It's [Adrien]'s birthday soon! I checked on the table I made of his detailed schedule. ...What? I like to know where he is during the day.

Marinette, "Marinette and Adrien"

Adrien's schedule is a chart showing the schedule of Adrien Agreste's daily activities. The chart is attached to the ceiling of Marinette's room.


The schedule is a calendar that goes from January to June. It includes dates for fencing, sports, photo shoots, Chinese lessons, and other events.




  • It says "volontariat au centre de chatons abadonnés" on June 1st, which translates to "volunteering at the abandoned kitten center."
  • February the 4th has "Lunch with Thomas" written in it. This is a reference to Thomas Astruc.
    • There's also "lunch with Young Sun" on January 30th and "lunch with Adrianaaaa" on May 23rd.
  • According to this schedule, Adrien's fencing lessons are always on Fridays, his Chinese classes are on Mondays, and he has basketball on Wednesdays.
  • Alya calls Marinette "insane" for owning such an elaborate schedule on Adrien.
  • Days in red are public holidays. Most of them correspond to official public holidays in France.
    • Monday, January 1 is New Year's Day.
    • Monday, April 21 most likely is Easter Monday.
    • Friday, May 1 is May Day/Labor Day.
    • Friday, May 8 is Victory in Europe Day.
    • Friday, May 29 appears to represent Ascension Day. However, Ascension Day falls on a Thursday, 39 days after Easter Sunday, while this day falls on a Friday, 39 days after Easter Monday.
  • Every month is shown with an incorrect number of days.
    • January, March, and May have 31 days but are shown as having 30.
    • April and June have 30 days but are shown as having 31.
    • February has 28 or 29 days but is shown as having 31.
  • The vacation from April 19 to April 27 is decorated with an illustration that appears to be the character Ella from the show Sammy & Co, which is produced in part by Zag.


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