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This article is about the television series version of Cat Noir. You may be looking for the Ladybug PV version of Cat Noir, Félix Agreste, or another Cat.
"Is there anything I can do to help?"
"Just do what you always do, Kitty: ruin everything!"

—Cat Noir and Ladybug, Miraculous Adventures Issue 2

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Adrien Agreste is one of the main protagonists of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. He is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont in Paris, France. He is also a fashion model for his father's brand. With the Cat Miraculous, when it is inhabited by Plagg, Adrien transforms into the superhero Cat Noir ("Chat Noir" in the French version), gaining the power of bad luck and destruction.


Physical appearance

Adrien is about half a head taller than Marinette. He has brushed-back blond hair and light green eyes. His skin tone is fair with a rosy tint, especially on his cheeks, nose, and the tips of his ears.

Civilian attire

He wears a white button-down shirt with an upturned collar and sleeves rolled up above his elbow, which he keeps unbuttoned. Underneath, he wears a black shirt with five horizontal stripes around the chest which are colored, from top to bottom, yellow, olive green, bright green, dark green, and periwinkle. He wears blue jeans and orange sneakers with white laces and a logo of a black butterfly in a circle on the sides. On the ring finger of his right hand, he wears the ring of the Black Cat, which is silver when he hasn't transformed.

As Cat Noir

CN Mask on

Cat Noir wears a textured black skin-tight catsuit with metal details. He wears matching gloves that have claws on the fingertips and boots with a hidden wedge, silver toes, and paw-shaped treads. He has a golden bell on his neck, connected to a zipper on the front of his costume, and a long belt that wraps around his waist and hangs out from the back like a tail. He wears black cat ears and a black mask around his eyes. His eyes become cat-like with green sclerae, dark green irises, and oblong pupils. His hair becomes longer and untamed, covering his normal ears. His ring turns black and gains a bright green paw print on its face.

For more of Adrien’s outfits and designs, see Adrien Agreste/Designs.


RC S01EP09 (23)

Adrien calling his father, upset that he hasn't shown up for Career Day.

Adrien is charismatic, but shy, a bit reserved, and slightly innocent — partially due to his unfamiliarity to much of the world beyond his father's reach.[13] While liking to have fun, he is more serious, obedient, somewhat insecure, and less lively due to his strict upbringing. Wanting to change, make friends, and experience new things is one of his main motives to complement himself, but it's a bit of a struggle for Adrien and it worries him every now and then. He usually thinks reasonably and will express annoyance and frustration when someone is being difficult or something is going wrong. If something makes him sad, he tries to downplay his feelings on it, like his relationship with his father, but he will act on impulse if he is emotional enough, like lying to Théo Barbot out of jealousy about his relationship with Ladybug and going out into to the night while unhappy on Christmas in "A Christmas Special".

Though not very openly emotional or affectionate to most people, Adrien is friendly, empathetic, and encouraging to others in hard times. He also has an easier time letting his feelings show to those who he's close to.

As seen in "Riposte", Adrien is a bit reckless going into a fight against a villain with a sprained ankle, being dedicated to his duty as a superhero and protective towards Ladybug with or without the mask. In some instances, he has acted rebelliously, like going places without informing anyone or taking things that don't belong to him. Also, his desire to be loved makes him vulnerable whenever disappointed. He is displeased with Ladybug for not showing up to a date he asked her on in "Glaciator", though she warned him she had previous plans, but he apologizes for overreacting when he realizes that she feels bad about it.
PH S01EP06 (487)

Cat Noir taunting mummies while on a light post.

