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Alya Césaire is a teenage girl who is friends with Marinette Dupain-Cheng. She adores superheroes and runs the Ladyblog for Paris' beloved hero, Ladybug.

EV S01EP08 (30)
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Season 1


In "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)", Alya sat alone in Miss Bustier's classroom at Collège Françoise Dupont. She just switched schools and didn't know anyone. When she saw Marinette Dupain-Cheng being bullied by Chloé Bourgeois and Sabrina Raincomprix, she stepped in and helped Marinette, the two becoming fast friends. They went to the library to study in between classes when they were knocked to the ground from the building shaking. Running over to the library's cameras, they spotted Stoneheart throwing cars and shouting for Kim. Excited, Alya ran off hoping to find a superhero since this was obviously a supervillain. She biked her way to the Parc des Princes where she found Cat Noir fighting Stoneheart alone. She found his partner and encouraged her to join the fray, being saved by the two of them in the process. After Stoneheart was defeated, Alya--recording on her phone--asked the girl what her name was, learning it was "Ladybug." Her video was shown on the news.

OR-2 (454)

In "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)", the next day, Alya created the Ladyblog. She confronted Chloé for being rude to Ivan. When Stoneheart busted down Miss Bustier's classroom's door and took Chloé and Mylène Haprèle captive, Alya chased after them, her phone out and ready to capture more footage. She found Cat Noir being attacked by several Stonehearts. Alya tried running from the battle, but a Stoneheart threw a car at her. Cat Noir threw his staff to keep it from killing her, but Alya was trapped. Ladybug freed her. She wasn't able to capture any more of the fight because she missed the battle at the Eiffel Tower. The next day, she and Marinette sat behind Nino Lahiffe and Adrien.

TB That's my scarf

In "the Bubbler", Alya tried to help Marinette get closer to Adrien on his birthday. Since Marinette couldn't give Adrien his gift to his face, Alya forces Marinette to leave it in his mailbox. At Adrien's party, Alya found Marinette and led her to her present so that she could sign it. Alya spotted Ladybug first when she and Cat Noir returned after being sent skyward, starting a chant for the heroes and resulting in the rest of the students being bubbled. The next day, Alya tried to convince Marinette to tell Adrien the truth about his scarf, but Marinette wanted Adrien to be happy instead.

MP Sewing talk

In "Mr. Pigeon", Alya helped Marinette make her derby hat by encouraging her designs. She was technically Marinette's partner in the derby hat competition and stood at the hat podium, waiting for Marinette, who was almost late.

SW Alya 3

In "Stormy Weather", Alya interrupted Marinette while she was babysitting Manon Chamack and convinced her to go see Adrien's photoshoot in the park. She went along with Marinette's ploy to get Adrien's attention, which somewhat worked. When the shoot needed a girl, Alya pretended to have an allergic reaction to an apple and pulled Marinette away from Manon so that Marinette could join the shoot. Alya went with Manon on the carousel and became trapped when Stormy Weather encased it in ice. Alya distracted Manon with games and stories while the fire department tried breaking them free. They were freed when Ladybug returned the city to normal.

TK Alya fading

In "Timebreaker", Alya called Marinette and reminded her to get to the Trocadéro for Alix's and Kim's race. She was given Alix's watch, which she then gave to Marinette, who dropped it. She was blamed when Alix ran over the watch because it was Alya's fault for not holding on to the watch, to begin with even though it was Chloé who dropped it. She was hit by Timebreaker and disappeared in the alternative reality. In the new reality, she was warned about Timebreaker by Ladybug and ran to safety.

CC (119)

In "Copycat", Marinette called Alya over to her house for Alya's help in asking out Adrien. She gave Marinette a script to memorize and called Adrien, forcing Marinette to speak with Adrien's voicemail. She emphasized that she leave a message and not improvise. Marinette ignored her advice and threw her cellphone after she finished her message, not realizing it was still recording. Alya tried helping her delete the message but failed. They decided that since Adrien was still in fencing practice, that they go delete the message off his phone. However, a statue ceremony for Ladybug and Cat Noir was taking place and Alya had to cover it for the Ladyblog, so she couldn't help Marinette. Later, Alya called Marinette to tell her about Cat Noir's burglary at the Louvre and to see if she deleted the message. That evening, Alya went to Marinette's room and helped her delete the message. The next day, she managed to invite herself and Marinette to go see a movie with Nino and Adrien that night.

