Alya's bags are the two types of bags that Alya carries to school.


Messenger bag

Alya's medium-sized messenger bag is a sky blue color. It has gray trim around the opening flap, the bottom corners of the bag, and the strap. The bottom edge of the flap is also gray.


Alya's backpack is average-sized and made of blue denim. It also has gray denim on the back and gray trim around the bottom. The straps on the backpack appear to be faux fabric with adjustable straps on the bottom. The backpack has two main pockets: the larger, inner one, used mostly for holding schoolbooks and large objects; and the smaller one, which currently holding smaller objects, such as phones and pencils.



Messenger bag



Messenger bag


  • Alya’s brown bag in "The Pharaoh".
  • Alya being akumatized with her backpack in "Lady Wifi".
  • Alya being de-akumatized without her backpack.
  • In some episodes, Alya’s messenger bag is discolored.
    • In "The Pharaoh", the bag is brown throughout the whole episode. This color is mainly seen used for Nino’s messenger bag.
    • In "Princess Fragrance" and "Robostus", the bag is entirely white, but in the following scene at the school entrance, it returns to regular blue.
  • Her backpack has only appeared so far in "Lady Wifi" and "Darkblade."
  • In "Lady Wifi", before Alya is akumatized she is seen with her backpack on, but when she is de-akumatized she doesn’t have it on.
  • In the episode "Darkblade", Alya switches between her two bags. She starts out with her blue messenger bag, seen under her desk, and a few scenes later when the class is called to vote, her bag is replaced with her backpack in the same position under her desk.


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