wondering what this new Copycat will bring to the table see interesting because, She is (Most Likely) The First Akumatzied Miraculous Holder, Witch Now HawkMoth poses an even bigger threat, Now That Has the power to make Minions out of his enemies...Or Can he?

    Don’t get me wrong The Design speaks for itself, But I think It’s more than that At first glance, We assume that this …

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  • CleffaGirl

    Which Wait is Worse?

    September 8, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    The wait for new Steven Universe or the wait for new Miraculous Ladybug?

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  • CleffaGirl

    Kwami Movement

    September 6, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    I'm starting the #SaveNooroo movement. Who's with me?!

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  • CleffaGirl

    A thought

    September 5, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    If a Miraculous gets destroyed, what would happen to its kwami?

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  • CleffaGirl

    I have a feeling that the Snake Kwami will be named Hiss. Thoughts?

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  • LaRougeRaven

    Birthday Ladybug

    August 31, 2017 by LaRougeRaven

    So on my Facebook account, my profile photo is my Ladybug cosplay. I'm also part of a Child's Play fandom page (Chucky the killer doll). Anyway, I got a message from a man, that is in the Chucky page, and he was telling me that his daughter says hi, and that she loves me (loves Ladybug),.and that she wanted me to go to her birthday, but sadly he had to explain that I didn't live there. 

    When he told me this, I came up with an idea of sending her a custom made Birthday card with Ladybug on it, we also got into talks about me sending a Ladybug birthday video. Where I would make a video as Ladybug and send her a happy birthday.

    It makes me so happy that this cosplay has had such an effect on children. I mean, they don't see a girl dressed as La…

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  • PelizTheMiraculousPanda

    Hi, Miraculars. I've been on this wiki for a year now. It has a been fun, I met new users and engaged in fun discussions. When I initially began adding to this wiki, a lot of my edits were reverted, however, before long, my editing abilities improved. So many people were very friendly to me, I spoke to them a lot in chat, and will definitely miss them all. But since school is beginning, I believe it's the ideal opportunity for me to officially leave now and disable this account in September. I will still definitely be a miraculous fan, I will watch season 2 but will no longer contribute to this wiki. Thank you to everyone here for being supportive and gracious to me. I will remember that! Good luck and have fun, everybody! :)

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  • CrazyCamie456

    I'm currently going through every season 1 episode and a couple of other pages at random in order to update everything to the correct tense (almost always present). If someone wouldn't mind shadowing my edits and stuff and makig sure I don't break anything that would be actually fabulous.

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  • Robyn Grayson

    Hiya everyone. I realized I haven't really introduced myself to this community and I feel like editing a lot more here when I have the time to so I would like to get to know my future acquaintances.

    I guess this is the part where I talk about myself huh?

    Well, while my username is Robyn Grayson, you can call me Robyn, Rabyn or GMod(?) for short.

    I'm very good with coding, I lack in some areas though, here is a visual example:

    And I love Miraculous, Teen Titans, Steven Universe and Winx Club. I guess I also have off-ML wiki experience as staff so feel free to ask me for help with practically anything! I hope to get to know you all well and that you'll be alright having me! :)

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  • WilliamBillAmes

    Here is a link to the Miraculous Ladybug Wiki’s season 2 page where there are SPOILERS!

    However, there is a lot of news.

    19 Aug 17 - 12:15 PM

    Seeing "likes" for the posts from various groups. Hope it is causing some "hits" for the wiki.

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  • WilliamBillAmes

    I was discussing how there would be many AIs in our future and that they would not have gender. The individual I was talking with was thinking that they could be made to reflect a female gender. I asked what they meant by showing female gender. 

    Does anyone have an opinion what it would take to come across as female?

    If we assume that an AI might reflect a personality like Gandalf or Galadriel, powerful characters but exclude the specifics of voice, what would the AI creators use to show gender? 

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  • Justcommetingideers

    link is :

    P.S: NOT mine and SPOILT Alert if you already didn`t realized....

    P.S.S If you already watched this then too bad but I only came across it today:).

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  • MiraculouslyAwesome101

    Good Bye

    August 14, 2017 by MiraculouslyAwesome101

    hello.... and GOODBYE! im leaving cause this is to hard and confusing and i cant express my feelings! its apparently against the rules!! i know im acting like a Chloe im sorry!! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!! GOODBYE FOREVER!!!!

