• MinouNoir1


    September 22, 2018 by MinouNoir1

    So i watched the Frozer trailer yesterday and it just annoys me 'cause I'm not sure if adrien was dreaming that he was revealing himself or not cuz it can't be that easy not after everything they said about keeping identities a secret also, kagami and luka are ruining the love square even more seriously! But if he does actually reveal himself does marinette run away? is that why he gave kagami the rose

    Sorry It's Short Bye^.^

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  • ShadowWolf8184 Go check it out! :3

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  • Bikerninja1997

    Yes or No?

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  • Miraculous 53

    Since this is my 5th account...How many account r u suppost to make if ur accounts get deleted by ur mom?

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  • RodimusKnight

    Fan shipping

    September 19, 2018 by RodimusKnight

    We all do, we put together our favorite relationships based on characters we like, things we see, and so forth. I write plenty of Fan Fiction myself where I put together non-cannon ships all the time... Cough .... Chloe & Marinette ... Cough :D. Anyhow, there is one that does confuse me a bit. Don't get me wrong, I actually really enjoy the stories I've seen with the ship I'm about to mention, but it makes less sence to me then most do.

    It's Marinette and Cat/Chat Noir. It just seems weird to me that Marinette would reject him as Ladybug but then be interested in him as herself, you know. Like I mentioned I've seen tons of Fan Comics especially with this pairing, and they are really well done and I enjoy them, I'm just confused by it.

    So any…

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    Lucky Charm Objects???!!!

    September 19, 2018 by JLaiCCSNSB

    So, a few weeks after I watched Dark Owl, I was thinking about what would happen if Ladybug detransformed before the Knight Owl comic hit the mini figurine. Would the Lucky Charm have disappeared and made Dark Owl win?

    Afterwards, I thought some more, and wondered: What happens to a Lucky Charm object when Ladybug detransforms? Does it disappear when she detransforms, or does something else happen?

    I can’t come to a reasonable conclusion, because of multiple events. In the Bubbler, she summons a record, plays it, and then detransforms. The record is still playing after she detransforms, and is heard faintly. Therefore, the lucky charm object must not disappear when she detransforms. But then what about Sapotis and Anansi (and Syren). She sum…

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  • Lenithelamacorn

    Hi, I LOVE MIRACULOUS LADYBUG (obviously, thats why I signed up with this wiki). Because I do and I love drawing, I am creating some pictures of characters from the epic show as ADULTS!!! So far, I have drawn Chloe Bourgeois as an adult. Hope to add some more to my page soon. I hope you like it!!!

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  • Miraculous big fan

    Omg lad

    September 14, 2018 by Miraculous big fan


    Omg marionette and Arden need to get together already ugg 😡

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  • Bikerninja1997

    I'm hoping will be a episode style queen hopefuly chloe will redeems herself.

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  • WilliamBillAmes

    Who is Marinette?

    September 9, 2018 by WilliamBillAmes

    Who is Marinette? She is not Ladybug! So, you ask, who is Ladybug? Now that is a good question. Ladybug is a combination of Marinette and Tikki.  Who brings what to this combination? Well, Tikki has seen and experienced a lot of life, both good and bad. Marinette is a somewhat ditzy student in a French school with a crush on Adrien and has confidence only in her creative skills and none in relationships. Tikki is probably a demigod and if you need to know more about these types of characters watch Wakfu. What needs to happen is for Marinette to realize that when she is Ladybug, she is doing and thinking things that Marinette would never consider. She needs to confront Tikki and demand to know who she is and why is she using Ladybug in such…

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  • WilliamBillAmes

    About Alya

    September 8, 2018 by WilliamBillAmes

    I have a thought that Alya may be interested in Marinette in more than a friend. I base this on the significant tendency of Alya to enjoy physical contact with her. This is obvious when you look for it and make a mental tally.

