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• 7/18/2017


Okay so Marrinette is Ladybug and she likes Adrien who happens to be Cat Noir but she doesn't know it but in the Volpina episode she looks all around in Adrien's room looking for him to see if Volpina's elusion of Adrien is real or not when she can't find him she thinks that Volpina's has the real Adrien but Adrien was standing right next to her but she couldn't tell cause he was Cat Noir at the time she was about to give up her Miraculous to save him but then Cat throw his baton and it went throw the elusion how did she not even for a second think wait if Adrien is not in his room where I left him and is not with Volpina yet I have a partner who knew it wasn't the real Adrien and has the same hair and eye color and same height and even looks like Cat Noir (Alya showed Marrinette a picture of Adrien in a Cat Noir suite) how DENSE can she be it sooo obvious that he is Cat Noir anyone else agree comment below👇👇
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• 7/19/2017
hola amiga como estas
• 7/19/2017
I'm good can u understand English
• 7/21/2017
For goodness sake YES!
• 7/24/2017
She's not looking at Cat Noir whatsoever, the only reason she didn't notice was cause she was freaking out about Adrien in the first place. I think you can compare it to when people lose their keys while it's in their hand the whole time, she is looking in the wrong direction. I think Adrien is more likely to figure things out first.
• 8/14/2017
It's perfectly understandable , first of all she doesn't know his actual eye color as cat noir because the cat's eyes have always been green from the beginning (all Plagg), his hair switches from gelled to the side to a wild hair do, and who'd expect that the love of her life acts like a dork as a superhero.
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