As Cat Noir, Adrien has the freedom to act however he wants outside of his normal life, letting his wilder side come out, and becoming cocky and outgoing.[14] More optimistic and open, he says whatever comes to his mind, and makes plenty of typically cat-related jokes and puns. In his attempts to get Ladybug's attention, along with other people, he brags and boasts about himself in a comedic way.[15] Much of Cat Noir's exaggerated personality, especially his flirting with Ladybug, stems from entertainment such as anime, television, and movies due to his lack of experience with people his age beyond Chloé.[14] Adrien's change to his superhero status doesn't diminish his kindness and concern for others though, among a lot of his other personality traits like reasonable character and deep loyalty. On certain occasions as Cat Noir he can be hasty sometimes, like when rushing to face Stormy Weather without a plan. While more prone to goofing off, Cat Noir gets serious when needed, like when fighting an akumatized villain. It is rare for him to reveal his vulnerable sensitive side, but it does come through at times, like as when he quietly comments that not all parents are loving in "The Bubbler" and tries in vain to tell Ladybug about his love for her before their transformations wore off in "Dark Cupid". Determined to help others and save the day, Cat Noir really cherishes being uninhibited by his civilian life as a superhero. He also understands that it takes more than just superpowers to be a hero or useful as seen in "Reflekta" despite the fact that his powers were gone with his quick thinking he was able to help Ladybug out of a tight spot.

Cat Noir is also welcoming and friendly when it comes to accepting new additions to the team, having open arms for Lila in "Volpina" and Rena Rouge in "Sapotis".


As a civilian

CC (90)

Adrien defeats his fencing opponent.

In addition to being a fashion model and homeschooled, Adrien takes basketball, fencing, piano, and Chinese lessons.[16] Thus, he is able to speak Chinese fluently and is able to communicate with Wang Cheng. He is also quite good at video games, being able to beat Max in Ultimate Mecha Strike III and achieve one of the top scores in the entire school.

Adrien as Cat Noir reveals that he understands Morse code in "Robustus".

Adrien is able to fight on equal grounds with his akumatized fencing teacher and fend off his knights effortlessly, showing great skill for offensive and defensive movements. Other than fencing, he also does karate, as revealed in "Simon Says", which enables him to fight in hand-to-hand combat as well.

As Cat Noir

TK Cataclysm on low relief 2

Cat Noir using Cataclysm to destroy a low relief.

Cat Noir has enhanced skills such as speed, agility, strength, and near-invulnerability.[17] Like a cat, he also has enhanced senses such as hearing, smell, and night vision, and he has super stealth.[18] Cat Noir uses his staff efficiently, wielding it as a sword, throwing it with great precision and having it be deflected back to him, being able to spin it at high speeds to form a shield, and taking advantage of its duplication and length-changing features. To travel long distances, he uses his staff and its variety in length to vault over obstacles. He also has good hand-to-hand combat skills when needed.

His special power, Cataclysm, allows him to negatively effect anything that he touches with his ring hand. While it is usually used to destroy objects, it can be used for a variety of different effects, like causing a bus' controls to go haywire or creating a platform in a structure. However, using Cataclysm drains his Miraculous' power, causing him to revert back to Adrien typically five minutes afterwards, so he has to use it wisely.



Agreste FT Gabriel
Gabriel Agreste
Agreste FT Mrs Agreste
Mrs. Agreste
Agreste FT Adrien
Adrien Agreste

Gabriel Agreste
Mrs. Agreste
Adrien Agreste

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


  • Mrs. Agreste mysteriously disappeared before the events of Season 1, and her current whereabouts and status are unknown.


Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug


Cat Noir and Ladybug meeting each other for the first time.

Adrien and Marinette first meet in "Ladybug and Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)" as their superhero alter-egos. Cat Noir is incredibly impressed by her wits and skill in combat, and he's even more pleasantly surprised in the next episode, when she gives a speech to the whole of Paris after defeating Hawk Moth's akumas and when she manages to defeat Stoneheart, save Mylène from falling, and capture the akuma all at once.

In "Stoneheart", he also meets Marinette in her civilian form at school, but he doesn't make a good first impression: Marinette thinks he was trying to stick a piece of chewing gum on her seat, when in actuality he was trying to detach it, Chloé being the true perpetrator. Marinette is deeply offended, but they make up the next day at the end of the episode when Adrien explains the truth and offers his umbrella to her while it was raining. In response to this, Plagg teases him, stating that he has a crush on her. Adrien responds that she's "just a friend", which pleases him.

MP Supporting Adrien

Adrien complimenting Marinette on her fashion designs.

