• W1401

    Enjoy them lol

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  • Chatnoir33

    'Hi! I am Melodie.I am Turkey.I'm a big miraculous fan.Miraculous LB Ep. 11 Gorilzilla My thoughts about the last episode.

    Adrienette and Ladrien fine

    Fakat çok fazla Cat Noir sahnesi yoktu. ( I'm a big Cat Noir fan :D )

    Çok eğlenceli bir bölümdü

    I am sorry :D Fazla yazmadım

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  • Marinette fans

    Miraculous Fans

    March 15, 2018 by Marinette fans

    Hey everybody I'm a big fan of miraculous ladybug not at much as you are so if you would like to know me or talk to me please be free to and don't be afraid to because i'm just a normal person and also very nice. Thank you....

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  • KarLaO711

    Ein wenig Kunst :)

    March 14, 2018 by KarLaO711
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  • Sailor Mars

    Ok, so I'll get straight to the point: Does a Kawmi affect the Miraculous holders personality when the Miraculous is being used? For one, I know Hawk Moth is kinda a jerk and Nooroo is just a cute, timid, purple ball of love. But hear me out... Marinette acts more mature as Ladybug, like Tikki. Adrien acts really, um, cheeky(?) as Chat Noir, kinda like Plagg does. Now Adrien acting sillier as his alter ego could be because he has more freedom as Chat, but maybe there is something more too it... Idk

    I haven't watched any of season 2 yet, so please no spoilers

    Thanks, Rei

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  • CrazyAboutMiraculous


    March 12, 2018 by CrazyAboutMiraculous

    Nathaniel Kurtzberg And Marinatte Dupen-Cheng + other characters (Alya - A)(Adrien - Ad)

    | | v v N M

    N:Blushes Goodmorning Marinatte! M:Happy Goodmorning Nathaniel. How was your father's art gallery? N: It went well thank you! How's your family's bakery going? M:Magnifique!

    A: Marinatte!!! Runs towards Marinatte M:SqueelsAdrien!!! 😍😍😍 agh![[Sighs in love

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  • 123sarah2006
    miraculous ladybug and cat noir is coming out on netflix in the usa on march the 30. And episode 11 is when julicas mom the one with purple will be a villan. ladybug on season2 is going to have new powers like ice power,water power to swim like mirmaid's, and to have the altamit power on season2/season3.They will be makeing new  shows like super stars,ghost forse, and more from 2018-2020-2021 ladybug is going to have a new love rivel called luka .luka will take place of adrien and it is true very true and when adrien talks to marinette  luka ignord him and luka will make marinette not talk to adrien. spoilers luka is julicas bother or somthing of heres i forgot. no one knows this spoilers before hockmoth will fight ladybug and cat noir  c…
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  • Arrowfalicity

    Season 2

    March 9, 2018 by Arrowfalicity

    Has nobody been that excited about season 2, well of course not because we have to wait and wait and wait for episodes. Well we have to wait no more Season 2 is out March 30. We will be able to watch gorzilla and and trouble maker in about 21 days!!!

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  • Cassieetihw

    How is everyone today? Should I draw Lady Bug And Cat Noir?  (inspired by Chanton)


    I really would love to talk to some of you! 

    xoxox cass

    PS can someone explain what a wiki is to me since I am new xD ty much love!

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  • Chaton15

    sorry this is sideways but you get the picture... Haha quite literally. (sorry that was a dumb pun lol)

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  • Chaton15

    another drawing. This one's not as good, but oh well... xD

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  • Chaton15

    hiii all, here is the updated picture of Ladybug that I posted a few weeks ago or so. Hope ya like it! 😊

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  • Chaton15

    i got bored so I drew this cuz Glaciator is now my favorite episode. ;)

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  • Thegreatestfans


    March 7, 2018 by Thegreatestfans

    hi, i'm sherry and i am new, how you guys will like me

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  • Cassieetihw

    Thoughts; by Cassie

    March 4, 2018 by Cassieetihw

    Hi I m Cassie! I love this show sm. A few months ago, my five year old cousin showed me this show and HoLy crap I am absolutely obsessed. AND SEASON TWO FOR THE U.S. COMES OUT THIS MONTH I CANNNNOTTT haha, but I CANT BELIEVE THIS.. (SPOILER) 

