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Ugh, of course Adrien would own one of these super-expensive high-tech smartphones. I can't even figure out how to work this thing.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, "Copycat"

Adrien's cellphone is a smartphone owned by Adrien Agreste.


The phone is white and has the latest security technology installed. Its wallpaper is set to a photo of Adrien and Nino.



  • Adrien's cell phone number is +33635124, as seen in "Copycat."
  • Adrien's contact list includes Nino, Gabriel, and Chloé.
    • Alya's number isn't on his contact list.
  • According to Marinette in "Copycat", the phone is "one of these super-expensive high-tech smartphones."
  • This is the first phone Marinette steals in order to fix a mistake.


CC Adrien's phone screensaver
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