Adrien likes Marinette as a friend, but he doesn't seem to be aware of her feelings for him, nor does he seem to have any romantic feelings for her, which is shown when he tries to set her up with Nino in "Animan" without a second thought. He thinks she is a fantastic artist, occasionally shows signs of affection towards her. If she needs help or encouragement, he gives it to her, and despite noticing how awkward she acts around him sometimes, he can tell that she is a good person. In later episodes, such as "Kung Food" and "Gamer", they have more interactions, and Adrien treats her like a good friend, being very supportive and friendly to her. Adrien sees Marinette as a very sweet person due to making him a Christmas hat gift in "A Christmas Special".
In "Despair Bear", he and Marinette slow dance while at Chloe's party. When the party is over he compliments that her baking is as good as her dancing. Adrien also notes to Kagami in "Riposte" that he views Marinette as clumsy sometimes, but she is also nice, honest, and fair, trusting she would never cheat.

As Cat Noir, he teams up with Marinette to stop the Evillustrator in the episode of the same name, and he promises to protect her. Afterward, as Adrien, he asks her what she thinks of Cat Noir, and he assumes from her jumbled response (which is her trying to say he, Adrien, is cooler) that she thinks he is cool, to his satisfaction.

During "Glaciator", disappointed that Ladybug didn't show up to a date, he confides in Marinette when they both are having love problems, and he finds it comforting she takes pleasure in his surprise.
SW Hand kiss

Cat Noir kissing Ladybug's hand

However, he has a huge crush on Ladybug. He gets lost in Ladybug's beauty every time she is nearby and he isn't being Cat Noir, like during "The Mime" and "Simon Says". He constantly flirts with her (as Cat Noir) and refers to her by a number of pet names, including "My Lady" and "Bugaboo". He often puts her on the spot with his romantic advances, but he does respect her wishes and never takes it too far. To his constant exasperation, she doesn't seem to reciprocate his feelings. Occasionally, he loses his bravado around her, like during Valentines' Day after defeating Dark Cupid in the episode of the same name. He longs to know who she is behind the mask, but he respects her desire to keep it secret.

As a team, they work well together, although Cat Noir sometimes feels like he has to do more of the dirty work because he cannot capture akumas. Despite his crush on her, he doesn't agree with everything she says and questions her if she becomes irrational. Sometimes, they have disagreements, but they know how to work them out and defeat any villain. Cat Noir is fully willing to risk his life to protect her, having shielded her from lethal attacks. He is very dedicated to Ladybug and hopes she will one day return his affections.

Sensitive about his feelings for her, he struggles briefly in "Glaciator" when he thinks Ladybug is playing with his emotions. He apologizes later for his bitterness after she explains she never meant to hurt him. When Ladybug kindly tells him that she honestly doesn't see him romantically, he respectfully accepts her honesty and tells her she is his best friend, yet he doesn't lose hope in her reciprocating his feelings someday.


TB Stinky Cheese

Adrien disgusted by Plagg's gift of Camembert.

Plagg helps Adrien transform into Cat Noir. However, Adrien must frequently bribe him with Camembert just to get him to come out and help him transform. Adrien dislikes the smell of Camembert, Plagg's love for the cheese not pleasing him, and he doesn't always trust Plagg with items like his cellphone or the Miraculous spellbook. The kwami's antics also exasperate Adrien at times, like when Plagg causes a major argument in the classroom because he gets Chloé's expensive bracelet stuck on his head in "Rogercop".

Even though he is often frustrated with Plagg, Adrien never lets Plagg's teasing or skepticism bring him down, and he confides in him appreciating what support he receives from him. During "A Christmas Special", Adrien shows a great amount of concern for Plagg after he detransforms far from a warm place and Plagg getting cold and hungry in the snow.

Hawk Moth

In "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)", Cat Noir and Ladybug are introduced to Hawk Moth when akumas form a large version of his head while the two heroes are fighting Stoneheart at the Eiffel Tower. Although Adrien has yet to meet him in person, he is fully aware that he is behind the akumas and supervillains. Adrien always works hard to stop him from winning and taking his and Ladybug's Miraculous.