PH S01EP06 (629)

In "the Pharaoh", the previous week, Alya filmed Ladybug flying on a helicopter and dropping her Histoire textbook. She went to the Louvre with Marinette the next day. Marinette told her she found out something about Ladybug at the King Tut exhibit. She told Marinette that only their school used that specific textbook, so Ladybug had to go to their school. When they reached the King Tut exhibit, Jalil Kubdel bumped into Marinette and Alya. He was in a hurry to present his findings to his father. Marinette brought Alya to an ancient papyrus, claiming it had something to do with Ladybug. In fact, that papyrus was a scroll depicting a ritual to bring the dead back to life.

Alya was getting bored and wanted to look at the Histoire book, but the Pharaoh suddenly appeared. Alya immediately began live streaming for the Ladyblog. When Ladybug arrived, she tried telling Alya to hide, but Alya took the movement to be a wave. The Pharaoh took Alya with him after he threw both Ladybug and Cat Noir to the side, deciding to use her in his ritual. Alya decided to keep live blogging the event so that Ladybug and Cat Noir could find her. She managed to get him to explain his entire plot, including using her as a sacrifice. She also found out that Ladybug stopped the Pharaoh the first time he tried bringing the dead back to life over 5000 years ago. The Pharaoh then started the ritual, having the mummies carry her up the Louvre, but Ladybug saved her. This didn't last long and the Pharaoh put her directly on the beam leading to the dark cloud in the sky. When Ladybug decided to sacrifice herself in Alya's place, Alya became very indignant at not being considered excellent sacrifice material. In the end, Ladybug saved her and her phone. She went back to the Louvre to find Marinette (who had been turned into a mummy) and found that the Histoire textbook was missing.

LW S01EP07 (718)

In "Lady Wifi", Alya tried figuring out who Ladybug was from the people in her class, but was interrupted by Miss Bustier. After class, Alya tried calling Marinette, but she went straight to voicemail. She searched for her, but couldn't find her. Instead, she saw Chloé suspiciously putting Ladybug-themed paraphernalia in. Alya thought she found Ladybug. She tried calling Marinette again but failed. Instead, she brought Nino in on her plan to reveal Chloé as Ladybug. She managed to get a picture of Chloé's locker, but because of Kim's height, Sabrina's knowledge of school rules, and Chloé's power of manipulation, Alya was suspended for a week. Alya ran out to La Seine and tried calling Marinette, but couldn't get through. Hawk Moth sensed Alya's pain over secrets and betrayals and akumatized her into Lady Wifi.

Lady Wifi first attacked and made him tell the truth about wrongly suspending Alya Césaire. She then went into hiding until she could call Chloé's phone. When Chloé picked up, Lady Wifi teleported into Chloé's room, froze her, and unmasked her to all of Paris. However, Cat Noir and the real Ladybug appeared. Lady Wifi freed Chloé and focused her attacks on Ladybug. She followed Ladybug and Cat Noir through the hotel until she lost signal. Seeing the heroes' plan, Lady Wifi locked all the doors in the hotel stairway and set up a trap in Le Grand Paris' restaurant. Lady Wifi separated the heroes and trapped Ladybug in the kitchen. Cat Noir was trapped in the freezer. Hawk Moth told her to let Ladybug use her Lucky Charm and wait for Ladybug to detransform. Ladybug, however, had other plans; Cat Noir destroyed the WiFi antenna on the hotel's roof, freeing Ladybug. Together, they defeated Lady Wifi and returned the city to normal. Alya had no idea what happened and immediately wanted an interview with Ladybug and Cat Noir after she came back to herself, but they left before she could interview them. The next day, Alya went over to Marinette's house and showed her her new phone and some pictures of Adrien. Marinette teased Alya about Adrien's pictures and the two girls chased each other on Marinette's balcony.

EV S01EP08 (839)

In "the Evillustrator", Alya was partnered with Adrien and Nino for their particle physics presentation. She wasn't willing to trade groups with Marinette, but she was willing to be Marinette's wingwoman in regards to Adrien. The next day, Alya interviewed Chloé for the Ladyblog because Chloé was attacked by the Evillustrator.

In "Rogercop", more coming soon