"Bad Santa Claws" is a song in "A Christmas Special" that Santa Claws sings as he gives horrible presents to Ladybug, Adrien's bodyguard, and André and Chloé Bourgeois.


You think you can get away with making fun of me?
You think you can get away with accusing me?

I am Santa Claws,
I'm a rebel with a cause
I'll punish and give you a fright
Have a horrible Christmas night!

Tu crois que j’vais accepter que tu te moques de moi?
Tu crois que j’vais te laisser m’accuser comme ça?

Je suis le Pire Noël,
Merveilleusement cruel
Je vais vous flanquer la frousse
Ce sera un affreux Noël pour tous!

You think that I'll accept that you mock me?
You think that I'll let you accuse me like that?

I am Santa Claws,
Wonderfully cruel
I'm going to scare you
It will be a horrible Christmas for all!

¿Tú crees que te puedes librar burlándote de mí?
¿Crees que te puedes librar si me acusas a mí?

Yo soy Santa Clavos
Soy rebelde de cabo a rabo
Una Nochebuena fatal
Te voy a hacer pasar

You think that you can be free mocking me?
You think that can be free if you accuse me?

I am Santa Claws,
I'm a rebel from head to toe
An awful Christmas Eve
I'm going to make you have

Não pense que vai escapar depois de rir de mim!
Não pense que vai escapar me tratando assim!

Sou o Papai Cruel
Sou rebelde, o Mau Noel
Eu te lanço o meu castigo fatal
Que seja péssimo o seu Natal

Don't think you'll escape after laughing at me!
Don't think you're going to get away treating me like this!

I am the Santa Claws,
I'm a rebel, a Bad Noel
I cast you my awful punishment
May your Christmas be terrible


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