Gabriel Agreste

SS (1518)

Adrien getting a rare hug from his father.

While loving his father and doing what he can to please him, like modeling for him, Adrien is disappointed in how little time his father spends with him. This makes him very pleased on the rare occasions in which he does something nice for him, being grateful for the scarf from Gabriel (unaware that it's actually from Marinette) that he got for his birthday. He doesn't have a good relationship with his father, but as his response to the Bubbler's complaint about parents, he knows not all parents are like Gabriel. Adrien acknowledges in "Adrien's Double Life" that his father changed ever since his mother disappeared (implying that Gabriel may have not always been cold and distant towards Adrien) and tries to be there for him, even if it's difficult with his aloof behavior. Sometimes, he disobeys his father's orders, like in "The Puppeteer", when he gets out to go to the cinema without the Gorilla knowing, and in the Origins episodes, when he goes to public school despite Gabriel forbidding it.

In another case of rebellion, he takes the Miraculous spellbook from his father in "Volpina", which he gets punished for in "The Collector" by being banned from public school. His reaction to his father revoking the ban, thanks to Marinette returning it (unbeknownst to him), is giving him a hug out of gratefulness. Ladybug's theory that Gabriel is Hawk Moth devastates Adrien in "The Collector". Although skeptical at first, he recognizes the strength in Ladybug's evidence. He is fooled by his father's trick by transforming into the Collector, feeling relieved that his father isn't his greatest enemy as Cat Noir.

Nathalie Sancoeur

TB Schedule

Nathalie presenting Adrien his schedule for the day.

Nathalie takes care of Adrien's needs, but her mostly serious nature towards him, not unlike his father, doesn't help him connect with her on any personal level. He openly acknowledges and appreciates her kindness and assistance but her professional tone when she addresses him bars Adrien from confiding in her.

Nino Lahiffe

Adrien meets Nino in "Stoneheart", and after kindly introducing himself, Adrien is surprised that his new acquaintance is not pleased with him being friends with Chloé. After watching Adrien try to take gum off of Marinette's chair and taking the blame for Chloé, Nino opens up to him, and he offers to be Adrien's new friend. Adrien is happy about it, and the next day, he listens to Nino's advice to explain himself to and befriend Marinette.

MP Nino Adrien

Adrien and Nino in class.

Nino is Adrien's best friend. Adrien appreciates Nino's compassion and caring attitude. When Gabriel denies Nino's request for Adrien to have a birthday party, Adrien apologizes to Nino about his father. While shocked when he discovers Nino has become a supervillain, the Bubbler, Adrien is thankful to Nino for wanting to make him happy and doesn't hold anything against him after he's changed back to normal. In the webisode "Adrien's Double Life", Adrien reveals that he talks with Nino about everything (except, of course, his double life as Cat Noir). In "Simon Says", he shows Nino his support when he enters a tv contest and trying to help Nino setup a date with Marinette in "Animan".

Chloé Bourgeois

Adrien's only friend before attending collège was Chloé, and he has always been aware that she isn't perfect. However, he doesn't realize the extent of her cruelty until he sees her put a wad of gum on Marinette's chair to teach her "respect" in "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)". Despite knowing it was her, Adrien doesn't reveal it to Marinette, despite being mistaken for the culprit by Marinette until he explains what really happened to her the next day.

TB Unwanted Kiss 2

Chloé trying to kiss Adrien during a slow dance.

Although having known Chloé since they were little kids, Adrien is still aware of her rude attitude towards others and doesn't seem very interested in her affection towards him. When he learns from Nino that Alya thinks Chloé is Ladybug, Adrien is shocked, becoming relieved after Ladybug appears while he is spying on Chloé, who is cosplaying as Ladybug. He shows much more patience with her than Marinette does, still guarding her in "The Evillustrator" after Ladybug angrily leaves. He is one of the very few people who is on friendly terms with her, despite her spoiled attitude, although he has no problem calling her out on her rude treatment of other people. Even when fighting against Chloé as Antibug, he does not use his full strength on her because he doesn't want to hurt her.[19]

In "Despair Bear", after Adrien sees Chloé's cruelness to others, he renounces that he has seen enough and renounces her as a friend unless she is nicer to others. Once he attends the party Chloé throws for all her classmates and hears as Cat Noir from Ladybug that Chloé helped defeat Despair Bear, he sees that she is making effort to change. Adrien rekindles his friendship with Chloé at the end of the party, but he acknowledges she'll never fully change as she goes back to criticizing her peers again.