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  • MiraculouslyAwesome101

    Hello!! XD I'm going to answer Miraculous Questions!!! I will probably know must of your questions but keep in mind that i might not know the answer!! so just comment what your question about Miraculous!! Its like a Q&A!!

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  • MiraculouslyAwesome101

    I will be talking about the big REVEAL!! I think it will be where Ladybug and Chat noir find out each other identities!!!

    Theory 1

    So they are at school and the teacher announce that there will be a dance/ball! Of course Marinette wants to go with Adrien and Adrien wants to go with ladybug!! :/ Right after the teacher announce the big news an akuma attack begins!! Marinette and Adrien transform! FIGHT FIGHT and puns ;) before they leave Chat noir asked Ladybug of course she says no :( So Adrien goes to the dance with a friend group. (Marinette , Alya, and Nino) Chloe gets akumitezed cause Adrikins didn't say yes to her invite to go with her to the dance. Chloe trap Marinette and Adrien in a cage together XD They couldn't find a way out only …

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  • WilliamBillAmes

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  • HoneyCandiez

    I'm Back!

    July 29, 2017 by HoneyCandiez

    Hey guys! The wiki has been looking really incredible, thanks so much for working so hard on it!

    Just wanted to announce that I'm officially back on the wiki! I got hired to assistant teach at a pre-college summer program at my university, which took up almost all of my time! It was a pretty incredible experience though, there so many young and talented artists excited to share their work with the world.

    I should be back to editing frequently now! 

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  • DarkClaw3

    The Ladybug Musicals

    July 24, 2017 by DarkClaw3

    I started watching Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir towards the end of 2016, and, while i'm no super-fan or anything, its still grown on me quite a bit. Before discovering this Wiki, I thought the series was just a show about two teenagers who use confusing magical powers to fight an pathetically inept bad guy every week, but, as it turned out, there was more to it that that. Comics were no suprise, pretty much every good show at the moment has some sort of spin-off comic series, but I didn't expect there to be like 10 dozen different comic series' about the same show (an exageration, I know). However, what was pretty surprising was finding out that there was a movie in production too. Seriously? This show's been around for what, t…

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  • LEAL3811

    Hey peeps! This is my first post so I hope you are all satisfied with these facts (I'm not adding the ones that most people already know)...

    -There will be a T.V. chibi show.

    -The Collector will be the first episode of season 2.

    -There will be more Adrinette moments...

    -There will be rollerblading episode(s).

    -More info on Mrs. Bourgois.

    -Le Paon will appear in season 2 (at the end).

    -Jagged Stone's assistant and Laura Marano will be akumitized.

    -There will be a "BIG REVEAL."

    -I'm losing my sanity.

    Please comment if you have any more surprising facts! Bug Out!

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  • Hayashibiara

    I really am not sure, I've thought about it and heard people say Jagged Stone's assistant, but I don't really think she'd make Hawkmoth look weaker, I'd think she/he was akumatized, or sidekick something like that. Will it be someone we've already met in Season 1 or someone new?

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  • RoxLove15


    July 14, 2017 by RoxLove15

    Hey Miraculous Ladubug fans.

    I go by the name RoxLove15 and I just recently joined this wiki and I'm also really new to this fandom. I'm a fan of this T.V series though I'm not thoroughly familiar with it yet... Okay to be honest I haven't even watched one episode yet but nevertheless I like it. It's a show with a unique twist and great characters. The Miraculous Wikia is a great place to share your ideas and opinions on the show along with many other fans :)

    Thank you for reading my introduction (though I'm not actually sure if I'm allowed to do introductions in the blog section in this Wikia...)

    Happy editing and watching Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir episodes :)


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  • WilliamBillAmes

    Where does the power reign in the kingdom of the Kwami? Is it in the hands of Master Fu? He had in his possession five of the Miraculous and would that not be the most useful in defeating Hawk Moth (Le Papillon in the French version, which translates to "The Butterfly")? Using his akuma he seeks to obtain the Ladybug and Chat Noir Miraculous, believing they would give him ultimate power.

     When the humans are transformed by the Kwami we have witnessed they have access to abilities that are no less than Miraculous, as in “occurring through divine or supernatural intervention, or manifesting such power”. As we have seen this demonstrated in all of the episodes we must be permitted to wonder if we are just witnessing a battle between the gods.


