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Chapter two by the way the name of this story is my OTP

Marinette Just then realized what she had said "what you do can you tell me sorry that was rude" Adrienne replied what just then realized that he likes Marinette "no it's fine I can't tell you but I can get her to visit you" Adrian was happy to hear that say that ring! "hey we should get going to class don't you think Marinette" Adrien said "let's go to gym" Marinette replied
Marinette's POV
Adrian and I have the same gym class and this week is gymnastics for one something I can track the gym coach calls me up show the class what I can do
Adrian's POV
As Marinette approaches she says to coach "I don't need a mat" they move the mats and Marinette starts on one side of the room man I love her wait what am I thinking I love ladybug
Marinette does a cartwheel followed by a back handspring and an aerial then for a finale she does a full-out everyone stares in aw how they all thought how could clumsy Marinette do such fine work with gymnastics "oh well good job Adrian your next" the coach said Adrian being cat Noir does a roundoff than a front handspring with a finale of doing the splits the Class reacted similarly as they did with Marinette and then out of the blue Chloe screeched "yay you go Adikins"
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Sorry I noticed a typo it's supposed to be something I can't wreck
I like it! DO MOOOORE
Wait till tomorrow I promise
Well I will tell you the first couple of sentences in chapter 3 how does that sound
Yess i love it can't wait for next one
Plz u encouraged me to make a story about miraculous too thank u
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