• Coffee Blanket Chat Noir

    I'm sure there are multiple blogs on this fandom called the ladyblog, so i'm doing something different! hope you read every now and then!

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  • Coffee Blanket Chat Noir

    HI! I'm going to try to keep this short and simple, nothing more than a spot to come for everyday info when needed.

    if you are new to the miraculous fandom, welcome! and if you are simply reading this because you are bored, well you might learn something new, but the three points i am documenting in this is casual miraculous info that if you have been here for long you probably already know. but please, read anyway.

    number 1: many people have come to me and asked what gives Ladybug and Cat Noir their powers. now you might think: 'well duh! their miraculous!' and i did too, but its actually the Kwami. the miraculous is simply a container to hold the Kwami until it has a holder. the Kwami itself holds the superpowers that changes the human int…

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  • Pebble19

    Miraculous Movie

    December 10, 2017 by Pebble19

    I know you all think that having a live action Miraculous movie is a bad idea because it could be criticised for whitewashing. Infact I do to. Maybe instead of live action, how about a mix of the show and the promotional promo? Zag already has the character design. Just adjust everyone a little bit and give it the theatrical look of the promo. And make it about the origins, and give it exposition.

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  • Princess of Harte

    Hi, everyone.

    December 8, 2017 by Princess of Harte

    Hi, everyone. I'm sorry for not being active. It's not that I don't mean to be; I got very sick both physically and mentally (mosly due to the physical sickness preventing me from succeeding academically, thus giving me quite a bit of anxiety). There was also a death in my family, one that I haven't mentioned on any social media accounts, so not even Tansy knew about it. I won't be active for the next week; I have finals coming up and I really need to focus on them as I have one class fewer than I did in the beginning of the year. All of my finals are essays, so I don't have much to worry about, but I still need to focus on them before I can focus here on the wiki. I should be back around Christmas. I hope you all understand. Thank you.


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  • Emilyabcde1ara

    Blog Post

    December 7, 2017 by Emilyabcde1ara


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  • Elliorosio23

    In 2019, ZAGTOONS has officially said a new movie for miraculous is comin out!

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  • Elliorosio23

    I AM MAD

    December 5, 2017 by Elliorosio23


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  • Ladybug345

    i think this is will be exciting/awesome because well, i think we get to see Marinette accidentally de-transforming in front of Cat Noir.

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  • Elliorosio23

    internet safety

    December 4, 2017 by Elliorosio23

    Never share personal info thar's real, only fake things, especially your address, that's really important, guys.

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  • CleffaGirl


    December 3, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    Since I don't want to blame the Miraculous crew.......

    I BLAME GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Ovidiu Ababei

    It's really?

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  • PuppyHeart1237

    The painting of Mrs.Agreste is what we know so far is that it has a safe behind it that it has stuff behind it to remember her by. We also know it has a secret code to go to Hawk Moth’ liar. Mrs.Agreste disappeared a little bit way before Adrien Agreste started school.

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  • QueenTiger


    November 28, 2017 by QueenTiger

    Hi i'm new I don't know much about this wiki but it seemed cool (And I do watch Miraculous Ladybug)

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  • Pebble19

    How would Ladybug get rid of all te damage?

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  • Pebble19

    She would cry and say sorry to Marinette for ever bullying her. Or, she would burst out laughing because she would think it’s ridiculous.

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  • Flame39

    Who Is Queen Bee?

    November 26, 2017 by Flame39

    Hello! I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, so please help me out. Who do you think Queen Bee is? I’ve looked for show clues, but nothing! Help meeee! My brain is gonna explode if I don’t know!

    Flame39 (talk) 03:57, November 26, 2017 (UTC)Flame39

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  • Dragonwisher56

    I'm new

    November 20, 2017 by Dragonwisher56

    Hi! i'm new to this wiki! I love it so far! anyway I just wanted to say hi

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  • TheCourageousDovahkiin


    November 17, 2017 by TheCourageousDovahkiin

    The last blog post went a bit wrong I was supposed to write that blog as Light, Dark And Harmony Risen To Unison, so please forgive me, my brain's gonna run out of IQ soon ( thats a joke its not actually).

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  • TheCourageousDovahkiin

    New account

    November 17, 2017 by TheCourageousDovahkiin

    I've decided to make a new account because my lazy sister wants mine so look out for me my name is TheCourageousDovahkiin.