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  • MinouNoir1


    September 7, 2018 by MinouNoir1


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  • Miraculous Girl53

    Why do some parents think that MLB is bad or is a baby show? That's just wrong. Tell me what u think

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  • Cataclysm09

    Hey guys uhmm. It's been 4 months now for not watching Mirculous Ladybug(MLB). So guys I have question. How many episodes does the season 2 have now?

    Because I stop at ep 15 and I can't wait to watch it again. I miss watching the 2 super heroes that have feelings each other. without knowing anything.... Please comment down below Thank you.

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  • MinouNoir1

    Random Theories and stuff

    September 4, 2018 by MinouNoir1

    Hi! Okay so this is my first blog post, i'm just write about some random things i think about miraculous.

    • Okay so first ive had this theory for awhile now, but i think marinette and adrien won't recognize each other behind the mask not just because they're dense, but due to the fact that marinette's hairstyle doesn't change when she's transformed but adrien's does so they're gonna think differently about each others transformation so that must be part of why they won't find out about each others civillian forms. 

    • Second theory-thing, in the Style Queen trailer adrien get's turned into a gold statue and Plagg says "oh no," so i think he either goes to Master Fu or Marinette which isn't likelysince then he might have to reveal Chat/Adrien's id…

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  • Anony128

    cat noir

    September 3, 2018 by Anony128

    Cat noir is generally underappreciated, all of the Parisians think of ladybug as the best while cat noir is just The Other Guy.i am hoping for an episode wherein ladybug MUST rely on cat noir to save the day for once.i don't understand why he doesn't complain to ladybug about it.

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  • TheClydesdalePegasus149

    Hey, guys! So I was surfing around the Internet earlier today and there's something that seriously surprised me that made me want to let you know about. And is that, episodes 27-39 of Zak Storm: Super Pirate, the second ZAG Heroez show, have actually arrived on US Netflix today! That's right, the final 13 episodes of Season 1 have finally arrived in the US despite it's actually planning to premiere on Discovery Family on September 15, 2018 (that's two weeks from now!). The episodes included are:

    • "Burn Out"
    • "Trial by Fire"
    • "Calabrass' Old Friend"
    • "Wrath of Blix"
    • "Calabrass' Body"
    • "Island of the Lost Children"
    • "Tanah Lost"
    • "Between Stars"
    • "Viking Connexion"
    • "The Stowaway"
    • "Zak's Choice"
    • "The Lost Orb"
    • "The Last Guardian" (aka the finale episode!)

    This is …

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  • Miraculous Girl15

    Help needed

    August 29, 2018 by Miraculous Girl15

    How do i get my old account back? Bc i have no idea how this happened

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  • Anony128


    August 29, 2018 by Anony128

    Is it just me or does hawkmoth need som justice shown to him? I totally feel him because he just wants his wife back.i agree he is being quite violent but he is lost.he needs guidance.who is with me!

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  • Calinebustier

    The Heroes' Day

    August 27, 2018 by Calinebustier

    miss bustier should be acumatized again but she should have someone working with her and they shoud both be named zombizou but like mother daughter and she should look exactly the same. the heroes to save the should obviously be ladybug and chat noir but they should have rena rouge helping alongside and welcome queen bee who shouldn't be chloe but it should be rose. they should also have new power such as flying powers and aqua powers.

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  • Yavna Tara

    After all the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Episodes I've watched, I've noticed that the wish that Gabriel Agreste, also known as Hawk Moth, wants to realize is the return of his wife, Emilie Agreste . I had several questions on what happened to her. Is she dead, or alive? Lost? Kidnapped? Did she run away? Did Gabriel Agreste have something to do with this and lost his memory? If so, will it return? Does Adrien have something to do with this? Is she hiding in the mansion and spying the house? Did something else happen to her? If so, what?

    I had stupid questions, that I knew would never be true, like if Nathalie Sancoeur was Emilie Agreste in disguise.

    As well as questions, I have made 4 to what might've happened. And here are they…

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  • Facebook Girl15

    Let's say that Chat noir was in ur town/city and u see him. What r u going to say to him?

