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Guard it with your life. It's a family heirloom!

Alix, "Timebreaker"

Alix's watch is an heirloom of the Kubdel family, passed down from generation to generation. In the episode "Timebreaker", on Alix's 15th birthday, her father gives it to her to continue the family tradition.


The watch is silver with a circular pattern engraved on the cover. When opened, it reveals what appears to be a blue hologram of a woman holding a clock with the current time.



  • The watch is broken in two different timelines, the second timeline coming from Timebreaker and Ladybug going back in time, but Ladybug fixes it with the Miraculous Ladybug.
  • The watch was crafted in the 19th century by one of the Kubdels' ancestors, and it has been passed down to the youngest child in each generation since.[1]
    • While the watch being given to the youngest child, Alix, instead of the oldest child, Jalil, is mentioned in the French version, it isn't mentioned in the English version.


TK Activating watch 5
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