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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the voice actor or the crew member.
Need I remind you that as mayor of this city, I am your superior!

—André, "Rogercop"

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André Bourgeois[1] is the mayor of Paris and Chloé's father.[2]


Physical appearance

André is fairly tall with gray hair and light blue eyes.

Civilian attire

He wears a dark gray dress jacket with three large black buttons over a white dress shirt. He has a dark red tie, and there is a dark red folded handkerchief in the jacket's upper left pocket. He also has dark gray slacks and black shoes. He usually wears a blue, white, and red striped sash over his right shoulder, and the ends of the sash are tied together next to his hips with thick golden tassels.


André is approachable and regal, though he is very willing to be manipulative, deceptive, and degrading when it comes to his political or personal goals. While more calm than passionate, André's love for his daughter leads him to become furious if she is wronged in some way. He sometimes unprofessionally jumps to conclusions about situations and demands action that goes against the law, but when he realizes his mistakes, he does try to learn from them and makes things right with anyone he wronged, like Roger in "Rogercop".


Chloé Bourgeois

RC S01EP09 (159)

André standing up for Chloé.

André loves his daughter, but he spoils her more than he should. He doesn't like to see her upset or in danger, caring immensely for her happiness and safety, and he acts rashly because of every now and then. However, on occasion, he does remind her about being better, making sure she learned to not unfairly accuse others in "Rogercop".

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

André doesn't know Marinette well, but he immediately believes Chloé's accusations about her stealing her bracelet in "Rogercop".

With Ladybug, André is extremely grateful for her work, and he relies heavily on her to keep Paris safe--and in some cases, to keep his daughter safe. He also openly listens to her suggestions, agreeing with her to rehire Roger after unfairly firing him earlier.



  • At the beginning of "Copycat", André is wearing his sash, but during the capture of Cat Noir in the Louvre, he isn't wearing it.
  • It is mentioned in "Darkblade" that he has been re-elected as mayor of Paris four consecutive times.
    • A mayor's term in France is six years, so he has been mayor for eighteen years. Thus at the end of his current term, he would have been mayor for twenty four years.
  • As he states in the beginning of "Simon Says", André dislikes dancing.


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