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  • 22egutierrez

    Fox Miraculous holder

    August 18, 2018 by 22egutierrez

     here is the miraculous ladybug   and with the new superhero  and also the last  miraculous old fox this is the new superhero but the new peolpe of two  rachel.g and  my friend of mine so this is the story of miraculous of the best 

    rachel as audrey the daughter of aurora from descendants 

    rachel friend as evie the daughter of evil queen from descendants 


    when frist day of school marinette and alya and also adrien and nino look at rachel and her friend  they dont know us but alya meet us so we feel welcome and marinette  they will make great friend for us .

     adrien: so you never come here girls

     audrey: no  this the new of us 

    evie : yeah its great to go to new school of paris

    marinette: hello iam marinette call me mari 

    alya : hi iam a…

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  • AuroraTheHedgehog12

    Miraculous Ladybug is and animated show series known by many people of all ages around the world. This is actually the website to find great information on the show by reading articles by it's fandom people. On this site you can look up characters from the show, some spoilers, and the people who make this show possible (Voice actors, animators, producers, etc.) This is one of the articles like explained, but it will be explaining the shipping in the fan base.

    So something very common in a fan base is shipping. Shipping is pairing two characters together. To elaborate you think these characters should like each other and start to express that towards one another or otherwise. Most fans in this fandom have a ship they ship from this show and …

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  • Furryball

    Anansi's Possible Powers

    August 17, 2018 by Furryball

    I think that  Anansi is possibly based on Spiderman. Names might be different but powers can be same

    Anansi's Possible Powers:

    • To shoot web.
    • To have enhanced abilities
    • Spider-sense
    • Wall crawling
    • To look 360 degree
    • To paralyse the enemy.

    Any more suggestions?

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  • KitsuneWhisppers

    Trust Issue

    August 14, 2018 by KitsuneWhisppers

    Okay after seeing the new trailer for Style Queen, I have a sinking feeling the introduction of Queen Bee is going to put more strain on the duo. Considering the fact not only is a new hero being introduced, but this is also another person that was picked by Ladybug. Who knows both the civilian identities of Rena Rouge and Queen Bee. While again Chat Noir gets left in the dark. I was actually hoping Adrien would have picked Chloe, emphasizing his faith that she can change and his trust in her as childhood friends. However, with these new developments, I feel there will be another fracture in the group. In Syren, it was shown how far Adrien is willing to go when he feels out of the loop. He hates secrets. And though he can be flexible and u…

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  • PinkSquid5

    To-Do List

    August 12, 2018 by PinkSquid5
    • I will try to fix any grammar mistakes consisting of misspelled words, inconsistent punctuation, incorrect captialization, and any misplaced sentences.
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  • HDBell


    August 10, 2018 by HDBell

    Hello guys!

    Most people probably don't care, but I write books on a place called Wattpad and I am looking to get those books published (eventually) Unfortunately I don't write fanfic, but a lot of Historical Fiction, mainly dealing with the "What If?" I am also starting to get into mysteries as well! If this interests you, please check it out! I am trying to find a ton of beta readers to help me with the long (and tedious) editing process.

    I know this has nothing to do with Miraculous but...

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  • Jallybug

    Bye Forever

    August 9, 2018 by Jallybug

    I have to go forever Thank you...bye

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  • TheClydesdalePegasus149

    Hey guys! I have a big announcement to anyone who's fan to any of the other ZAG-produced shows and is that yesterday ON Kids & Family revealed on their Instagram that "Denver and Cliff", the 2018 CGI reboot of "Denver, the Last Dinosaur", will premiere in France on August 27, 2018, on M6! That's right any 80s fans, a reboot. Don't worry, I don't think it'll be the Teen Titans GO!/Powerpuff Girls (2016)-kind of reboot since this new incarnation of "Denver" is made by the same studio that made "Miraculous". Here's the description of the brand new ZAG series:

    "Where most kids dream of having a dog, a cat, or even a hamster, Cliff has a dinosaur – Denver! Within adventures revolving around Cliff, Denver and a comedic crew of human friends, there’s an…

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  • Cat Nari

    Style Queen Theories

    August 7, 2018 by Cat Nari

    Hi, it's Cat Nari.