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  • Pecky08

    Here you can browse at the new kwamis and costumes that I made. I hope you like them! Comment below your ideas and I might share them!

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  • Thearomalady

    I was fixing a typo on Adrien's page and something happened and now the layout is messed up what did I do. I literally just changed the word "swallow" to "swollen" because "swallow ankle" makes no sense.

    What did I do?!

    Is making a blog post even the best way to go about fixing it or should I just go straight to an admin?

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  • Dianecat98

    So since Season 2 was leaked to have a non human which is a small robot to get akumatized by Hawk Moth in an episode. Chances are should we get an episode where Hawk Moth akumatizes a animal? I really hope we do eventually get an episode where a animal gets mainly akumatized by Hawk Moth, the closest one we got for an animal getting akumatized was Fang when he got akumatized into a dragon in the Guitar Villain episode but he was only indirectly akumatized because he was close to Jagged when Jagged got akumatized and not actual akumatized. If we were to get an episode where Hawk Moth akumatizes an animal as a actual akumatized victim, what animal should it be to get akumatized to an animal villain?

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  • Hawkmoth

    I honestly think that hawkmoth wants all the miraculous' to bring his wife back because in the episdoe 'Robostus' The robot who gets akumatized asks Hawkmoth why he wants the miraculous' and what they do and Hawkmoth replies "the grant you any wish" 

    idk just a thought

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  • CleffaGirl


    November 5, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    I'm the first person to earn the "Day is Saved" badge! Boo-yah!

    ...........................Am I popular now?

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  • GoldBloodType

    Hey guys! I can already find more than one ML episode on Youtube of fine quality. Yet I heard that they don't get released till December or in 2018.

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  • ElizabethVictoria00Catasthrophe

    Ok this is just my fanfic theory. So there's 6 miraculous hoders. A fox, peacock, moth, turtle, bee, cat and ladybug.

    First my theory is the one who is behind the mask.

    Ok first let's talk about the new volpina. So in the picture it doesn't look like Lila anymore. They made it in shadow so everybody will be thrilled to found out who they are.

    It looks like a some one in ponytail. It also looks like Alya - Marinette's best friend-. I think that Ladybug will be not sure to trust her because of Lila. She ask Volpina or Rena Rouge if she can trust her. Alya hug her and said that she can be trusted.

    Now the bee miraculous holder or Queen Bee. In this photo it looks like it's the same with Volpina. Someone in a ponytail. Many people said it's Chloe …

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  • ElizabethVictoria00Catasthrophe

    So when LadyBug or LB suspects Gabriel Agreste is Hawkmoth. Chat got nervous. It was seriously obvious that he is Adrien (which he is). He recognize all of the butterfly like designs all over his house. So Natalie is the only one (I think) that knows that Gabriel is Hawkmoth. So Yeah that's my MY theory. Bye

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  • RainbowUnicornSweetShake567

    All the characters info that we know

    Marinette- Marinette is a young designer who loves fashion, she wants to be a world famous fashion designer. She is always clumsy at times. She has a crush on Adrien Agreste son of Gabriel Agreste. Her best friend Alya helps her alot. Marinette has a secret she must keep from everyone!

    Adrien Agreste- Adrien Agreste is the son of Gabriel Agreste. Adrien is nice and shy person. He is a model who cares about his family,friends,and everyone. His mother disappeared before he started going to a real school, but no one knows where she is. Adrien has a crush in Ladybug. His best friend Nino always has his back. He has a secret he must keep from everyone!

    Chat Noir- Chat Noir is secretly Adrien Agreste who is gee…

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  • Jasmine nickolsmith

    happy to be her

    October 27, 2017 by Jasmine nickolsmith
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  • Princess of Harte

    Hello! This is a running timeline on all the currently known Miraculous holders. It will be in chronological order. Those whose time period is not known will be put in alphabetical order. Spoilers are hidden.

    Unknown ages include people with unknown time periods or speculated time periods.

    • Unnamed mage
      • Though not a weilder, he crafted the Miraculouses and therefore belongs on this list.

    Every other holder comes after these as they were the first.

