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Adrien's Christmas hat is a hat made for Adrien by Marinette to give him as a Christmas present. Adrien later gives the hat to Santa Claus. It is destroyed by Cat Noir's Cataclysm, and Ladybug's Miraculous Ladybug does not appear to fix it, as the hat is never seen again.


The hat is cone-shaped and made of red fabric with a white snowflake pattern. It has a fuzzy white lining on the bottom edge and a white fuzzy ball at the tip, with three smaller balls attached from the tip with red string to each.

When the hat is an akumatized object, its appearance remains the same except with the snowflakes missing and the Hat is a darker shade of red.





  • Unlike with her scarf and Valentine's Day card for Adrien, Marinette remembers to sign her name on it, using a card, before Adrien gets it.
  • Max Kanté can be seen wearing a similar hat during the same episode, though his hat is missing the three baubles on the end that Adrien's hat has.
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