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The story of a werewolf hero part 4

Kai and I talked more after school and before school started because I warmed up to him and he did the same to me. "Do you go to the same school as me?" Kai asks. "Yes, I do." I respond. "Oh ok." Kai replies. "Wow... the school is so big." I tell him. "Of course, it's a high school." Kai explains. "Oh." I respond. "Let's go." Kai tells me. "Oh right." I agreed. Kai and I left the school bus. "Here we are, Anu, Marshall High." Kai tells me. "This is awesome." I respond. "Of course, it's a high school and welcome to 10th grade." Kai tells me. "Wow... years so fast." I tell him. "It does and I do agree." Kai agrees. "Tell me about." I tease. I saw someone fell and I ran to them. "Thank you, young lady." the person thank me. "It's not a problem." I respond. They left. "Who was that?" Kai asks. "I don't know, but they needed help, so I picked them up." I explain. "Anu, you are so nice." Kai comments. "Thank you." I thank him. "You're welcome." Kai says. Anoara came to me and pushed. "Ow." I say. "Anoara!" Kai yells. "Oh, sorry, but not sorry." Anoara responds. "That wasn't nice." Kai stood up for me. "whatever." Anoara doesn't care. Anoara left. "Who was that?" I ask. "That was Anoara and she's mean, you better stay away from her." Kai warns. "Ok and thank you for warning me." I thank him. "It's not a problem." Kai responds.

Sorry, Anoara, if I use your name for this story, I have no other name that I can think of. I didn't mean to make you mean in this story, please don't get mad at me

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New profile picture!

Like my new picture? Have a miraculous Christmas🎅
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The Power of Love: Part 15 - Accepting Time

This is the final part of this fanfic.

After Adrien made the wish, time reversed to the moment right after his father deakumatized him.

Gabriel: Adrien are you alright?

Adrien: Uh, yeah I'm fine. I'm sorry I did what I did father, I just couldn't take being away from you any longer.

Gabriel: Adrien, you know you shouldn't have done that, but I forgive you Adrien regardless of what you've done.

Adrien: Thank you Father.

Nathalie: So what are you going to do now? You think you'll be able to resume life to what it is was before.

Gabriel: We'll figure that out tomorrow, as for tonight, we all, should get some rest.

Adrien: Goodnight father.

Adrien then goes and hugs his father, then he goes off to bed.

-The next day-

Adrien woke up bright and cheery. He headed downstairs to start his day.

Adrien: Good morning father. Good morning Nathalie.

Nathalie: Morning Adrien. Here is your schedule Adrien.

Adrien: Thank you Nathalie.

Gabriel: Be safe Adrien.

Adrien: I will father.

Adrien then leaves his house with his bodyguard to go to school.

Nathalie: Things seem to be going smoothly so far.

Gabriel: Let's hope it continues to stay that way.

-With Adrien-

Adrien arrives at the school, he exits the car and enters the building, fully confident that today, nothing could go wrong. Adrien noticed Marinette and Alya talking and decides to go and talk to them.

Adrien: Hi guys, I would like to say that I'm sorry for the way I treated you the other day, to you especially Marinette. Will you forgive me?

Alya: Of course we will Adrien.

Marinette: I forgive you Adrien.

Adrien: Thanks guys.

Alya: I think we should apologize too, we shouldn't have kept on pestering you about your dad after you told us not to.

Adrien: Apology Accepted.

The End

Special thanks to those who helped me with this fanfic Marilove15, Brian Bonnecarrere (Kaden) and Siliver bell 96.

[Note: I will be making a continuation for this fanfic.]

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A reaction

So its old news, i know. Lol.
but i found this and like how someone applied Ross Lynch's expressions as a fans reaction. It suits how MY reaction was, very well. 😁
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.Mlb game.

Chloe is a new character in the game.
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Marinette looks so beautiful 😍
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Are you tired?!

Are you guys really tired by Adrien calling Mari just a "Friend"

SO AM I!!!!!


I wanna kill Adrien if Mari and him wouldn't date
(Sorry for lukanette fans there I ship Mari and Adrien)
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Utada Hikaru (Again)

Have you guys heard her latest song, "Face My Fears"? Another reason Thomas Astruc should get her to do a song for Miraculous. Her music is just so perfect, i'm suprised no one made Miraculous AMVs with them.

Here's the link to a lyric video: https://youtu.be/7-DQDVZSuIU
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Who loves ladybug 🐞
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So...everyone knows these moments.
But if you see them for the first time, apparently you could think anything strange.
I've seen them many times and I think...that they aren't the most perfect sequences in the series for children...
Yeah...Maybe they look funny, but they get weird.
Did you have the same feeling?
Write me in the comments!
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Season 3?

Guys when does season 3 episode 2 get released in English? Also, where do y'all watch miraculous
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Awww ❤❤❤❤ ❤

He's soooo adorable 😍❤❤💚💚

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Hi im back

Gone for while
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Marinette is the best ladybug?

We only know about marinette we don't know anything about the older ladybugs🐞.....

(I think that marinette is the bessstttttestttt ladybug🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞)
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Ah Love

Love at first sight

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