    • Ancient Chinese Bee Miraculous holder
    • Ancient Chinese Cat Miraculous holder
    • Ancient Chinese Fox Miraculous holder
    • Ancient Chinese Ladybug Miraculous holder
    • Ancient Chinese Moth Miraculous holder
    • Ancient Chinese Peacock Miraculous holder
    • Ancient Chinese Turtle Miraculous holder
      • If this page doesn't exist, it …

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  • Archangel999

    I was wrong, I was completely wrong, There got that out of the way

    So we all know the news, So I have the confession to make to be honest the main reason I hated the Idea of Gabriel being Hawkmoth was that Hawkmoth … is a moron, We expected to believe that this is our main villain A Guy who can easily get his hand on the stones he wants so desperately for some reason and yet he does nothing, But now I taking a step back a rethinking that a bit. Which leads to the question, Is some kind of psychological warfare?

    See there are things That Hawkmoth did that just seemed stupid to me:

    He tells Lady Wifi to remove the mask and not the earrings (And We know, that he know how the stones work, so why?)

    He has A Miraculous RIGHT THERE He can easily use. …

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  • CutieCupcake728

    Starting with victims in season 1! First six!

    Stone Heart- was the first victim to get akumatized twice, his secret power is with very attack he grows he is made out if stone with light green eyes, his akuma item was a paper ball.

    The Bubbler- The Bubbler someone who is a Dj and he is one of Adrien’s friends when he got a akumatized Gabriel Agreste decided it wasn’t good idea to throw a party for Adrien Agreste, his weapon is a bubble wand with it he can trap peooke in bubbles that can only break with Cataclysm the bubbles will float in the air.

    Mr.Pigeon- Mr.Pigeon is someone who is able to make pigeons follow in his very command, defeating Mr.Pigeon was tricky for Cat Noir since he was allergic to feathers, Mr.Pigeon’s weapon aka akumatized…

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  • Princess of Harte

    I'm in the process of merging Gabriel's and Hawk Moth's pages. Knowing what I know now, there are many things for me to wonder about the two Origins episodes. Most of this is a rant on the Order of the Guardians of the Miraculous.

    First, Gabriel found Nooroo. Mommagreste found the book. Who found Duusu? How did Gabriel find Nooroo?

    Secondly, Master Fu is 186. He was very young when he made his mistake and lost the Moth Miraculous, Peacock Miraculous, and the Miraculous book. Gabriel had to have found Nooroo somewhere within the past 15-13 years (depending on Adrien's age). It is more likely that Gabriel and Mommagreste went to Tibet very recently. Gabriel said the book was the last thing that she gave to him, meaning that the book was found …

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  • Chi of Darkness

    So, everyone who saw the first 2 episodes of season 2 saw the opening. We see at one point the kwamis showing up from down then going up showing the silhouettes of their holders. First is Ladybug, then Rena Rouge, then Queen Bee, Carapace, Le Paon, Hawk Moth and finally Chat Noir. It seems Chat Noir is on the villain side after Hawk Moth and Le Paon. Could it be a foreshadowing of Chat Noir defecting to Hawk Moth and Le Paon side thus giving us the answer of the civil war like situation between the Miraculous holders that Astruc teased about on his Twitter? Ladybug, Rena Rouge, Queen Bee and Carapace VS Le Paon, Hawk Moth and Chat Noir? That's what I think. What are you're thoughts about this? Let's discuss! :)

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  • CleffaGirl

    Hawk Moth reveal.

    October 21, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    I CANNOT be the only one who is COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Madison files

    Season Two!!!

    October 11, 2017 by Madison files

    Hey hey hey whats up everyone.

    Okay lets get real I can not be more exited for the second season of Miraculous

    it's supposed to come out in french two days after my sisters birthday... Best birthday gift ever!!!

    Only two more days im soooo exited!!

    ONE MORE DAY you have no idea how happy I am 

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  • Pastelmonster


    October 5, 2017 by Pastelmonster

    Hey, Pastelmonster here! If you haven't seen spoilers, and are too tired of waiting, and are too lazy to search it up, here's some spoilers just. For. You!

    Most of us (pretty much all of us) have seen the party and Le Grande Paris Hotel, owned by Mayor Bourgeois. There were pictures/screenshots taken of Marinette and Adrien dancing and hugging! The fandom's theory, is that Adrien asks Mari to dance, and she says no because she does not dance well. But Adrien pulls her by the hand anyway. Another theory during the party, is that the group will be playing Truth or Dare, and someone dared Chloe and Marinette to kiss, or something like that. Some/Most of us have seen another picture of Chloe on the balcony, looking down at the party. Our theory…

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  • CleffaGirl

    Um, help?