    Okay I watched Season Two Dark Owl in Spanish with English subtitles on YouTube ( yes that is how desPerAte I am) AND .... I Cannnooott believe that Adrien and Marinette´s Kwamis KNOWWW WHOS WHO OMGOODNESS 

    BUt why cannot hawk moth akumitize Marinette or Adrien when they have negative emotions just sayyyying

    and when I watched the very first episode with my Aunt I said WAIT is Adriens dad Hawk Moth and she said what the hay it took me a year to figure that out

    I mean wowwwww

    I basically LIVE for this show …

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  • The french boy112


    March 3, 2018 by The french boy112
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  • Chaton15

    This is kinda stupid, just a pre-warning. ;D

    Sooooo, my dad isn't really into Miraculous, but he's watched enough episodes to know who's who and recognize voices and people. (we have the first season on DVD) The other day, he came home from shopping while we were watching Antibug. It was towards the end of the last fight scene. Now, we all know that Chloe's disguise as Antibug isn't any better than Marinette's; it's exactly the same-sized mask. Anyway, my dad stopped and started watching it, got a good look at Antibug, heard her talk, but then asked, "Wait . . . who's that?"



    There is my TOTALLY LOGICAL explanation.


    • laughs at myself because I'm such an idiot* XD
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  • Bikerninja1997

    Should Chloe reform herself yes or no? 

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  • Chaton15

    Future Blog Posts ;)

    February 27, 2018 by Chaton15

    Okay, first, this fact: I play piano. ;)

    A while ago, actually, after watching a YouTuber's video, I learned how to play "In the Rain," (the umbrella scene soundtrack) on piano, so maybe at some point I can videotape that and then post it here. ;) Since there's no strings, just piano, it sounds a lot simpler than the actual soundtrack, but oh well. XD

    I also learned to play the background music for the scene with Adrien and Santa from "A Christmas Special," after seeing a user's comment on the Christmas episode page. Once again, simpler.

    And last, a reused soundtrack I've heard multiple times throughout the show. It's the one that was playing in the "I've never noticed your ring before" scene, when Adrien was talking with Kagami in the end of…

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  • Zmir.hassani

    • ==Akuma (Gorizilla")Adrien's bodyguard is akumatized into Gorizilla. Equipped with an extraordinary strength and a strong sense of smell, he follows Adrien throughout Paris. Ladybug and Cat Noir should not drive into nonsense if they want to stop him.) 11==
    • ==Akuma "Queen Wasp" Chloé est akumatisée (12)==
    • =="(Akuma ) Malediktor" André Bourgeois est akumatisé (13)==
    • ==Akuma  Captain Hardrock" (Juleka's mother gets akumatized into Captain Hardrock; steering an impregnable ship and armed with a pirate sword, she wants to blast her music across Paris. (14)==
    • ==Akuma "Style Queen" Actually Chloe was akumatized into antibug alredy right?==

    • {| id="sortable_table_id_0"

    | colspan="6"| |- |}

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  • Zmir.hassani

    miraculous ladybug.2

    February 24, 2018 by Zmir.hassani
    1. ==                                        miraculous ladybug 2/2018  ==
    2. ==                               16.Tuteur" Maitre Fu est akumatisé==
    3. ==                                       17.Sorcier d'infortune==
    4. ==                                              18 Pixel Appareil==
    5. ==                              19 Assistant" Le prince Ali est akumatisé       ==
    6. ==                20  Cauchemar de la Musique" Bob Roth est akumatisé.==
    7. ==                       21   Cookie Homme" Tom Dupain est akumatisé==
    8. ==                 22    Mlle Peinture" Sabine Cheng est akumatisé==
    9. ==               23 Cauchemar Endormi" Mlle Mandeleiev (professeur de Chimie) est==
    10. ==                                            24 .Vivremuse" XY     ==
    11. ==                           25 …
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  • Zmir.hassani

    Episode 23

    February 23, 2018 by Zmir.hassani

    Comment Akuma xy ( Je n'ai pas ) xy ( .Pas d'amour d'une personne ) (Pas d'amour d'une personne) ): 