Alya Césaire

Adrien seems to trust Alya's judgment; an example of this is when he suspected Chloé was Ladybug since Alya believed it. As Cat Noir, he also describes her as a "brave chick" to Ladybug when Alya is kidnapped by the titular character in "The Pharaoh". Though there is not much interaction between them, Adrien and Alya are friendly to one another when an encounter arises.

In "Dark Owl", Adrien comes to Alya as Cat Noir with Ladybug to ask her for a favor in helping the Owl live out his dream. She gladly accepts, and he praises her for her good acting performance. Cat Noir meets Rena Rouge, Alya's alter ego, in "Sapotis", welcoming her to his and Ladybug's team with open arms. After she responds to his teasing with her own teasing, he notes that he has a feeling he'll like working with her. Cat Noir and Rena Rouge working well as a team, Cat Noir helps her by giving her advice when she needs it, and he is impressed by how fast she learns. When she leaves to de-transform, he bids her farewell by saying it was a pleasure to work with her.

Mrs. Agreste

SS (1500)

Adrien glancing at a photo of him and his mother on his phone.

Not much is known about her, but Adrien deeply loves his mother and misses her very much. He has many pictures of her on his phone. His father has said that Adrien and his mother were very much alike. During Christmas in "A Christmas Special", Adrien misses her, due to it being Adrien's first Christmas without her, and becomes depressed. His memory of her is the one thing that stops him from using his Cataclysm on an outdoor Christmas tree.

Lila Rossi

Volpina LQ (81)

Adrien uneasy by Lila's advances.

Adrien likes Lila, but he is flustered and wary by her upfront passion towards him. While Adrien is upset when he learns the truth about her lies of being a superhero, he also feels bad for her being harshly insulted by Ladybug. He believes Volpina is a real new hero, being supportive of her and suggesting that Ladybug treats her nicely. Once he figures out Volpina is Lila, he tries to reason with her as his regular self, albeit awkwardly having to note that they weren't necessarily going on a date earlier before her akumatization. His response as Cat Noir to Lila's rejection of Ladybug's apology is "Ouch..."

Santa Claus

Ladybug Christmas Special (290)

Adrien riding with Santa on his sleigh.

Adrien meets Santa after running away from home, and the two become friends when Santa gives Adrien Camembert for Plagg and gives him advice on his situation with his father. Grateful for Santa's friendliness, Adrien gives him the Christmas hat Marinette made for him and invites him to celebrate Christmas with him and his family. When Santa is falsely accused of being akumatized by Ladybug, Adrien defends him by telling Ladybug that she's wrong (though she doesn't listen). After the events of Santa's real akumatization, Adrien is happy to see him and his other friends checking on his return.

Kagami Tsurugi

Adrien treats Kagami respectfully as an opponent during their match in "Riposte", and he feels guilty for his uncertain win against her, a win that makes her depressed. Though he isn't initially aware that Kagami is a female or that her family is infamous in fencing, he treats her kindly, and he encourages her to try again at battling him in a rematch with a definitive winner.