    October 5, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    Uh...... Can someone help fix this?

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  • Miraculous bugaboo

    Has anyone seen the official trailer yet, now I'm even more excited!!! Hurry up December!

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  • Shadow's Girl5

    If any of you are wondering why I love Shadow...message me on my blog post and I will answer your questions!

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  • Tansyflower

    Indefinite Break

    October 3, 2017 by Tansyflower

    Dear editors, staff members, and fellow Miraculous fans,

    I am taking an indefinite break from FANDOM in general. It’s not because I want to, as I enjoy the editors here and working on the wiki as a way to show my love towards it, but it’s because I need to.

    It’s hard to tell who a person is from the text they write on a computer, but I’m a very anxious, stressed, insecure person. While I can come off as blunt or tough sometimes, rejection and disappointment from others freak me out. Even though it's entirely not true, I always feel nervous that fellow editors dislike me for undoing their edits, asking them to/not to do things, getting confused in relation to them, and more. I care a lot, and I want the ML Wiki to be a handy resource, but in the p…

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  • Positronic

    I was just watching the episode "Dark Cupid" and I noticed that in Marinette's valentine poem to Adrien:

    (original francais)

    Tes cheveux brillent comme le soleil

    Tes yeux sont du vert de la chance,

    Je te regarde et me demande,

    tes pensees et reves

    Oui, ta valentine je serais,

    Notre amour sera si vrai,

    Ensemble pour l'eternite,

    Mon coeur t'appartient.

    (English translation)

    Your hair shines like the sun,

    Your eyes are lucky green,

    I look at you and wonder,

    Your thoughts and dreams.

    Yes, your valentine I would be,

    Our love will be so true,

    Together for eternity,

    My heart belongs to you.

    Not only does the English translation rhyme perfectly, but try reading it... or rather SINGING it, to the music of the theme song "Miraculous".

    The only difference in Marinette's…

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  • CleffaGirl

    1000 Pages!

    September 27, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    The Wiki has reached 1,000 pages! Congrats to everyone!

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  • CleffaGirl

    Random question time

    September 25, 2017 by CleffaGirl

    Has anyone here stepped on a Lego?

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  • Cupcakeman480

    smelly wolf lady bug

    September 25, 2017 by Cupcakeman480

    hello all i love this video and just found it i think its so catchy 

    its smelly wolf form the series of ladybug

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  • Cupcakeman480

    hello all i think you should lok at there website here 

    thanks cupcake

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  • Cupcakeman480


    September 25, 2017 by Cupcakeman480

    hello all recentily i have been waching the lady bug cat noir series i really love this sence here

    its from my youtube channle

    so rencentily i have been phoneing up zag studios asking about a soundtrack of the series and an action  live movie (because im a not it all when it comes to this stuff lolz) 

    and they where saying it will take a few years for the movie to be prouduced and not enofgh people asking for the CD which is a shame because i love music :( 

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  • Dianecat98

    So since zombie trope episodes have been very popular and used a lot in various shows. I was thinking lately as a episode idea for Miraculous Ladybug that maybe there should be a zombie episode of the show. If Miraculous Ladybug were to get a zombie episode later on, I was thinking that it will be about Hawk Moth akumatizing a male civillain which turns him into a akumatized zombie villain and the akumatized zombie villain has the ability to turn anyone into a zombie by bitting them. So the akumatized zombie villain goes off and turns everyone into zombies. However Marinette, Adrien, Chole, Alya, and Nino are the only ones who did not turn into zombies and now they must undo the damage by devilizing the patient zero which would return ever…

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  • NapstaBlookFan22

    Hello everyone, after being on this wiki for a while now, i have learnt many amazing things and i love contributing to this wiki a lot, but i would just like to let you know that i may not be as active as much because i am planning on helping construct the ledgends of equestria wiki, which is currently being constructed and updated. Have a great day guys and thank you!


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  • Lilanette


    September 19, 2017 by Lilanette

    I'm sorry about this, but I'm afraid I have to go inactive on this wiki again—possibly until Season 2, and possibly permanently. I'm going to be having classes and other commitments and I just don't think I'll be able to help out much on here. I still hope to drop by from time to time, but I can't guarantee it. Thanks for everything—y'all are great and this wiki is wonderful.

    (If you'd like to get in touch with me at any point in the future, I'd recommend messaging me on Tumblr!)

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