    Pour la Nativité 1 ( Je n'ai pas aimé l'amour de Chloé) 

    Pour la Nativité 2 L'amour de sa mère est Pour la Nativité 2 xy )

    Pour la Nativité 3  Pas d'amour d'une personne .؟

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  • Miraculous1111

    Ideas for new epesodes

    February 23, 2018 by Miraculous1111

    so lets see some ideas for future episodes what are your ideas and discuss what you don't get for instance how come hock moth aka adreians dad doesn't ever akummitize mirrenet when she has negative emotions dose he know her identity if so he has more power over her and can do what ever explane your ideas and and theories and what you do not get please and i will find a way to get it to the creators of the show by ttyl

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  • CrazyCamie456

    If anyone sees any issues with these (No image, wrong name, redlinking) respond to this post and I'll see about getting it fixed as soon as possible, they're being updated to be easier to use and it's having multiple bugs.

    Just let me know the page and the issue.

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  • Marinette4788


    February 20, 2018 by Marinette4788


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  • Marinette4788

    Miraculous Ladybug

    February 20, 2018 by Marinette4788

    It's me marinette!!! I have lots of secrets!!! Ans I will sare one to you!! It's biggest secret I ever had it's that...

    (marinette no...)

    that I'm lady...

    (plese mari...)

    that I'm ladybug's best friend that's all!!! goodbye!!

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  • MiraculousGirl444


    February 20, 2018 by MiraculousGirl444

    Hi everyone, My name is Miraculousgirl444

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  • Cool-cc


    February 19, 2018 by Cool-cc

    I made this,well technically I colored it but still.hope you like it!

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  • Trixx0alya

    Trixx's phrase

    February 18, 2018 by Trixx0alya

    in season 2 episode 38 Alyas sisters are akumatized into monster by the evil villain hawk moth then marionette uses her lucky charm and the tea pot she gets sends her to master fuu and she picks 1 of the 13 miraculous-es but she chose the fox miraculous and gives it to Alya and she becomes a super hero after these words "TRIXX LETS POUNCE"

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  • MalakMohamedTheories

    Luka Couffaine is an up and coming character who is said to be Marinette's new love interest, who is also Juleka's older brother, he is a charming boy who "everybody will fall in love with" including Marinette. Many Miraculours speculated that he will cause Adrien to feel jealous, but alas, Thomas Astruc diffused that rumor. So we're yet to see a jealous Adrien.

    Personally I thought that, Adrien would be kinda all up in Luka's face everytime he sees him flirting with Marinette. I thought that the events would play out just like that.

    Him and his sister Juleka would go around the classroom as he introduces himself to everybody in the class, I would like to think due to his "charming" personality, most of the girls (who don't have lovers) will fal…

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  • Chaton15

    Tada... technically this is already finished but I never took a picture of it like that so maybe at some point I'll do that... cause now the whole page is Miraculous stuff. XD

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  • Shunbff1.23

    we know that ladybug and cat noir are really minded as partners.have you guessed what will be there child look like?

    think cat+ladybug=?

    maybe this is my only thought maybe it will be a chick or a chicken

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  • Egon Eagle

    A new fan

    February 13, 2018 by Egon Eagle

    I have been a fan of this show, it started at the end of January 2018 I decided to watch after I watched Top 3 Worst and Best Girls Cartoons by LiveStrider on YouTube for a long time ago.

    When I started to watch the first episode on Netflix ("The Bubbler") I was suprised for the CGI effects, the story and the Swedish dub. I felt joy in me during the episode. Later I said to my self: "Finally a great show I can watch". On Netflix I also watching Scorpion (starring Robert Patrick best known as T-1000 in Terminator, here is Patrick and me on DeviantArt), Stranger Things (I was born in the 80s) and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (I'm a brony), I also watch a lot of movies.

    I will eventally help to add Swedish voice actors if information at …

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  • Yuma10000

    I going to say this because the admin say we leaves season 3 at 2018 for now. It best to wait for season two but we don't know the real date at. For now we leave season 3 at 2018 for now. With there might change for season 2 air date. With season 3 get closed to 2019 and the admin will change or n/a. By the time season 2 might be finish in September or December and that probably be the second half of the 13 episodes.

    I has some questions!