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  • WilliamBillAmes


    June 24, 2017 by WilliamBillAmes

    What is your problem? Well, we are battling an enemy that can do anything. So? It is an impossible task! No, all you need is a way stop the enemy and undo all the bad things done.

    Twenty-six episodes later, well, that worked, now what do we do for an encore? You add more romance, more plot complexity, more dangerous villains, and more heroic heroes. How do you go beyond “anything is possible”? With charm and just continue to generate squees.

     Our villain has been using surrogates to do their battles; will we ever meet the real enemy? The same has been done for the Kwami’s battles; you have never met the source of the Kwami’s power. They only fight using their surrogates, Ladybug and Chat Noir, who they create.

    The story has so many possibilit…

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  • Lilanette


    June 24, 2017 by Lilanette

    Just so you know, I'm expecting to be active on here again from here on out! So don't hesitate to ask me to help out with anything! :)

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  • FireSnow16

    Mrs.Agreste's Name

    June 19, 2017 by FireSnow16

    We know that all of us trying figer out what Mrs. Agreste's name is. Do have any gusses?


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  • NapstaBlookFan22

    These are some reasons why i am looking foward to Volpina (Fox miraculous holder) the most:

    I think it will be intersting how Ayla will be able keep doing the ladyblog as well as being a part time superhero, also after watching one of the latest Miraculous Pannels online, a question was asked wether Ayla (The real fox miraculous holder) will get some backlash because of Lila's akumitized villian, Volpina. That question has made me think, how will it effect Ayla herself? How will Ayla be able to prove to Ladybug, Chat Noir, Queen Bee, and Paris that she is not a villian? Could it effect her friendship with Marinette? i don't really know! but i can't wait to see season 2 to find out!

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  • Trymepeasant


    i thought season two was coming out in MAY, so i was super excited...

    only to find out it WASNT coming out in may.

    i mean, me and my friend bought a whole lot of junk and watch the episodes over and over again on the big day

    and we didnt care if we got fat

    it'd be worth it

    but ya know, ok, 

    i can wait a couple more months without seeing Adriens adorable face again 

    and hearing Cat Noir's lit as puns

    and seeing CN flirt with LB and just shipping them so damn hard and just screaming internally and externally when she rejects him because she loves Adrien but they're the same person and they're just in square love with themselves and they're too blind to see it because love is bling


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  • Adrianette love
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  • Adrianette love
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  • Combatking0


    June 15, 2017 by Combatking0

    While watching Horrificator, I noticed that when Adrien takes off his shoe, he's still wearing it during the transformation sequence.

    Somebody may have spotted this already, but if nobody has, just freeze-frame during his transformation for this episode. I'll have to check if there's a goofs section on the Horrificator episode page.

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  • Miraculous Eevee

    Clues to Adriens Crush

    Adrien Agreste, one of the main characters of Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir. During season 1, i have been paying attension to Adriens movements around Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and I saw enough that I have a theoory that Adrien has a crush on Marinette. One example of this is in the eppisode Animan. When Adrien is helping Nino to speak to Marinette at the zoo, after he says "Tell you that I love you Marinette" to Nino, I  have seen adrien smile at  the end of it.

    The video ont the rigt is the episode animan, go to the 7 minute mark and watch for yourself, adrien smiles at the end of the sentence.

    Bug Out from

    Miraculous Eevee (talk) 09:27, June 15, 2017 (UTC)Miraculous EeveeMiraculous Eevee (talk) 09:27, June 15, 2017 (U…

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  • WilliamBillAmes

    The episodes so far and the promotional material has resulted in many thousands of CGI images. Some of them may be considered almost works of art, giving great insight into the show's characters. Selection of these outstanding images would be subjective. How can the wiki showcase a subset of the tens of thousands of images produced so we can share with current and new fans the marvelous work of the show's creators?

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  • ImaginationRomance07

    Okay, so most fans of the show know that Alya is confirmed to become the holder of the Fox Miraculous in Season 2. But sadly, everyone assumes that her superhero name is going to be Lila's supervillain name, Volpina. I am making this to set the record straight: Every Miraculous holder creates their own, different identity! It is written at the end of the trivia section in the Miraculous holder page, and I have a photo of the Tumblr question to prove it.

    Everyone, I love your theories of Alya being of a superhero, but please stop using Lila's supervillain name when you talk about them. You might confuse new fans of the show who are stopping by the wiki and reading them. I don't want them getting confused.

