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Miraculous Ladybug Amv- What Makes You Beautiful- By One Direction
Miraculous Ladybug Amv- What Makes You Beautiful- By One Direction YouTube
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Aderain photo shoot ❤️

This is my favorite he look so handsome 😍

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More subtitles! Spoilers underneath though.

I thought there was a fanfic with someone asking when he started to care. For all who watched the episode this is after hawkmoth send out the red akumas and when gorizila grabbed adrien( he escaped for those who didnt watch the epsiode) so this is when the subtitle popped up lmbo
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The Journey

"My....uhhh friend's dad's uncle's nephew's father gave it to me...." Kristina said, knowing Cat Noir wouldn't believe it. "Uh huh..." Cat Noir obviously didn't believe her, but didn't care to question that part of the subject anymore. "What does it let you do?" He decided to ask. Kristina had to think a little bit, to make sure that she had her facts straight. "It lets me run a little faster, jump higher, and while controlled with good intentions and with a good heart I can give things back their life. But when it's controlled with bad intentions and with an evil heart, I can cause death and agony." Even at the sound of it, Kristina knew that was a lot to take in. "Whoa.... I am sooooo glad your on our side, and NOT Hawk Moth's." Kristina let out a little laugh. "Yeah, me too!" Cat Noir offered her a ride back home, but she decided not to let him. Instead, they both decided to take a walk under the night sky. "Wow, Paris is so nice when it's night..." Kristina said, looking up at the stars. "You never noticed?" Cat Noir asked, a little surprised that this was such an amusing sight to her. "No, it's not that. I just don't come from this part of France." Cat Noir was quiet for a bit. "Where do you come from then, Wolf Fang?" Kristina stopped walking. "Uhhh...." Cat Noir immediately apologised. "Sorry, I didn't know that you wanted to keep that a secret!" "No, it's fine. I was just shocked about the question." For The rest of the night, the two asked eachother questions. The sun began to rise and Kristina took that as her cue to get going. "Wait! When will I see you again?" Cat Noir asked. "Soon." And Kristina was off, leaving Cat Noir back in the park, disappointed.
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Miraculous ladybug

Should Luka or aderain ask marinette on a date
  • Yes Luka ( Lukanette )
  • Yes aderain ( aderneet )
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Round 2

Vote for your least favourite miraculous.
Black Cat

Ladybug.🐞 (shook)
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Kwamis Round 4 right

Vote for your least favourite kwami
The most voted will be eliminated



Round 5 will be made by @Cait.Allen
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My Miraculous photos.

My miraculous photos. I'm obsessed with Miraculous
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I DON'T FEEL SO GOOD... - Catalyst Episode Analysis! Miraculous ladybug
I DON'T FEEL SO GOOD... - Catalyst Episode Analysis! Miraculous ladybug YouTube
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Purple hair

I used filter and then I realised that her dark blue hair turn purple
Do you like her purple hair? 💜
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Miracoulos goooo 😍😍😍🐈🐞💝
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Sometimes photo shooting may be boring but It's usually fun.
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I'm sorry I keep getting off

  • You should be
  • Uhh who are you...?
  • it's fine
  • Hi
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I just realized something

If dark moth means a guy who has a dark history who is longing to be with her love, her life, her light, and ladybug means she's lucky that the miraculous came to her and her crush became his crush because of it, and black cat means that he's unlucky that his crush does not like him back but is oblivious to the fact that she actually has a crush on her, then does it mean that white moth will inserted in the series? I mean, a good/holy guy that will never turn evil kind of guy who seeks/attracted to the light/likes the light and a follower of the light (the practice of light is to reveal concealed things) will reveal the identities of Ladybug and Cat Noir to each other and reveal Hawkmoth's and other villain's identities in the quantic universe will be created because he is the son of God of another realm/dimension, and that God is similar to the God of Christianity (the God of Christianity is literally love, "God is love" - Bible, truth, light, holiness, goodness) and a good son always follows a good father, and he is all powerful and went to fix every other dimension? I mean, it does make sense, right?
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My Journey (The New Miraculous's new title)

Kristina was walking for awhile, just to make sure nobody would hear her, but after 30 minutes or so, she was running again. She was running for an hour or so when night began to fall. She went by a nearby tree and decided it was a good place to rest. But before she did that, she wanted to see if Blurr would finally transform her. Kristina called for Blurr. "Blurr, your safe now!" A few minutes went by and Blurr came to her with a miniature coffee in his hand. "What is it?" He said with a sigh. "Can you-" Kristina started but was interrupted by Blurr. "Transform you? Finnnneeee...." he put his coffee down. "Just say Blurr ears out" Blurr said calmly. Kristina let in a deep breath. "Blurr ears out!" The transformation was a lot weirder than she thought. But when it was finished, she was pretty much a human version of Blurr. "Wowwwwwww" Kristina was look at the ears and tail that she could actually move, and weren't just a design. "This is cool!" Kristina's amazement was cut short when Ally and Jess came into view. "I don't know why she ran off like that.." Ally said to Jess. "Wow look who's talking, oh yeah THE ONE WHO RAN OFF." Jess told Ally. They both went quiet when they saw Kristina, although, they didn't know it was her. "Wow! Is this like Ladybug and Cat Noir's sidekick or something?" Ally laughed with Jess. Kristina was a little offended by that and decided to see if there was a way to politely get away from them. But she saw nowhere to run and decided to talk to them. "No, I'm not. I'm a hero by myself. I'll get to them when I get to them." She sternly told them. Both of their faces went pale. "AaAaAaAaHh!" Jess took off the direction that they just came from. "Uhh......" was all Ally could manage to say. Kristina decided to get away before anything weirder happened. Through the process she found out that she could jump really high and run faster than normal. (Not as fast as the Flash though) Kristina was about an hour onto the night when Ladybug and Cat Noir came into view. They were busy with an interview, but she didn't care too much. "And how did you guys defeat this villain?" One of the newreporters asked. "Oh easy! We did it together!" Was what Cat Noir told her. Kristina sighed. By the time the news reporter stopped bugging them, it was practically midnight. "Hi..." Kristina said nervously. Cat Noir and Ladybug turned around to notice her for the first time. "WAIT, another miraculous holder? But how....?" Ladybug was confused. "Nice to meet you! I'm Car Noir! Who are you?" Kristina forgot to make a superhero name. "My name is.... Wolf fang!" She said. "Wolf fang! My pleasure to meet you!" He bowed to Kristina. "What brought you here?" Ladybug asked, still a little sceptical of the idea of another miraculous holder. "I was wondering if you guys could train me, you know, take me under your wing..." Kristina told them nervously. "Sure why not! What do you say Ladybug?" Ladybug grunted. "Fine!" She said, and then took off. Probably to head home, Kristina thought. "So.. I never heard of a wolf miraculous, say, where did you get it?"
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Omg guys

Ok so I’m board so please ask me hard miraculous questions!!! Pls any question

Ps fun fact Gabrielle is 42 he looks 100000!
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