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Major Spoiler Warning
This page contains major spoilers that have not yet appeared in any episodes anywhere worldwide.

The bee kwami is a kwami that is connected to the Bee Miraculous. With her power, its wearer can use the comb to transform into a bee-themed superhero. Presently, she is dormant in her Miraculous in Master Fu's chest.


The kwami is yellow, with three curved stripes wrapping around her head. Each stripe grows smaller as it ascends up her forehead. her small stinger, visible at the rear, is also striped. Her antennae, arms and feet are black, while her eyes are navy blue. A black stripe surrounds both her eyes, coming to a peak and the top corner like eyelashes. A small tuft is located below her neck wrapping around them, with a small area reaching onto her stomach.


The bee kwami is able to fly, levitate, and phase through solid objects, along with carry objects larger and/or heavier than her.

As a kwami, the bee kwami is able to transform the holder of the Bee Miraculous into a bee-themed superhero, although it is unknown what the transformation looks like or what powers the transformed person gains.


  • The bee kwami was first revealed by Jeremy Zag with a picture posted on his Instagram. The image was captioned: "New Kwami means new superhero!? 🤔.... hummm... Maybe! 😋👍 Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 is coming guys !!!!"[1]
  • Another image of the bee kwami was shown during an interview between Lindalee Rose and Cristina Vee.[3]
  • The background of the teaser images is a blurred shot of Notre-Dame.


Concept art

Promotional artwork


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