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  • Princess of Harte

    Anything with a strikethrough means that I have completed it.

    Anything that is bold means that it is important for readers to take note.

    Anything that is italicized is important for me to complete first.

    • Create Nino's history page
    • Finish all of my WIP history pages
      • Consider: making Nino's history page one of my WIPs
      • Catch Gabriel's history page up to the other history pages before bulk editing.
      • Consider: making Gabriel's history page and adding it to my WIPs
    • Finish updating all the episode plots for grammar, links, and general episodic correctness
      • Put the characters in appearance order
      • Put the errors/trivia in chronological order
      • Update the plot to my preferences
    • Update the order of the Relationships sections on every character page
      • Determine whether or …
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  • Kittynoir2004


    June 12, 2017 by Kittynoir2004

    In my opinion, everyone puts the "perfect" sides of ladybug and Adrien on pedestals. They show the flaws of marinette and chat noir as perfections, which is why marichat is the ship most people fall in love with. i am one of those people. i love marichat. is there anyone else?

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  • Combatking0

    Paper Cat Nior

    June 12, 2017 by Combatking0

    Oh dear. Sophie (my daughter) has been binge watching Season 1 and has started work on a cat Nior costume. Made from paper. She's even colouring in the white paper with a black pencil crayon.

    So far she's made the tail and ears. And she wants me to make a Ladybug costume. For me to wear. I don't think she understands gender yet.

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  • Princess of Harte

    This will be updated periodically.

    • Angie Nasca
      • Longtime fan of the show. Drew fanart. Became one of the character designers for Zag Studios.
    • Tori G
      • Longtime fan of the show. Drew fanart. Created one of the first fanart t-shirts to be legally sold by the show.
      • Stopped drawing ML because someone stole an animatic she was working on and claimed credit for it.
    • Vivica
      • Won a competition to become an akumatized villain.
        • This character will most likely be in Season 4 or Season 5.
    • Lindalee Rose
      • Runs a Youtube channel where she interviews the ML crew.
      • Will become a character later in the show, but it is uncertain where.
    • Megupic
      • Longtime fan of the show. Drew fanart. Created background concept art for Season 2.
    • Ferisae
      • Longtime fan of the show. Drew fanart and wro…
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  • Combatking0

    I've been watching this show with my daughter and I've noticed some interesting parallels between the TV series and my own book series.

    Before I proceed, I want to point out that I'm not accusing anyone of plagerism. We simply had the same ideas around the same time. My first books came out in 2015 and 2016, so there's no way I had watched the TV series to copy ideas. Similarly, my books are so obscure that it's highly unlikely that the creative team has read them, or even knows of their existence.

    So, just for fun, let's look at the similarities.

    • 1 - the main characters. Marinette's biological parents are from France and China. June, my main character, has parents from the UK and Japan. Different countries, yes, but very close together and f…
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  • WilliamBillAmes

    Manon Chamack

    June 6, 2017 by WilliamBillAmes

    How long before she becomes a mane character?

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  • MemeMaster123

    OMG! Look! I Found Season 2 Theme Song!

    Here's Proof!

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  • WilliamBillAmes

    We need some fan fiction showing the scene where Marinette and Adrien are having a lengthy discussion. A teamed class assignment to write a report on what the class thinks of Ladybug and Chat Noir. Marinette is telling Adrien what she does not appreciate about Chat Noir and Adrien is speaking of what he appreciates in Ladybug. Both are saying things they would never say to Chat or Ladybug in person, however they are. Each is at times defending their alternate personalities, attempting to explain, perhaps, the Heroes behavior. Because this is a class assignment they willingly go into the discussion without any reservations. What do you think? (I will add thoughts as they come to mind...)

    We may have a situation where Marinette is jealous of …

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  • WilliamBillAmes

    I read "...Crushes are not only the stuff that dreams are made of; they signify a lot about the dreamer..." Add to this her responsibilities as Ladybug, her denying the attention of Chat Noir. She is perilously close to the edge. Yes, this is a story, romantic comedy and intended to be fun, but fans can see it as a reflection, a mirror to their own lives. Perhaps this is why we will get more heroes to help her? Anyone?

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  • ChespinLovesPlagg


    May 26, 2017 by ChespinLovesPlagg
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