    Ok, this is my first blog post, and I want it to be good.  So today, I will show you my theories for "Style Queen".

    Style Queen is a golden akumatized villain.  That makes me think that her akuma is her golden shoes (see picture).

    Also, (if you watched the trailer), remember how Plagg said "Uh-oh" at the end?  I think that he is going to either go to Master Fu's place, or to Marinette and Tikki.  If he goes to Master Fu, Master Fu might meet Ladybug as Carapace (if we are lucky) and give her the Bee Miraculous to give to someone trustworthy.  If Plagg goes to Ladybug (remember that he knows her identity), he will probably have to reveal Cat Noir's identity.  Then "Sugarcube" Tikki will have to transform Marinette.

    Another th…

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  • Miraculousladybugparisfan


    In this post I will show you some drawings that I made of the classmates from Marinette.

    The title in my previous blogpost was wrong, but I can't find the option to change it... So if anybody knows how I can do that, I would love to hear it!

    As always I hope you like them and have suggestions who I can post next! If the suggestions are classmates I will enter them to this post, if not, they will appear in another blogpost.

    Stay miraculous!

    Love, Lily

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  • Miraculousladybugparisfan

    Well as I said in my introduction blogpost, I'm gonna share some of my miraculous drawings.

    If you want to see more, you can follow me on instagram: marinettesdesigns

    See you soon ;)

    Love, Lily

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  • Miraculousladybugparisfan

    So hey everyone that's reading this! My name is Lily and well you probably don't care..., but this blogpost is a sort of introduction about me, hope you like it though! :) ;)

    Well as I said, my name is Lily. I'm 18 years old and I live in the netherlands. I graduated high school and this year I'm gonna work to make some money for college. My hobbies are swimming, drawing, reading, listening to music and of course watching MIRACULOUS LADYBUG!

    I have one older brother and I live with my parents and brother in a city in the south of the netherlands.

    I discovered Miraculous Ladybug in the beginning of this year, and I immediately loved the show. I was lucky that season 1 was already completely published, so I had a lot of episodes to watch. I fee…

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  • Sabrinacute123344

    you can watch miraculous ladybug season  1 and 2 

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  • Dancape

    So, I'm a bureaucrat on the PINY Wiki (as some of you many already know) however I have loads of responsibilities. I've decided I'm not going to check the wiki like how I used to - but you can still message me and I will sill answer and I will be coming to the wiki sometimes. But before I finish I would like to thank all of you for being great Miraculers! Thanks and bye.

    P.S: This will be from September maybe to December

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  • Lepetitpaon

    ending theory

    July 28, 2018 by Lepetitpaon

    Whenever we theorize about Gabriel using the wish to bring his wife back, we kind of go along with the idea that Gabriel doesn't know that something is going to be taken away from him, and he'll realize it only after he makes the wish.

    I don't think so.

    Nooroo has explained to him the whole wish-making thing a lot of times, and we know this from the Origins episodes. I think he knows full well that if he asks for Emilie back, he's probably going to lose his son.

    Which is why I think Gabriel is going to make his son make the wish of having his mother back so that Gabriel would disappear instead. It makes sense: Gabriel is so cold and distant to his son: something that, as far as we know, has only started since Emilie disappeared and since Gabr…

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  • Friednoodles45

    Peacock Unmasked

    July 28, 2018 by Friednoodles45

    Everyone is convinced it's gonna be Adrien's mother that will get the peacock miraculous, but I am totally sure it will be Gabriel Agreste's assistant, Nathalie. Just from looking at the leaked photo of the new "boss" of HawkMoth, you can notice that they have the same color schemes and the same build. Also, if it were Gabriel's wife, he would no longer want the Miraculous to bring his wife back which would kill the whole plot. So, therefore, it MUST be Nathalie that will get her hands on that peacock Miraculous.