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Comics and books



  • The character of Adrien was created around 2012.[20]
  • The French name "Adrien" comes from the Roman cognomen "Hadrianus," which means "from Hadria." In the days of the Roman Empire, Hadria was a town in northern Italy and the namesake of the Adriatic Sea. The Adriatic Sea is known for the dark-colored sand on its beaches, and for this reason, the name is also commonly translated as "dark one."
    • His last name, "Agreste," means "rural" in French. It is also the French name for the grayling butterfly.
    • Jokingly, Thomas Astruc said that his middle name is "Perfection."[21]
  • The name "Chat Noir" is French for "Black Cat." Some sources have called him "Black Cat" instead of Chat Noir or Cat Noir.[22]
    • In the Korean and Hebrew versions, Adrien's superhero name is "Black Cat."
    • In the Russian version, Adrien's superhero name is "Super Cat."
  • The earliest known appearance of Cat Noir was on the fake cover of Issue #12 of The Mini Menace Ladybug.
  • Fans originally called him Félix, after a famous cartoon cat. For some time, this name appeared on the original French version of Zagtoon's official website,[23] but later disappeared with newer, equally reliable sources calling him "Adrien."
    • It was later revealed that the Ladybug PV version had in fact been called "Félix," and Félix and Adrien are not the same character. Adrien was made around 2012 to replace Félix.[24]
      PV HQ (4)

      Félix, the previous version of Cat Noir, with Marinette in the Ladybug PV.

  • Adrien's appearance changed immensely from Félix's design (seen in the Ladybug PV) to his own design. Félix's design included more formal clothing with black and gray colors, desaturated green eyes, and a tidier hairstyle. As Cat Noir, Félix wears higher boots and doesn't have a staff for a weapon.
    • Their personalities are also different. Félix is less social, not openly friendly, and unkind to Marinette.
    • Unlike Félix, Adrien's ring can come off anytime. This is seen in "Lady Wifi" when he, as Cat Noir, gets locked into a freezer and the impact causes his ring to fall off his finger, which makes him revert back to normal.
  • Because Félix was Cat Noir in the Ladybug PV, Adrien was never seen in 2D form until the Miraculous: Tales from Paris webisodes. He will be seen again in 2D in the Miraculous Ladybug OVA, as Adrien is confirmed to still be Cat Noir instead of Félix.[25]
  • Cat Noir's legacy is as old as ancient China, as revealed in "Volpina".
  • His responsibilities as a superhero not only include fighting akumatized villains, but also patrolling among many other things.[26]
  • He is allergic to feathers, as revealed in "Mr. Pigeon".
  • In the French version of "Copycat", Cat Noir calls Ladybug "Buginette" (in French, adding "-nette" to the end of a word is a way of showing affection). In the English version, he calls her "Bugaboo."
  • Adrien watches anime.[27]
  • According to Gabriel Agreste's voice actor, Adrien is not allowed to play Pokémon Go.[28]
  • Adrien doesn't appear to have as many issues juggling his normal life with his superhero work as Marinette does. However, he does struggle on occasion, as seen in "Princess Fragrance" when he misses his chemistry class.
  • He mentions in "The Pharaoh", "Lady Wifi", and "Ladybug as seen by Adrien" that he suspects he might know Ladybug in normal life without knowing it.
  • As he says in "Dark Cupid", he hates signing autographs.
  • According to Thomas Astruc in a joking matter, Cat Noir's suit is made of "boyfriend material".[29]
    • The suit is not made of leather but it is the closest material.[30]
    • The ears are made of the same material as the rest of the suit.[31]
    • The bell functions as a zipper and was added "because it looks cute."[32]
  • Cat Noir's cat ears and tail are clearly fake. However, they respond to his mood and enhanced senses.
    • In "Dark Cupid", when Cat Noir isn't able to confess to Ladybug because their transformations are about to run out, his ears move down.
    • In "Animan", his cat ears move when he hears Animan coming.
    • Cat Noir has also done other catlike actions, like cleaning himself by licking water off in "Princess Fragrance" and purring in "Prime Queen" and in some episodes running on all fours like a cat.
  • According to Gabriel, he's a lot like his mother, both physically and in terms of personality.
  • He's been turned evil numerous of times so far, having fallen under the influence of Dark Cupid's hate arrows, ending up under the control of the Puppeteer, and being affected by Princess Fragrance's perfume.
    • He also gets controlled by Despair Bear.
  • In the second issue of Miraculous Adventures and "The Collector", Cat Noir's tail is revealed to be detachable.
  • In "Befana", Adrien reveals to Marinette that he always takes the bracelet she gave him everywhere he goes as a good luck charm.


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