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So I was reading the page for season two for literally the 127th time (Yes I keep count) and I literally JUST realized what they meant when it said A ball scene was also confirmed to be in production. But like "a ball scene " is WAY too vague for me. It could be a ball in LB's and Cat Noir's honor or like a school dance where Chloe's dad is sponsoring or even a traditional event. Changing the Circumstances would change the entire meaning of "A ball scene". And by ball do you think Masquerade? OMG that would be so ironic, dramatic and horrifying at the same time cause like what if they figure it out. WAIT. If it's in there honor would they go in their super suits or in costumes? TOO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!
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OMG oh no good lord no whyyyyyyyy lol thought that two but the akumatized villian lol who would it be
OMG that's true!!! I have no idea
But can't wait for my friends quote "juiceness"
I think it'd be for Ladybug and Chat Noir, for all the people they saved, and all the missions they finished. I think that the Mayor would throw it for them as a thank you. Although it'd be sad if it was, and Marinette and Adrien wouldn't be able to attend as themselves but as Ladybug and Chat Noir, and they'd have to come up with a huge excuse. So if it was a dance maybe a Homecoming Dance, Prom Dance or just a normal School Dance, I'd love it to be a School Dance, so maybe Marinette would make her own dress, and attend and surprise everyone, and, (including Adrien) then Lila and Chloe would fight over Adrien. He becomes King and maybe Marinette becomes Queen..I'm fangirling so hard right now, lmao.
Omg ya.I was actually thinking the same thing.If it was masquerade I'm sure something will go wrong and LB and Chatnoir will have to intervene and theyre costumes will be changed into a ball gown and a suit.
The balcony scene would make much more sense, since a specific someone is fashionably sensible, and good at making clothes. A certain kitty could have some help with his suit. Maybe idk just a thought.
OMG!!! I never thought of the balcony scene correlating with the ball episode! That would be so awesome! As to the prom idea, that can't be the case because there are no proms in France. Maybe the ball is in honor of a very famous visiting celebrity or monarch or something. Then maybe he\she can be the one that gets akumatized. OMG!!! Revelation time! Maybe in honor of the said celebrity\monarch, the students at College will have to be partnered together to practice a specific dance native to his\her culture. But on the day the students are supposed to be partnered, an akuma attacks and Adrien and Marinette spend the morning dealing with that and end up getting partnered together because they get to school late and are the only two that haven't been partnered yet! Bonus if the celebrity\monarch is a dude and Chloe is expected by her father to be his partner and he ends up holding her hostage while he's akumatized! I can already tell that this is probably one of those things where Adrien and Marinette are just about to take each other's hands to dance and then BAM! The akuma attacks and they have to separate and transform. Oh, and another thing, I would DIE if the villain based his attacks off of dance moves and so LB and CN incorporate steps from the dance they learned at school into THEIR attacks and totally SHREDDED it!!!! THEY COULD DANCE FIGHT BEAUTIFULLY TOGETHER WITH THEIR ATTACKS TOTALLY COMPLEMENTING THE OTHER AND DEFEAT THE AKUMA AND THEN FOR ADDED MEASURE THEY COULD TOP IT ALL OFF WITH CAT HOLDING LB IN A DIP AND THEM STARING INTO EACH OTHER'S EYES AS THEY REALIZE HOW INCREDIBLY AMAZING THEY BOTH ARE TO EACH OTHER AND THE CROWD JUST CHEERS THEIR FACES OFF!!! Then their dang jewelry will crash the love fest and they'll have to run off wondering how the heck the other knew a dance that doesn't exist in France and was only taught as a one-time thing in their school for this specific event and I will just die because they'll be idiots and totally NOT figure it out. Another bonus could be to where Adrien and Marinette are talking together about the dance before school, and then Alya runs up and excitedly shows them several perfectly timed shots of them dance fighting at the ball. They'll end of course, at the beautiful photo of the dip and both Marinette and Adrien will just be blushing redder than Nathaniel's hair and thinking how incredible that night was! So yeah, I may be a LITTLE excited about that episode....
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