    How they going to do season 2 and season 3 in a same year? I think it won't make any sense because they will air 13 episodes in spring and other 13 episodes later but it might that leaves enough room for season 3 in 2018 or maybe.

    Do you think they could air all 26 episodes all in once? I think they sho…

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  • PuppyHeart1237

    So far in Season 1 there are only three known heos are known and only one villain is in season 1 which is Hawk Moth. All of these heros of a miraculous to transform so they can help defeat akumatized villains like StoneHeart, Antibug, Ladywifi, and The Mime!

    Ladybug is the former miraculous holder for the earrings of the ladybug which provide the power of creation. Ladybug works with her partner who is Cat Noir who holds the miraculous of the black cat which provides the power on destruction. Ladybug also works with the other miraculous holders who help defeat some villains when their powers are needed. Ladybug’s yo-yo gives her the power to capture akumas and use her lucky charm. Her lucky charm gives her one tool to use to make it useful,…

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  • PuppyHeart1237


    February 6, 2018 by PuppyHeart1237

    As far as we know, Tikki,Plagg,Wayzz,and Nuuroo are the only ones showed in Season 1 from all the episodes!

    Tikki is Marienette’s current kwamii who gives the power to transform into a ladybug themes superhero and use lucky charm to make one thing appear then find other things to make it into something. Tikki also gives the power to capture akumas and turn them back into butterflies. As long as Marienette has her yo-yo as Ladybug she will be unstoppable I’m not fully sure where the butterfly goes but it would probably go back to Hawk Moth.

    Plagg is Adrien’s current kwamii! Same with Tikki but he turns Adrien into a black cat themed superhero. Plagg gives Adrien the power called cataclysm which means he can destroy anything he touches. With h…

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  • Snow-Leopard777

    Archive of our own

    February 4, 2018 by Snow-Leopard777

    Hi, ya'll! I'm new to this, but I have been reading fanfics on archiveofourown, and one of my favorite Watching The Show fics is Old Stories, New Discoveries, by The_Mystical_Wolf. I don't really know how to work the internet, so if you have any tips, stories, or shows you'd like to share, feel free! I'd love to check them out! ;3

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  • The sheep kwami

    poor Nooroo

    February 3, 2018 by The sheep kwami

    On this picture you see Nooroo, a super cute kwami, that was forced to give HawkMoth his evil powers.

    Look how scared he is:

    Leave a comment to help Nooroo.


    Every comment counts.

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  • MalakMohamedTheories

    Le Paon Theory

    February 2, 2018 by MalakMohamedTheories

    Le Paon is an upcoming villain hoped to be previewed some time in Season Two or Three, is going to be, what some people speculate as Hawk Moth's boss. Up until now we have almost little to none idea about her. We only have some concept art which could be hinting at her canon design. She is a Peacock themed super villain based off her name "Le Paon" which translates to English from French to "The Peacock."

    We don't actually know whether she is a villain or a hero but I speculate based off personal analyzing of Origins Part One and how do I know so? Well if you heard Master Fu speaking during the Origins Part One Episode when he was talking to his Kwami Wayzz saying "I only made this mistake once" when questioned by Wayzz whether he was making the right d…

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  • The sheep kwami


    February 2, 2018 by The sheep kwami

    Who loves the adorable kwami Tikki so much as I do?

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  • The sheep kwami

    Will Adrien/Marinette ever find out about their identities? Many fans wish so. me too ;) But will it actually happen? It was so close, many times so why can't they. What do YOU think? Comment.

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  • Ladybug4life

    Most people, including myself at first wondered what Ivan's song in Origins said. I typed it in a translator and here it is:

    Mylène my oxygen the most beautiful of college women stronger than a oak for others do you want to be married?
    respond to me my Mylene look at me my Mylene
    I will not make you feel sorry

    There it is. I hope that helps your question.

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  • Miraculoussimplydabest

    Hi there peeps! its me again. anyway thanks for letting me share that with you all! , anyways let's gety back to the topic here this is why i love miraculous , I love it because it sparks adtventure into kids all around the world and increases kids imagination to have hope or to dream of being a hero of the world and the people in it . Another reson why i like miraculous is because the character's are so charming and funny the actually have a sence of humor , And the last reson that i love miraculous is because the creator of miraculous aka thomas austruc  actually  started miraculous when he drew comics and then he  became a part of ZAG animations he is also the writer and director of miraculous!  Thanks for letting me share  resons why i…

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  • Miraculoussimplydabest

    Write the first paragraph of your page here.