    Another reason: why would Adrien's mother be evil? She is recognized throughout the show as a kind, sweet, and loveable person. On the other hand, Nathalie seems to have no true emotions. She can also easily take the peacock Miracu…

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  • PixieROXS MSP

    ^ talk about Malediktor

    In the episode Reverser we find that there is an art room and some people in Marinette's class go to the art room when they have a spare hour. Shortly after Marc comes into the room, Chloé comes and mocks Nathaniel's artwork. She says

    Then Alix says and everyone starts laughing.

    The reason why I think that Malediktor takes place before Reverser is because Chloé presented a presentation to the class in a ladybug costume, making everyone make fun of her. This makes me assume that she made a collage of selfies in a ladybug costume? But, in the synopsis of Malediktor it says that Chloé plans to leave Paris but I highly doubt it. All 5 superheroes appear in the promo poster for Heroes Day, which makes me assume that all 5 …

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  • Benjie50

    This article shows what things can damage the miraculous power.

    This is from an episode that hasn't been aired. [Expand] When Troublemaker took off one of Ladybug's earrings, two things happened;

    • She was starting to lose her disguise
    • When Ladybug used her Lucky Charm, the lucky charm was broken in half

    Plagg says in Roger Cop when in the braclet:

    "If you transform, the braclet will get absorbed with me and damage your powers"

    Yet, he doesn't specifically mantion what damage would be caused.

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  • Jeanne68

    Temporarily inactive

    July 27, 2018 by Jeanne68

    Hi guys! I just wanted to let you all know that I will temporarily be inactive for a while. I'm going overseas, and I won't have a lot of time for the wiki. I may check in once or twice, but don't count on it. I'll be back mid-August. :)

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  • Btsxmiraculous

    Hello Guys! I really like Miraculous, but I've only been here since the middle of Season 2 (Dark Owl). Although, I'd heard about it on September 2017 (I swear that's when I started discovering new things to like, such as BTS) When I read comments on pages, I like to comment my thoughts, opinions, praise on really good theories, or make a little announcement. Although I am not a moderator on this page, I want to help people with things they are questioning about on the Miraculous Wiki, or making sure people are saying the right thing. Before I go, I want to ask a question as I am looking for answers.

    When do you think Heroes Day is coming out? Will it be that we'll see the rest of the episodes in August/September (apparently there will be som…

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  • Friend6095

    I'm going to be honest. While I did love this episode, it wasn't really one of my favorites and it didn't really have the same "miraculous" feel to it like previous episodes if you know what I mean. Pretty sure this episode was filler but it was okay I guess.

    The Art Teacher: I really love the art teacher. He's calm, smart, and very gentle. He actually reminds me a lot of Bob Ross (the famous painter) because both artists are very calm and gentle and very open-minded :)

    Marc: I love Marc too. He is so cute. I love his design as well and I was shocked when I saw him because I imagined he'd look totally different. It's also nice how he kind of looks like a girl even though he's a boy. I like variety. Marc's personality is cool too and I can re…

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  • Strawbae

    Character of the Week!

    July 23, 2018 by Strawbae

    Hello friends! It's me Strawbae, and I have a fun idea in my head! What if we could recognize some characters in Miraculous, for all the good deeds they have done (including Hawk Moth and Chloe ). I know, it sounds really complicated, but why not give it a try? :)

    This week, we are going to be recognizing Plagg, because he's honestly such an amazing and goofy character in the show, and he deserves lots!

    Here comes the fun part, you guys can be featured in some of my COTW's! All you need to do, is leave a comment down below on some reasons on why you love Plagg, or what you think what his best deeds were. Example: Plagg is my favorite character because he's always there for Adrien, and he loves cheese, just like me!

