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Wanna see my new smartphone? It puts my old phone to shame!

Alya, "Lady Wifi"

Alya's cellphone is a smartphone that belongs to Alya Césaire. In "Lady Wifi," it gets infected with an akuma, turning Alya into a villain; it then serves as her weapon. After her time as Lady Wifi, Alya gets a new phone.
At the end of "Sapotis" she says that she very recently got another new phone.


The cellphone is a black smartphone with a silver edge around the screen and a ladybug ornament hanging off of it with light magenta string. As Lady Wifi's weapon, it has a white case with black stripes on its back. After the events of "Lady Wifi", Alya gets another phone with a light blue border.



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LW S01EP07 (129)

Marinette dialing Alya’s number in "Lady Wifi".

  • As seen in "Lady Wifi", Alya's phone number is +33636768.
  • One side of the ladybug ornament has inverted colors, making it black with red spots.
  • In the webisode "Ladyblog", Alya reveals that her phone alerts her whenever Ladybug is fighting crime. She has this alert so she can catch her hero in action and post about it on her blog.
  • Her phone changes color from black to white when it is infected with the akuma in "Lady Wifi".
  • When Alya is Lady Wifi, the phone can control people and objects with pause, lock, etc.
  • The phone, when infected, has black stripes of varying thickness underneath.
  • In "Copycat", Adrien does not recognize Alya's phone number, but in "Dark Cupid", he can be seen on the log on Alya's cellphone.
    • In "Kung Food", when Adrien arrives in Marinette's house, he says that Alya called him.
  • In the webisode, "Marinette and Fashion", Marinette mentions making a case for Alya's smartphone for her birthday, though the case has never been seen.
  • In "The Pharaoh", the cellphone is almost broken when the Pharaoh takes it from Alya and tosses it off the top of a building, although Ladybug catches it before it hits the ground.
    • In "The Mime", Marinette accidentally drops the cellphone off of her balcony, barely catching it in time.
  • Alya's old cellphone has no discernible camera on the back. However, it does have a flashing red light to indicate when it records video.
  • At the end of "Sapotis" she states that her brand new phone ran out of battery, implying she got another new phone.


  • In "The Evillustrator", the colors of the charm on Alya's old cellphone are inverted.


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