    Mari aka LB has been a loving character throughout the show , during season 1 she fights almost all her freinds and or classmates. as seen in this video ------------------------->

    Helping freinds and kwamis! : Mari has  been helpin alot of people / classmates/ akumatized villans troughout season 1 , she has worked with jaged stone , and lila or aka " Volpina "  as seen in the 2nd photo down below >>>>>> hope you guys like my blog byee!

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  • Miraculoussimplydabest
    When adrein 1st met plagg , aderin 1st met plagg when he was given the miracuilos , master fu liked how adrein help him because he thought that he was a good boy. Adrein is a depressed boy with family secrets and problems , depending on how crule and cold gabreil is to his own son , thats pretty harsh. You can easyliy see that aderins father is hawkmoth because the both have the cold depressing voice! ok well that's all i have for today peps!  Read more >
  • Miraculoussimplydabest

    Hello peps! , today we will be talking about the fox miraculous , in episode 10 of season 2 , ladybug gives her friend Aly the fox miraculous, during the episode she calls herself " Rena Rouge " , chat is surprised that their is another super heroine in Paris to help him and LB , but during the last part of the episode Aly gives LB back the fox miraculous! , can you believe that?! , Aly was sooo close to becoming a super heroine to stay and help the team but I guess not :( Anyways , Rena Rouge aka Aly will be a staying character but not until like episode 24 or something that was from the miraculous official instagram page! also if you want to follow me on instagram my username is __authenticbubbles__ ok that's all for now peps! bye! :)

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  • Miraculoussimplydabest

    Ship number 1: marichat ,  the 2nd most wanted to happen ship in the show , while in seson 1 one  the episode " evilastrator", chat has an interfernce with mariette. Everyone in the fandom thinks that chat and mari would be a great ship/or couple , because in season 2  episode " the glaciator " . ladybug proves that she loves someone else otherwise known as adrein. Then later in the episode the "glactator " , chat sets up a date with LB but she dosen't come :( , then chat sees mari in her apartment staring at the stars , daydreaming, then chat goes to her and talks with her , she offers to spend the date with chat and  chat is happy :) , That's all for today peps ,  more facts and ships coming next week! Btw: next weeks topic will be , fac…

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  • ThatsSomeKitten
    1. (SPOILER ALERT!) Hello, i am here to just talk about my opinions on the Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 episodes, this will frequently get updated, if i hadn't updated, it means i haven't watched the episode yet, you can also state your opinions in the comment section, now, you can look at my opinions.

    EP 1. Collector: Tbh i didn't really fangirl or overreact just because Gabriel was Hawkmoth, i already sensed it a long time ago. But this episode was super good! I was just annoyed that Ladybug and Cat Noir didn't find out Gabriel was Hawkmoth, but hey, the drama doesn't start at episode 1 right?

    EP 2. Despair Bear: I liked this episode too, but wait, you know what? I like all of the Miraculous Ladybug episodes! When i saw Despair Bear, i felt li…

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  • ImAWierdoForMiraculous

    Sooooo I was thinking, if Ladybugs eyes and hair doesn't change but Cat Noir's does, why did Alya show marinette a picture of Adrien with scribbled Cat Noir clothes and that on but everyone has zero idea of who ladybug is? Confusing right?

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  • Alexiel Lucifen

    After receiving new information, mainly Nooroo's duty and representation it got me wondering what the others represents. My first thought is that the highest seven of what I would like to call the Quantic Pantheon are like Harmonic Kwamis, the keep balance in the would. The evidence I have for this is the yin and yang symbolize in the middle of what looks like a flower on the top layer. Being the their are five other Miraculouses that main two I'm guessing that that represent the five elements in the Chinese elements. I have given much though are what they may be.

    Harmonic Kwamis
    God Animal Representation Domain Elemental Representation Transformation Phrase Other Notes
    Tikki Ladybug Quantic Goddess of Creation Light "Tikki, Spots on!" W…

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