    All enteries should be sub…

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  • Furryball

    Style Queen theory

    July 22, 2018 by Furryball

    well,this is my theory:

    audrey bourgeois comes to paris to visit the fashion show.she criticizes it without any reason,which angers mr.agreste.he humiliates her of her rude nature which results her in being akumatized into style queen.

    She turns everyone into a statue including adrien whoever comes in her way.

    so plagg might go to master fu for safety and tells him the truth.he hides when marinette enters and tells about cat noir's disappearance.master fu insists her that she needs someone to help her and takes bee miraculous.she accidentally drops it and losts finds it and turns into wueen bee.they both fight her and time to de evilise comes.

    ladybug asks queen bee to return her but she refuses.

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  • Miraculousfillie

    My theory:

    Well chloe found the bee miraculous since ladybug "lost" it.(which is what people are saying) and probably picked it up and pollen probably appears and lectures to chloe about saving Paris and how to use her powers and stuff. Then transforms into Queen B/Bee(IDK).Then there is 2 possiblities: 1.She helps save paris and after she does, she quickly runs to her mother and tries to impress her with her new ability, then Audrey(chloes mother) unimpressed while chloe in her Queen B/Bee form gets akumatied into Queen Wasp. 2. she finds Ladybug and Chat Noir, maybe Rena Rouge, and introduces herself to the group and probably says one of her offcial furture lines,...My name is Chloé Bourgeois and i'm going to be your new superhero, Queen …

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  • Strawbae


    July 20, 2018 by Strawbae

    Hello everyone! My name is Strawbae, and I'm really excited to join this wiki! I started watching Miraculous one year ago on Netflix, and I am HOOKED! I love every single character (and yes, including Chloe) because of their uniqueness and kindness, and I wish they could be my IRL friends :)

    This is a really hard question to answer, because  I love every single character (and yes, including Chloe). I think I would have to say either tiki, because of how much of a good friend she is, and Chloe, because when you watch the newer episodes, you can see that she is changing into a better person. That's why I love her :)

    Again with the hard questions?? 

    I guess I would have to say the Stone Heart. I remember watching that episode with my sister, and…

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  • Friend6095

    Hey guys! So today, the sneak peek for Reverser came out, and I've replayed it so many times. I'm excited lol and I did a lot of analyzing. So anyway I have a quick theory to share with you guys.

    So in the sneak peek, Reverser shoots daggers at Ladybug, causing her to be more clumsy (like her civilian self) and move backward instead of forward, making her lose her balance.'s obvious what Reverser's power is just from looking at the sneak peek. He can flip peoples' actions and personalities. 

    So...this gives me a theory. What if Reverser can reverse powers too?

    So, here's some background info...Cat Noir has bad luck and destruction power Cataclysm while Ladybug has good luck and has creation powers Lucky Charm and Miraculous Ladybug

    I'm …

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  • Chat Noirs Lovebug

    Chat Blog

    July 15, 2018 by Chat Noirs Lovebug

    We all know that Chat Noir wants to know who Ladybug is... And he wants to tell her that he is Adrien Agreste. JUST ADMIT THAT YOU WANT TO KNOW EACH OTHER IN REAL LIFE WITHOUT THE MASKS...😑

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  • ZyklonEkziz

    Hello everyone I was thinking of an idea for a new kwami and miraculous the power of regeneration.It'd be held in a medallion.When the user transforms the medallion gains a symbol of an ancient Aztec god(most likely Xolotl). It's kwami would be an Axolotl they can regenerate any part of their body which I think would be an interesting idea. The kwami's name is Renaii(ren-eye)(based of the word renaissance meaning rebirth) showing that he always comes back in one way or another and will repair himself.His transformation phrase would be Renaii Reconstruction Begin and for him to remove his powers Reconstruction complete. I chose these words because it takes time for something to be fixed and when he transforms he begins the repairs and when …

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