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The love square

Hi. We all are miraculous fans so we know that : Marinette /Ladybug likes Adrien, Adrien/Cat Noir likes Ladybug but Ladybug likes Cat Noir as a friend. It would be great if Marinette and Cat Noir were a couple then Ladybug would like Cat Noir and Adrien would like Marinette . (It makes sense.... right?) LOL
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Plus if they knew each others secret identity this wouldn't be happening
You are totally right. I am so exited for season two guys. ❤😆😆😆😆😆
everyone is like that..
I say that because of the phrase love TRIangle.
(Love between three people)
So it makes total sense to call it a love rectangle
(Love between four personalities)
Now do you see my point?
It's going too far!
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